Glass Bottom Boat Ride Dubai Aquarium

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Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo offers many incredible ways to experience the underwater world.

Apart from the unique animal encounters and diving experiences, the Glass Bottom Boat Ride Dubai Aquarium is a highly popular and engaging activity to look forward to. 

Take a look to know what’s in store for you at the glass bottom boat of the Aquarium of Dubai

The Glass Bottom Boat Ride Dubai Aquarium is an additional activity not included in the standard ticket price. 

The standard Dubai Aquarium entry tickets only include the entrance. 

Visitors must buy the Ultimate Experience tickets for the Glass Bottom Ride Dubai Aquarium. 

However, let’s first see what the Glass Bottom Boat Ride Dubai Aquarium is and what it entails. 

Glass Bottom Boat Ride in Dubai Aquarium

Glass bottom floor ride

The Glass Bottom Boat Ride Dubai Aquarium is an indoor boat tour in the world’s largest suspended indoor aquarium tank.

The boat will have a glass bottom, allowing visitors to see the colorful and playful marine life underneath. 

The Glass Bottom Boat Tour Dubai Aquarium is a group activity for families and large groups.

Visitors ride in the glass bottom boat Dubai Aquarium to witness the beautiful bird’s eye view of the tank containing 10 million liters of water. 

It features 33,000 aquatic animals from more than 70 species, including sharks and rays. Relax as the marine life hypnotizes you, zapping around gracefully.

The Dubai Mall Aquarium Glass Bottom Boat rides are 15-20 minutes long.

Keep your eyes open as fishes, especially sharks, swim close to your boat. 

There is a submerged feeding platform in the tank where you will see various exotic aquatic animals. 

On board the Glass Bottom Boat Dubai Aquarium, visitors can also take a closer look at the iconic Shipwreck Exhibit. 

The Glass Bottom Boat Ride Dubai Aquarium is on Level Two, and rides depart every ten to twenty minutes. 

Each boat has a capacity of 10 people, so plan accordingly if you are in a large group. 

One thing to remember about the Glass Bottom Boat Ride Dubai Aquarium is the restriction of a minimum of two years. 

This Glass bottom boat tour Dubai Aquarium is unsuitable for pregnant women.

The glass bottom boat ride Dubai Aquarium is included in the Ultimate Experience ticket. 

One of the highlights of this package is the Penguin Cove Animal Encounter, which allows visitors to meet the cute and adorable colony of Gentoo penguins. 

Visitors will also learn about their habitats and other fascinating features while interacting with the penguins. 

A behind-the-scenes tour of the aquarium reveals to the visitors what goes into maintaining the aquarium and caring for the aquatic animals. 

The Ultimate Experience ticket also features an opportunity to get on the interactive platform for fish feeding. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get your Dubai Aquarium Glass Bottom Boat tickets to see the deep blue and enjoy an amazing boat ride too! 

Book your Dubai Aquarium tickets now and enjoy a fantastic array of underwater experiences at this world-renowned aquarium.

Just like the Dubai Aquarium glass boat tour, there are other fantastic things that you can enjoy at the Dubai Aquarium.
You must try out the exclusive Penguin Cove nursery to see the mighty birds at their glory.
If you want to experience as many attractions as possible in Dubai at a pocket-friendly rate, you must try out the Dubai City Pass.
Else, you can try out the combos of Dubai Aquarium with another popular attraction in Dubai.


Why is the glass bottom boat in Dubai Mall Aquarium popular?

The Glass Boat Tour Dubai Aquarium is one of the popular experiences at Dubai Mall Aquarium to explore and witness the aquatic life aboard a transparent boat.

See the world underneath and witness the 33,000 colorful aquatic animals zipping around on this all-sensory Dubai Mall Aquarium Glass Bottom Boat Ride. 

Hardly anything can top this experience! Book tickets.

Is there an underwater observatory Dubai Aquarium?

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo features one of the largest suspended aquariums, a spectacular 48-meter-long Aquarium Tunnel. 

You can watch various aquatic animals swimming hypnotically through the Dubai Aquarium tunnel.

Apart from this, the Glass Boat Tour Dubai Aquarium lets you observe fish and witness the iconic shipwreck exhibit. 

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