Antarctica Realm

By Om Kumar

Antarctica, the second Polar Ocean realm, is situated at the opposite pole of the Arctic and is known for its severe conditions of frigid winds, towering mountains, and icy shelves. 

It is the domain of the penguins. 

The air temperature of 1°C and water temperature of 7°C in this region provide the perfect environment for our six species of Subantarctic and Antarctic penguins. 

A comprehensive zoological lighting system replicates Antarctica’s seasonal changes to provide optimal animal welfare conditions. 

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Major Highlights of this Antarctica Realm

  • Habitat for Penguins
  • Fun activities for penguin play
  • A variety of dining options to choose from

Featured Animals

The Antarctica Realm displays a variety of animals, and here are some of the names of these creatures.

  • King Penguin

It is the second largest in the world and resembles the Emperor penguin but is slightly smaller.

  • Gentoo Penguin

This penguin species is the third largest in the world and is known for its impressive swimming ability, reaching speeds of up to 35 km per hour, which is faster than any other diving bird.

  • Rockhopper Penguin

Rockhoppers are the smallest penguins with crests, recognized by their slim yellow crest that goes beyond their red eyes.

  • Chinstrap Penguin

Chinstrap penguins may be the most abundant species, with a population estimated at 7.5 million breeding pairs.

  • Macaroni penguin

It is a very distinct-looking penguin that can dive between 15 – 70 meters and hold its breath for up to three minutes.

  • Adelie Penguin

Adelie penguins are well adapted for swimming and can swim up to 15 km/h when hunting or escaping from predators.

Things to do

There are many activities to explore and experience at the Antarctica Realm to keep you happily engaged. Details of a few are as follows:

  • Interactive Experiences and Rides

Enjoy yourself at Penguin Play, an elevated play area with net climbing, slides, and soft play elements themed around penguins.

  • Live Performances

Sven and Oorni are a comedic duo entertaining guests as they explore the park and go to one of the poles.

  • Shopping

Take home a piece of the polar wilderness with a unique souvenir from Polar Pier, the perfect way to remember your unforgettable journey through the icy world of Antarctica.

  • Dining

Indulge in some delicious food while enjoying the breathtaking views of the penguin habitat at the two dining options available. From crispy fish and chips to elevated Italian cuisine, both restaurants offer a wide range of mouth-watering dishes that will satisfy your taste buds.

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