Free Things To Do In LA

Los Angeles glitters with Hollywood glitz and glamor and is a pricey destination.

However, there are a lot of free attractions in Los Angeles for all tourists on a budget. 

Many popular attractions do not charge for admissions like beaches, gardens and public gardens. 

It is not very hard to visit Los Angeles without spending a lot of money. 

For all those traveling on a budget, we have curated the top free things to do in Los Angeles in this article. 

Sunset Strip 

Extending from Beverly Hills to Hollywood the Sunset Strip is a 1.5-mile (2.4km) legendary stretch with celebrity-studded music venues, clubs, luxury boutiques, restaurants, hotels and more. 

With stellar views of the city, Sunset Strip is not all studios and movie sets. 

Contrary to its quiet and serene location among the Hollywood Hills, the area is known for its vibrant and classic entertainment options. 

The neighborhood introduces all the tourists to vintage and contemporary California brimming with character. 

Take a drive around the area and enjoy the incredible entertainment options and stunning views of downtown LA. 

If you are traveling with your friends, Sunset Strip is one of the places to experience LA nightlife


If you are in Los Angeles, it’s hard to miss the Californian beaches that span across the city from Malibu to South Bay. 

Los Angeles is one of the best beach cities in the country which offers perfect serene and scenic places to relax and rewind. 

Moreover, the beaches also offer a wide range of activities like kayaking, paddle boarding and whale watching for all adventure seekers. 

While these water activity tours are chargeable, the LA beach experience is free. 

Admission to any public beach in Los Angeles is free and provides plenty of free recreational activities. 

Some of the best beaches in Los Angeles are Santa Monica, Venice, Paradise Cove Beach and Mother’s Beach. 

Rodeo Drive

Do you wish to experience Hollywood life yet for free? Then Rodeo Drive is your perfect destination. 

Rodeo Drive, located north of Wilshire Boulevard, is one of the most famous streets in Los Angeles.

It is a European-styled street devoted to high-end fashion and luxury and Los Angeles’ unrivaled shopping destination.

The street is home to the best collection of ultra-high-end designer and boutique showrooms, which have been featured in films ranging from “Beverly Hills Cop” to “Clueless.”

If you are traveling with your friends, then Rodeo Drive is a place you cannot miss out. 

Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica Pier, the bustling wooden wharf, the iconic giant Ferris wheel and the sandy beach is an iconic sight of Los Angeles. 

Santa Monica Pier is a classic attraction that appeals to visitors of all ages. 

Take a stroll down the pier and go through a series of Souvenir Kiosks, eateries, street performers and more entertainment. 

You can also visit the Pacific Park or spend time in the pier’s aquarium for a fun evening. 

Explore Downtown LA 

If you are looking for free things to do in Los Angeles, you should not miss out on Downtown LA.

Booming with life, this part of the city has a lot to offer tourists. 

With mesmerizing architecture spanning from modern skyscrapers to Art Deco towers, Downtown LA is a masterpiece that is best toured on foot. 

On your tour, explore a lot of places in Downtown LA like Grand Central Market to cultural hubs in Olvera Street with acres of green parks. 

Downtown LA also houses some of the oldest and most authentic eateries in the city. 

Some of the must-try items in Downtown LA are pupusas from Sarita’s Pupuseria, carnitas from Tacos Tumbras and chow mein from China Cafe.

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