Kerid Volcanic Crater

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Kerid Volcanic Crater Lake is not just an ordinary lake with water and green surroundings in southern Iceland along the Golden Circle Iceland Route. 

The fact that this lake is in a volcanic caldera surrounded by a lush green landscape adds to its ethereality. 

The crater, about 3,000 years old, has steep slopes surrounded by red rocks, and flourishing vegetation forms the stunning eye-shaped figure.

And that is why it is also called the ‘eye of the world.’ 

You may be wondering how the Kerid Volcanic Crater Lake eye formed.

Look no further! because we have that covered.

Its formation story is unique. 

How Kerid Volcanic Crater lake eye formed

Most volcanoes erupt explosively. Still, the Kerid Volcanic Crater is thought to have formed when the magma in the chamber was depleted around 3000 years ago.

That process led to the collapse of the volcano’s foundation, resulting in the caldera we see today.

But how deep is the Kerid Volcanic Crater? The crater is 55 meters (180 feet) deep and has a diameter of 170 meters (558 feet). Huge!

As the centuries passed, the crater began to fill with water, and the present level of the water is the same as the water table.

The lake’s depth ranges from 7 to 14 meters (approx. 23-46 feet), depending on the water table, which varies according to the season and rainfall.

Thanks to minerals from the rock that find their way to the water, giving the water a neon blue hue highlights this gorgeous Kerid volcanic crater lake

Streaks of green moss are seen on the steep sides of the slope, which spectacularly clashes with the distinct red color of the rocks. 

With such fascinating history and geology, Kerid Volcanic Crater makes an amazing Golden Circle stop in Iceland.

How to get to Kerid Volcanic Crater

The stunning Kerid Volcanic Crater is located in the Grimsnes area of South Iceland, 15 km from the north of Selfoss, right off Road 35.

Since it is located along the Golden Circle, you can also explore geological marvels on the Golden Circle Kerid Volcanic Crater tour.

Kerid Lake is 40 minutes from Thingvellir National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

That said, the Golden Circle is the most desired route among visitors to Kerid Volcanic Crater, as the route easily offers several beautiful tourist attractions.

You can book your Golden Circle tickets here.

If you opt for a tour, you can visit phenomenal natural locations such as Thingvellir National Park, Gullfoss Waterpark, and the Blue Lagoon.

If you are going by car, it may take around an hour from Reykjavik.

You can park at nearby Kerid Volcanic Crater Parking and walk to the crater from there. 

Want to visit the famous geothermal spa? Read here to learn more about how to reach Blue Lagoon. 

Best time to visit Kerid Volcanic Crater 

Anytime is a good time to visit and adore the grandeur of Kerid Volcanic Crater Lake because this evergreen natural beauty remains attractive year-round.

Kerid Volcanic Crater Lake in winter looks poised because snow coats the slopes and freezes the water in the lake. 

The fantastic combination of white and blue gives the Kerid Volcanic Crater an elegant look in winter.

Mind your steps in winter because ice makes the ground slippery.

Upon visiting the Kerid Volcanic Crater, the eye of the world, you can explore it yourself. 

You can have a fantastic view from the crater’s edge and walk around using a unique path. 

Crimson rocks encompassing the neon blue water and steep slopes striped with lush green moss forming the shape of an eye are something to adore.

Experience the beauty of the attraction and book your ticket for the Blue Lagoon and Kerid Volcanic Crater tour now!


How deep is the crater lake?

On average, it is around 7-14 m (23-46 ft) deep.

That’s like diving into a swimming pool that’s as tall as a four-story building.

The vast crater, the deep lake, and the enchanting surroundings make it a truly magical place to visit and explore.

How long does it take to explore the lake?

It depends on you, and there is no time restriction. 

You can take your own time to explore and take amazing pictures.

Is it allowed to swim in the crater lake?

Yes, swimming in the crater lake at Kerid is generally allowed and a popular activity for visitors.

The serene and picturesque lake offers a unique opportunity to take a refreshing dip or swim in its calm waters.

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