Endless Ocean Realm

By Om Kumar

Prepare to embark on an exciting journey of discovering the vast and diverse ocean. Our Seabase 4, situated just beneath the ocean surface, serves as an ideal starting point for exploration. 

The Endless Ocean domain is home to the largest multi-species marine life aquarium worldwide, housing over 68,000 creatures such as sharks, rays, and various schooling fish. 

Apart from this exceptional aquarium, you can also explore seven additional habitats that offer multiple perspectives to appreciate the endless beauty and diversity of the ocean. 

With various viewing areas into the different habitats, including the Endless Vista, a 20-meter vertical window, the Canyon Walk, tunnels, and an escalator ride to the aquarium’s bottom, your experience of engaging with and appreciating the deep-sea marine life will never be the same again.

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Major Highlights of Endless Ocean Realm

  • There are 8 different habitats to explore.
  • The observation areas are breathtakingly beautiful.
  • One of the unique features is called “The Swirl”.

Featured Animals

The Endless Ocean Realm exhibits a range of different animals, and the following are some examples of those on display

  • Schooling Fish

You won’t just see a few fish, nor even a thousand of them. Instead, you will get the chance to become familiar with tens of thousands of fish, their behaviors, and where they live. Bigeye Shad and Indian Sardines are among the many types of fish that you will encounter in the various habitats.

  • Sharks

Observe the fascinating lives of nine distinct species of sharks, such as sand tiger sharks, zebra sharks, and grey reef sharks, as they explore and adventure in the world’s largest multi-species marine life aquarium.

  • Rays

Observe with wonder six diverse species of rays, such as mobula rays, spotted eagle rays, and cownose rays, as they gracefully glide through their natural habitat.

  • Moray Eels

Attempt to locate these serpent-like creatures as they venture through the caves of the Endless Ocean.

  • Day Octopus

Encounter the creature known for being the most intelligent of all invertebrates, which also possesses three hearts – one that circulates blood throughout the body, while the other two pumps blood through the gills.

  • Crustaceans

Encounter a range of crustaceans living in the different habitats of the Endless Ocean realm, including channel-clinging crabs, mantis shrimp, and spiny lobsters.

Things to do at Endless Ocean Realm

The Endless Ocean Realm is full of excitement with the following engaging activities:

  • Animal Experiences and Presentations

Experience the depths of the ocean and immerse yourself in the stunning views of the eight distinct habitats of the Endless Ocean. Observe tens of thousands of sardines swimming in The Swirl, explore eels and channel-clinging crabs in the Canyon Walk, or encounter the Day octopus and other fascinating creatures in the remaining habitats.

  • Live Characters and Performances

Verne not only acts as a robot host for Hypersphere 360 but also lends support to the S•E•A Guardians at Seabase 4. Moreover, Verne makes appearances in person at the Launch Bay to interact with guests. Don’t forget to check out the S•E•A Maintenance Crew for live music and entertainment.

  • Interactive Experiences

Participate in a range of interactive activities and join the S•E•A Guardians to explore and gain knowledge about the different missions at our Seabase 4’s Launch Bay.

  • Dining

Enjoy a unique dining experience with stunning floor-to-ceiling views while surrounded by swirling fish, or dine inside the hydroponics lab at Fathom 11. Sip on fresh juices from the juice bar or indulge in delicious waffles at Hazaa’s snacks.

  • Shopping

Take a look at Launch Bay Supplies & Co – a trendy shop with a futuristic theme.

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