Abu Dhabi Ocean Realm

At the Abu Dhabi Ocean realm, you can gain a captivating understanding of the distinctive marine ecosystem found in the Arabian Gulf.

Furthermore, you will get a glimpse into the heritage of Bedouin families who used to dive into the waters in search of valuable pearls to trade.

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Major Highlights of Abu Dhabi Ocean Realm

  • Abu Dhabi Souk
  • Pearl Diving Shows
  • Touch Pools

Animals on show

The Abu Dhabi Ocean Realm exhibits various animals, and the following are some examples of those on display.

  • Dugongs

Observe one of the Gulf’s remarkable creatures, a peaceful, herbivorous mammal that moves leisurely.

  • Sea Snakes

Witness these mysterious creatures as they propel themselves through the sea.

  • Sea Turtles

Observe this indigenous species gracefully navigating through a habitat designed to mimic natural mangrove roots.

  • Bamboo Sharks

Explore this uncommon and enigmatic shark variety, characterized by its unique elongated snout.

  • Rays

Be mesmerized by diverse ray species’ perfect poise and grace as they glide through the ocean.

Things to do at Abu Dhabi Ocean Realm

There is an abundance of activities and experiences to enjoy at the Abu Dhabi Ocean Realm, ensuring that you will always have various options to choose from.

  • S.E.A Guardian Games

Register now to participate in the S·E·A Guardian Games, a thrilling competition combining Science, Exploration, and Adventure in various challenges throughout the park.

  • Real Time Performances

Experience captivating live performances showcasing Abu Dhabi’s rich cultural heritage, including intriguing narratives about its pearl tradition. Watch enchanting shows like “A Pearl Diver’s Life” and “The Fisherman and The Mermaid.” Along the journey, interact with charming characters and puppets such as a heron and camel.

  • Time for Shopping

Immerse yourself in the genuine local culture and shop like a native at Souk Al-Seef, or delve into the world of pearls at Dukkan Al Tawash.

  • Dining

Take your taste buds on a cultural excursion by indulging in Arabic delicacies, delectable desserts, and coffee.

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