One World Observatory Views: Manhattan to Massachusetts

One World Observatory is one of the tallest observatory decks in the Western Hemisphere.

There, you will ascend 1268 feet (386 meters) above the concrete canyons of Manhattan and enjoy views of the entire skyline of NYC.

From the observatory deck, you can get a bird’s eye view of the streets packed with iconic yellow cabs and enjoy views of the Hudson and East Rivers. 

This article shares all the details about what you can see from One World Observatory. 

What Can You See from One World Observatory 

From the World Trade Center observation deck, you will be treated to 360 panoramic views of New York City. 

You can see the Manhattan Skyline, which includes iconic attractions like the Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, MetLife Building and Hudson Yards. 

Contrary to high-rise buildings, you can also see Central Park, Brooklyn, Queens, Prospect Park and Coney Island. 

One World Observatory offers the best views of the Hudson and East Rivers, the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. 

How Far Can You See from One World Observatory 

From One World Observatory, you can enjoy views upto 45 miles in every direction on clear days. 

This means apart from the five boroughs of New York, you can also see Stamford, Newark, New Jersey, Connecticut and bits of Massachusetts. 

Sunset Views from One World Observatory 

While One World Observatory offers incredible views throughout the day, sunset is the visitor’s favorite. 

The glass windows and outdoor viewing decks let visitors watch the city’s iconic skyscrapers gradually illuminated by the setting sun’s rays. 

You can see the distinctive silhouettes of The Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, and other attractions against the fiery hues that paint the sky.

Visitors who visit during sunset tend to stay until the dark to enjoy the One World Observatory night views, too. 

Contrary to the bright and detailed daytime views, the night scene creates a serene ambiance. 

During this time, you can see New York City glittering in the light with fewer crowds. 

Views from the Sky Portal

Sky Portal View

Sky Portal is a 14-foot wide circular glass disc that lets you get a closer look at the street. 

The portal offers high-definition footage of the street, 100 stories below. 

It lets you enjoy a bird’s eye view of the New Yorkers buzzing through the streets. 

What Can You See From the Skypod

What to see at the SkyPod

One World Observatory elevator, the Skypods, takes visitors to the 102nd floor in 47 seconds.

Visitors in the glass elevator enjoy views that rise from the street level and emerge beyond the concrete jungle. 

While the views from the elevator are not as extensive as the observatory deck, you can get a close look at Downtown Manhattan. 

Views from ONE Dine Restaurant

Apart from the observatory decks, One World Observatory also offers a restaurant where you can enjoy fine American Cuisine with city views. 

The ONE Dine restaurant lies on the 102nd floor, offering uninterrupted views of New York, New Jersey, Hudson, Easter Rivers, and more. 

Make sure you book a table with a view for lunch or dinner to enjoy the experience. 

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