A Traveler’s Guide to Best Lava Tunnel in Iceland

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Lava Tunnel is a magnificent lava tube formed during the Leitahraun eruption 5200 years ago. It is Iceland’s largest and fourth-longest lava tunnel. 

With its striking colors, direct rock carvings, and the tunnel’s actual shape, it is a work of art created by the earth’s natural forces.

When you enter 1360 meters (4461 feet) long and 30 meters (99 feet) wide, you will witness an epic geological formation you have never seen before.

Also, it is 10 meters (approximately 32 feet) high, so you will not have to worry about bending your back and can soak up the heavenly beauty comfortably.

The entrance ceiling of the lava tunnel has caved in, creating three passages for light, which adds to the aesthetics of the tunnel.

The path you explore is visually appealing, created by flowing lava thousands of years ago. It is well-lit, too, for your comfort.

If you are up for a thrilling adventure, you can take the path less traveled, which takes you to the end of the tunnel to see the lava falls. 

The majestic beauty of lava falls makes up for the bumpy terrain.

Its splendid walls, naturally crafted terrain, and calm environment are pure art from thousands of years ago.

If you are skeptical about safety during the Iceland lava tunnel tour, don’t worry! 

You will receive a helmet, a flashlight, and a fantastic Iceland Lava Tunnel Tour guide.

How to reach the Lava Tunnel?

The Lava Tunnel Iceland address is Raufarhólshellir, 816, Iceland.

The best way to reach the tunnel will be by car.

The distance between the Lava Tunnel and Reykjavik is 25 miles (41 km), so it will only be a 40-minute drive.

This can be a self-drive tour or select the Iceland Lava Tunnel Tour to enhance your experience. 

The Golden Circle Tour allows you to explore the Lava Tunnels along the same Golden Circle Route.

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Duration of Lava Tunnel Tour

You can complete the standard Lava Tunnel tour in an hour.

The Lava Falls Adventure Tour can take anywhere from 3 to 4 hours because it helps you explore the cave’s depth and see the geological formations left behind thousands of years ago.

Best time to visit Lava Tunnel Iceland

Best time to visit Lava Tunnel Iceland
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You can take the Iceland Lava Tunnel Tour anytime and in any season.

However, winter adds to the charm of the cave. 

The sparkling icicles hanging from the roof give the tunnel an authentic winter aesthetic.

When light touches those ice chunks, they shimmer and give you prismatic tints.

Visiting the Lava Tunnel in winter creates an exciting opportunity to witness the celestial phenomenon, the Northern Lights.

In winter, you can see the spellbinding Northern Lights in Iceland to maximize your fun experience. 

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The Lava Tunnel Iceland Raufarholshellir Nearby attractions

When you go on this ultimate adventure, you can maximize your time by visiting the nearby attractions, which are equally fascinating. 

Here are a few options we have hand-picked for your convenience: 

Black Sand Beach7 miles (11.5 km)
Arnarker Cave2 miles ( 3.3 km)
Porlakskirkja7.4 miles (12 km)
Reykjadalur Hot Springs 11.5 miles (18.5 km)

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Is the Lava Tunnel in Iceland worth it?

The Lava Tunnel tour is a phenomenal experience because the tunnel wows you with its fascinating geological formations and nature’s fantastic creativity.

What to wear on the lava tunnel tour?

We recommend wearing warm clothes and strong shoes because the tunnel ground is uneven and requires stability.

Can anyone go on the lava tunnel tour?

Yes. However, people with back and knee pain may avoid the tour. The exploration requires walking around on uneven surfaces.

What is the timing of the lava tunnel tour?

The tunnel is open to explore between 9 am and 5 pm. The timing also depends on the weather conditions.

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