One Ocean Realm

By Om Kumar

The One Ocean is the park’s central area that offers visitors access to other realms and the Animal Care Center.  

This area features a 360-degree media experience that showcases immersive stories of the One Ocean, allowing visitors to explore the breathtaking beauty of the undersea world. 

Moreover, the Animal Care Center is a dynamic environment where visitors can observe and interact with veterinarians and animal care experts responsible for providing around-the-clock care for the animals in the park. 

While enjoying the spectacular 360-degree media show, visitors can indulge in delicious desserts at Frozen Treats.

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Major Highlights of One Ocean Realm

  • Care for animals is provided at the Animal Care Center
  • Enjoy a spectacular show at One Epic Ocean
  • Discover and learn at Explorer HQ

Things to do at One Ocean Realm

From Animal Care Center to Stunning Media Shows, there’s something for everyone at the One Ocean Realm.

  • Animal Care Center

Our Animal Care Center is a dynamic environment where you can observe and interact with our veterinarians and experts who provide around-the-clock care for our animals.

  • Impressive Media Shows

Immerse yourself in a stunning 360-degree media show and witness the breathtaking beauty of the undersea world with your own eyes.

  • Dining

Enjoy tasty and tempting desserts at Frozen Treats.

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