Micro Ocean Realm

By Om Kumar

Come and explore an immersive underwater world that celebrates the importance of small creatures and people. 

Experience the beauty of this playground from a unique perspective, as if you were the size of plankton. 

Discover a range of activities, including games, adventures, rides, experiments, and educational entertainment. With so much to do, there’s something for everyone!

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Major Highlights of this MicroOcean Realm

  • You can enjoy 4 rides
  • There are play areas
  • You also get to witness live entertainments shows

Interactive experiences & rides

The MicroOcean Realm offers a variety of experiences to its visitors, so you have a variety of things to choose from.

  • Turtle Twist

Children and families can maneuver through the imaginative world of MicroOcean, simulating the movements of sea turtles as they take control of the ride.

  • OctoZoom!

Experience an exciting adventure on OctoZoom, with eight arms of exhilaration! Feel like an octopus as you are propelled through the water, spiraling up, down, and around.

  • Jelly Plunge

Enjoy a thrilling ride on the Jelly Plunge as you pulse, propel, and ascend vertically through the water column, only to descend again into the depths below. This ride is bound to excite both families and young children alike!

  • Eel Racer

Experience a breathtaking perspective of MicroOcean aboard the Eel Racer as you dart and slither throughout the attraction in the guise of a giant eel.

  • Kelp Climb

Kelp, the planet’s largest seaweed, is even more colossal on the Kelp Climb at MicroOcean! Prepare to explore every corner of this vivid kelp forest.

  • Explorer’s Sea Base

Ascend, crawl, roll, and slide across, beneath, and amidst the lively habitat and marine creatures of the imaginative MicroOcean!

Things to do

One can enjoy high-quality live performances at the MicroOcean Realm and indulge in dining and shopping experiences.

  • Live characters and performances

You can encounter the lively Sea Star as it dances through this realm, or indulge in a musical extravaganza featuring Krill Dude – a puppet residing in the reef of the MicroOcean.

  • Dining

If you need a delicious snack, visit Bitsy Bites, a comfortable café with menu options to suit every taste

  • Shopping

Children can explore and peruse through toys, stylish clothing, and other items at Squirts.

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