The View at the Palm Timings

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From Monday to Thursday, View at the Palm is open from 9 am to 10 pm.

From Friday to Sunday, it opens at 9 am and closes at 11 pm. 

The last entry is one hour before the closing hours of the observatory deck.

DaysTimings Last Entry
Monday to Thursday 9 am to 10 pm9 pm 
Friday to Sunday 9 am to 12 am11 pm 

The best time to visit the View at the Palm 

Best time to visit the view at the Palm 1

The best time to visit View at the Palm is during sunset and night hours for a unique and mesmerizing views.

You can enjoy the sun setting over the horizon as the city of Dubai glows in all it’s glory at night.

If you wish to enjoy a less crowded tour, visit at 10 am in the morning as soon as the observation deck opens for visitors.

It is better to visit during weekdays than weekends.

Visiting on a weekday can be fruitful if you prefer a more serene and less crowded experience.

You will have more space to move around, take photos, and enjoy the views at your own pace.

On the other hand, weekends can offer a livelier and more energetic atmosphere at the View at the Palm. 

Peak Season and Low Season

Peak Season and Low Season

Dubai’s peak season (November to April) coincides with the cooler months.

You can experience pleasant temperatures ranging from 60 °F to 80 °F (around 18°C to 30°C). 

It’s a great time to enjoy outdoor activities comfortably.

To add to the bustle, Dubai hosts a range of events and festivals during the peak season, including:

  • the Dubai Shopping Festival (January-February) 
  • the Dubai Food Festival (February-March)

Dubai’s low season (May to October) corresponds to the hotter months. 

The average temperatures range from 90 °F to 100 °F (32°C to 38°C) and high humidity levels.

The low season sees a decrease in tourist numbers, resulting in less crowded attractions and shorter queues.

Accommodation rates and flight tickets are more affordable during the low season, making it a budget-friendly option.

Ultimately, the best month to visit the View at the Palm depends on your priorities and tolerance for crowds and weather conditions. 

Consider your preferences for weather, budget, and crowd levels to decide when to plan your visit to this iconic Dubai attraction.

Tips to choose the best time to visit View at the Palm

Here are a few popular ideas to consider while planning your visit to View at the Palm, Dubai:

Sunset and Evening Views

Sunset and Evening Views

One of the most popular times to visit the View at the Palm is during the evening, especially around sunset. 

This allows you to witness the stunning transformation of Dubai’s skyline as the city lights up and the iconic landmarks. 

Arriving before sunset will give you ample time to secure a good viewing spot and capture breathtaking photos.

Nighttime Cityscape

If you’re a fan of city lights and a vibrant atmosphere, visiting the View at the Palm after sunset and into the nighttime is a fantastic choice. 

Dubai truly comes alive with its dazzling display of lights, and you can enjoy a panoramic view of the illuminated cityscape.

Early Morning- Sunrise

Early Morning- Sunrise

For those who prefer a peaceful and less crowded experience, consider visiting the View at the Palm in the early morning. 

The serene ambiance and soft morning light provides a tranquil setting to take in the beauty of Dubai’s skyline. 

Moreover, you’ll have the advantage of smaller crowds, allowing you to explore the observation deck at your own pace.

How long does it take to visit the View at the Palm 

It takes one to two hours to tour the View at the Palm observation deck, enjoy the views, explore the facilities and click pictures.

However, you can spend as long as you wish at the observatory deck.

You can enjoy additional amenities like interactive displays, informative exhibits, and dining options. 

If you plan to engage in these activities or enjoy a meal, you might need an hour or two more. 

Similarly, if you prefer to sit and soak in the views, your visit could be longer than someone who likes to move through the space quickly.

It is also essential to consider crowd levels.  

The number of visitors present at the observation deck can influence the duration of your visit.

It’s always a good idea to plan extra time to fully enjoy your visit to the View at the Palm and account for any unexpected delays or queues.

This way, you can make the most of your experience and fully appreciate the breathtaking views of Dubai’s skyline.

Opening hours of other attractions in the Palm

If you plan to visit other attractions in the area, here are their opening hours:

Nakheel Mall

From Monday to Thursday, Nakheel Mall is open from 10 am to 10 pm.

On the weekdays, the mall is open from 10 am to 12 am.

Palm Monorail

The monorail is open from 9 am to 10 pm and links all the landmarks on the Palm Jumeirah.

The Pointe

Open 24 hours a day, Pointe is a beautiful waterfront where you can enjoy restaurants and stores.

Palm Fountain

Palm fountain is the largest fountain in the world.

The fountain show takes place every 30 minutes from sunset to midnight.


The Atlantis is one of the most visited attractions in Dubai and is open from 10 am to 7 pm daily.

If you wish to visit the View at the Palm, here are some articles to help you plan your trip:

View at the Palm timings – FAQs

1. What is the best time to see the View at the Palm?

The best time to see the View at the Palm depends on your preferences. 

You can choose from several experiences, like a stunning sunset, a vibrant nightscape, or a peaceful sunrise.

2. How long is The View at the Palm tour?

A typical View of the Palm tour lasts anywhere from 30 mins to 3 hours, depending on the tour and activities you have chosen. 

3. What time does the Palm Tower open?

The View at the Palm is an observation deck on the Palm Tower, a luxury hotel and residential tower in Dubai. 

The View at the Palm opens at 9 am daily, and the closing time varies according to the day of the week. 

From Monday to Thursday, it closes at 10 pm, and from Friday to Sunday, it closes at 11 pm, letting visitors enjoy longer hours.

4. What is the nearest metro station to the View at the Palm?

The closest metro station to The View at the Palm in Dubai Internet City

For all guests who wish to tour the observatory deck, here are the best tickets to the View at the Palm: 

Entry ticket to Level 52: With this ticket, you can enjoy entry to the first observatory deck at Level 52 of the Palm Towers. 
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The Next Level entry ticket: This ticket offers entry to observatory decks at levels 52 and 54.
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Combo Tours: With combination tour tickets, guests can visit View at the Palm and another Dubai attraction at discounted price
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