Tropical Ocean Realm

Celebrate the joyous feeling of being in the vivid tropics.

Embark on a sun-drenched adventure filled with cascading waterfalls, a lush rainforest, a pristine lagoon, and an array of remarkable marine creatures.

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Major Highlights of Tropical Ocean Realm

  • Presentation featuring dolphins
  • Exhibit showcasing the rainforest
  • One exciting roller coaster ride.

Featured Animals

The Tropical Ocean Realm exhibits a range of different animals, and the following are some examples of those on display

  • Dolphins

Experience a fresh sense of happiness and exhilaration as you observe dolphins showcasing their instinctive playful demeanor.

  • Flamingos

Watch these colorful wading birds famous for their dazzling pink feathers and loud vocalizations.

  • Macaws

Observe the vibrant macaws at close range, admiring their striking beauty and impressive power.

  • Tropical Birds

Experience wonder and amazement while exploring the remarkable adaptations of tropical birds.

  • Tropical Fish & Rays

Observe fish and rays elegantly gliding through the tropical waters, displaying vibrant colors.

Things to do at Tropical Ocean Realm

The Tropical Ocean Realm is full of excitement with the following engaging activities:

  • Animal Experiences and Presentations

There are numerous opportunities to discover and learn about the diverse animals of the tropics, from feeding rays to observing the natural playful behaviors of dolphins during our Dolphin Presentation.

  • Interactive Rides

Experience the excitement of the Manta Coaster, engage in competitive arcade-style games, and discover the fun of a climbing structure.

  • Live Performances

Marvel at the captivating canopy climbers, or be amazed by the stunning frog and butterfly stilt walkers.

  • Shopping

Explore this magical realm and uncover memorable treasures, colorful apparel, and dolphin-themed merchandise across four unique shops.

  • Dining

Indulge your cravings with various food options including live cooking stations, burgers, and decadent desserts. With eight dining choices, Tropical Ocean offers an abundance of culinary delights.

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