Habitats at Florida Aquarium

By Harshitha Jagathiesh

Florida Aquarium strives to bring together all marine life from tree level to sea level in one place. 

Guests can find everything from common fishes to exotic coral reefs from around the world in this aquarium. 

The Aquarium houses all marine life, from sand tiger sharks to otters. 

Here are all the Habitats at Florida Aquarium for you to know and plan your visit. 

Wetlands of Florida

The Wetlands of Florida exhibit showcases the rich biodiversity of Florida’s wetland ecosystems.

Experience the beauty of the Wetlands exhibit as you marvel at soaring birds in the 80-foot-tall glass dome.

Visitors can explore the recreated habitats and observe the animals that call these wetlands home.

Watch turtles basking and freshwater fish darting through the water along the trails.

Don’t miss the lush mangrove trees that have thrived since 1995, adding to the exhibit’s natural charm.

The exhibit features native species like alligators, otters, turtles, and various bird species.

This offers a glimpse into the unique and interconnected web of life within Florida’s wetlands.

Through displays and educational information, guests can learn about the importance of wetlands.

This exhibit serves as a reminder of wetlands’ vital role in maintaining the ecological balance of Florida’s natural environment.

Journey to Madagascar

Experience the Journey to Madagascar exhibit at The Florida Aquarium and explore the distinctive island ecosystem.

Discover diverse flora and fauna unique to Madagascar.

Encounter captivating creatures like ring-tailed lemurs and hissing cockroaches.

Learn about conservation efforts to protect this extraordinary habitat.

The exhibit highlights the rich biodiversity and cultural significance of Madagascar.

It inspires visitors to appreciate and preserve this remarkable corner of the world.


Ready to explore the Shorelines exhibit at The Florida Aquarium?

This is the perfect chance to enter the coastal zone and stroll along sandy shores while watching the marine life.

Look out for sea turtles and colorful fish here.

Discover the beauty and importance of Florida’s shorelines through interactive displays.

Get inspired to protect these coastal ecosystems for generations to come.

Stingray Beach

Stingray Beach
Image: Twitter.com

Discover an unforgettable experience at Stingray Beach in The Florida Aquarium.

Here visitors witness the graceful glide of stingrays up close.

You can also interact with these captivating rays as they swim within your reach.

Guests can also see Florida horse conch, porkfish, doctorfish and more here.

No Bone Zone

No Bone Zone
Image: Reddit.com

Step into the extraordinary No Bone Zone exhibit at The Florida Aquarium and unlock the mysterious world of boneless wonders. 

Encounter mesmerizing jellyfish, graceful octopuses, and delicate sea anemones as they navigate their ethereal existence. 

Delve into their remarkable adaptations and be captivated by their otherworldly beauty. 

Explore this unique showcase and better appreciate the fascinating diversity of boneless creatures in the oceans.

Coral Reef

Coral Reef
Image: Ecowatch.com

Immerse yourself in the captivating Coral Reef exhibit at The Florida Aquarium and witness a vibrant underwater world. 

Encounter awe-inspiring sand tiger sharks, graceful sea turtles, and majestic giant Atlantic stingrays. 

Observe the bustling activity of hundreds of reef-dwelling fish, each adding their unique charm to this mesmerizing ecosystem. 

Reef Secrets

Explore the intriguing world of seahorses at Reef Secrets, a captivating exhibit at The Florida Aquarium. 

Learn about their reproduction, feeding habits, and survival techniques. 

Discover how these enchanting creatures have inspired folklore and fairytales. 

Immerse yourself in this unique experience and deepen your understanding of the fascinating underwater realm.

Waves of Wonder


Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Waves of Wonder at The Florida Aquarium. 

Journey through a mesmerizing display of vibrant habitats, where you’ll encounter a stunning array of marine species. 

Witness the graceful movements of jellyfish, the playful antics of clownfish, and the mesmerizing beauty of anemones. 

Discover the great Pacific octopus and explore the Heart of the Sea, where Florida’s beloved loggerhead sea turtles, spotted eagle rays, and bonnethead sharks reside. 

Moon Bay

Moon Bay
Image: Bizjournals.com

Immerse yourself in the captivating moon jelly touch habitat, a unique and mesmerizing experience at The Florida Aquarium. 

Marvel at the translucent beauty of moon jellies, their circular bells resembling glowing moons, as they gracefully swim through the water. 

Learn from knowledgeable educators about their ecological significance and unravel the fascinating fact that moon jellies are not actually jellyfish. 

Get up close to these enchanting creatures, illuminated by the mesmerizing colors of the changing lights, and discover the wonders of the ocean’s ancient inhabitants.

Florida Aquarium tickets 

Here are the best Florida Aquarium tickets for all visitors who wish to enjoy the marine beauty in Tampa. 

Entry ticket: This is the simplest ticket option that provides skip the line access to the Aquarium. 

Combo Tickets: Combo tickets offer entry to Florida Aquarium and another Florida attraction at discounted prices. You can visit Tampa Zoo, Dinosaur World and more.

Tampa City Pass: The Tampa pass offers entry to 5 attractions. It includes the Florida Aquarium, Busch Gardens, Zoo Tampa and 2 attractions of choice. 

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