Blue Lagoon Skin Care: Experience the natural power of Iceland on Your Skin

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Blue Lagoon is as famous for its water as it is for skin care treatments.

The geothermal spa contains treasures filled with relaxing agents, from essential skincare minerals to rejuvenating properties.

If you plan to visit the beautiful blue waters, take advantage of the rejuvenating opportunities you can enjoy here.

From the Blue Lagoon skin care treatments to its different massages and therapy options – learn more about these exclusive amenities here.

Blue Lagoon Iceland Skin Care Products

Blue Lagoon Iceland Skin Care Products

Found in 1977, Blue Lagoon is a magical place with many skin benefits because of its geothermal seawater.

The water contains high concentrations of minerals like silica, magnesium, and sulfur.

Given its popularity, it has evolved into a transformative skin care center with a remarkable setting and facilities.

The Blue Lagoon skin care treatment is a unique opportunity to enjoy natural remedies for your skin while massaging away your tensions.

Relax while swimming in the blue pool and try out different silica mud masks that are potential remedies for your skin problems.

You can even use Blue Lagoon skin care products that do wonders for your skin.

These products are unique, natural, and readily available at Blue Lagoon.

They have bio elements such as silica, algae, and minerals that have the potential to create a radiant and rejuvenating glow on your skin.

Although natural, these products are expensive to buy onsite.

Along with the clinic visits and nurse guidance charges, these elevate the Blue Lagoon prices.

So, if you opt out of them and still want to experience the natural goodness of the geothermal spa, choose the tours that include these facilities.

These Blue Lagoon skin care online tours help transport and offer the best facilities, like silica and algae mud masks, with complimentary drinks.

You can enjoy the healing minerals and have a blast on your vacation.

Admission Ticket to Blue Lagoon:

Get admission and the comfort package to Iceland’s most famous Blue Lagoon skin care experience.

Entry Ticket with Transfer:

With this transfer ticket, you can easily transport from one destination to Blue Lagoon.
Along with the choice of premium and comfort packages.

Blue Lagoon Hair Damage

The geothermal spa water is also excellent for your hair.

Although the minerals are great for your skin, they don’t cause severe damage other than drying your hair.

No worries, as you can prevent this by leaving some conditioner in your hair before entering the Blue Lagoon water.

Blue Lagoon Iceland hair damage also depends on the quality of your hair.

If you have dry hair, beware of its mattifying effect on your hair.

However, mineral-rich waters can be a blessing if you have naturally oily hair.

They help balance the scalp’s oil control, preventing further hair damage.

Also, if you have flat hair, the water adds texture, volume, and shine to your lush locks.

You can even practice different steps to protect yourself from potential Blue Lagoon hair damage.

  • Use conditioner on your hair and leave it on before stepping inside the lagoon.
  • If you have long hair, tie it up in a bun.
  • Once you exit the lagoon, wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner, a part of
  • Blue Lagoon’s skin care products.

Using these steps, you can help reduce hair damage and protect it.

But with the right care, you can enjoy your experience without worrying about your hair’s protection.

Blue Lagoon Iceland Psoriasis Treatment

Blue Lagoon Iceland Psoriasis Treatment

The geothermal waters are an excellent destination for relaxation, healing, and comfort.

It has also been known for its Iceland Blue Lagoon psoriasis treatment since 1994.

Years of research have proven that Blue Lagoon waters can effectively treat skin diseases.

You can also opt for the exclusive Blue Lagoon psoriasis treatments, which, after the first visit, can be continued at home with its products.

These treatments include:

  • Regular bathing in mineral-rich Blue Lagoon waters
  • The application of its skincare products developed especially for psoriasis treatment
  • UV lighting therapy.

Also, a dermatologist is available onsite for all your questions and professional guidance.

So if you are a patient suffering from this irritable disease, you can use Blue Lagoon psoriasis products to find some relief.

One is float therapy, where you get in the water with a professional float therapist.

And enjoy the water while the professional does light massages, which soothe your body.

The feeling of weightlessness, light massage, relaxation, and pain relief bring inner peace to you. It also offers many massage options to indulge in the whole healing experience. Buy your Blue Lagoon Iceland tickets now!


Is the Blue Lagoon’s water healthy?

Yes, Blue Lagoon is healthy for the human body as it contains no harmful properties.

Silica, the star ingredient in the water, is essential for healthy joints, skin, teeth, and bones.

Also, use Blue Lagoon skin care products, like silica and algae mud masks, to have radiant and glowing skin.

Is the Blue Lagoon actually good for your skin?

Yes, the Blue Lagoon water is actually perfect for your skin, as silica brings deep cleansing radiance and strengthens your skin barrier.

Also, the Blue Lagoon skin care treatment is so strong that the algae activate collagen production, preventing collagen degradation.

The minerals have to hydrate and revitalize properties too.

Does Blue Lagoon cure psoriasis?

Unfortunately, there is no cure for psoriasis, so Blue Lagoon helps treat it, as the minerals present in the water are remarkably effective for psoriasis patients.

Also, Iceland’s government has officially approved Blue Lagoon’s psoriasis treatments.

Is Blue Lagoon good for scalp psoriasis?

Yes, geothermal water has algae and minerals that can cause scalp psoriasis.

The 38°C Blue Lagoon water has beneficial properties that affect psoriasis patients.

So yes, with its healing ingredients, the lagoon is a must-visit for people suffering from skin diseases.

Also, you can try out some Blue Lagoon skin care products for the treatment.

What are the side effects of the Blue Lagoon?

The Blue Lagoon water contains silica, which has positive and negative effects on hair.

Although silica is known to strengthen hair for its growth, it can damage your hair in high concentrations.

It can cause it to become dry, brittle, and sensitive to breakage.

Why can’t you put your hair in the Blue Lagoon?

The silica in Blue Lagoon can be damaging to your hair quality.

If you wet your hair while swimming in the lagoon, your hair can become stiff and difficult to manage.

Although it has some beneficial properties for your hair, it can cause damage when found in high concentrations.

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