Arctic Realm

Explore the Arctic region and its diverse animal life, including walruses, puffins, and sea otters, in the Juhani village. 

Learn about the unique environment and seasonal temperatures, and enjoy the one-of-a-kind research vessel and immersive Hypersphere 360°. 

Experience thrilling discovery and endless exploration in this realm.

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Major Highlights of this Artic Realm

  • Explore the habitat of walruses and other Arctic animals
  • Climb aboard a unique research vessel for an immersive experience
  • Dive into a world of thrilling discovery with the Hypersphere 360° ride

Featured Animals

Arctic Realm showcases various animals, and here are the names of some of them.

  • Walruses

Experience the undeniable charm of these enormous marine mammals with flippers.

  • Puffins

Observe this incredible species that have adapted to survive in the frigid conditions near the Arctic Circle.

  • Sea Otters

Observe the lively otters as they swim around, take naps while floating on their backs, and rest in the shelter of rocky cliffs.

  • ColdWater Fish

Experience a sense of calm and serenity while observing the vibrant and colorful display of cold water fish swimming in their blue waters.

  • Tropical Fish & Rays

Observe fish and rays elegantly gliding through the tropical waters, displaying vibrant colors.

Things to do in the Arctic Realm

In the Arctic Realm, there are abundant activities and experiences to enjoy, ensuring you will have myriad options.

  • Interactive Experiences

Experience the ocean’s wonders on the Hypersphere 360° ride, a fully immersive and multimedia journey that takes you on an exciting underwater adventure. Explore the Ahmed Ibn Majid Research Vessel and discover the latest scientific technology and interactive exhibits on every deck.

  • Live Performances

Sven and Oorni are a comedic duo entertaining guests as they explore the park and make their way to one of the poles.

  • Shopping

Capture your memories in the Arctic realm with a special keepsake from the Arctic Trading Post.

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