How to get to Sky Lagoon by Reykjavik

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Sky Lagoon is located at the far end of Kársnes in Kópavogur, four miles from the Reykjavik city center.

Address: Vesturvör 44-48, 200 Kópavogur, Iceland. Get Directions.

It is easily accessible by bus, bike, car, or even on foot from Reykjavik, which is 7.8 km (4.8 miles) from the Sky Lagoon.

By Bus

If you opt for public transport, traveling by bus is the best way to reach Sky Lagoon from Reykjavik.

From Hlemmur Square, you can take Bus No. 4 to Hamraborg, then switch to Bus No. 35 for a quick journey to Hafnarbraut.

It will take you 20 minutes to reach Hafnarbraut.

From there, you can follow the signs and walk to the Sky Lagoon.

By Bike/Walking

If you want to add more fun to your trip, opt for a bike to reach Sky Lagoon.

You can enjoy a 6-kilometer (3.7-mile) scenic journey from Hlemmur Square through Rauðarárstígur to Suðurhlíð, leading you to the lagoon.

The route surrounds the ocean, making it a good option for fitness enthusiasts.

Reaching the Sky Lagoon from Reykjavik by walking will take around one and a half hours.

By Car

You can drive to Sky Lagoon from Hlemmur Square by following Kringlumrarbraut (Route 40) to Kársnesbraut, leading straight to the lagoon entrance.

Remember, only visitors with Sky Lagoon tickets are allowed beyond the entrance.

The lagoon is conveniently located, and it’s a short drive from:

  • Perlan: 9 minutes
  • Hallgrmskirkja Church: 12 minutes 
  • Harpa Concert Hall: 14 minutes 
  • BSI bus station: 9 minutes

It also offers charging stations for electric cars, and parking is free at Sky Lagoon with no time limit. 

Admission with Transfers

If you want to avoid the hassle of driving or looking for taxis, purchasing an admission ticket with a transfer option adds more convenience to your adventure. 

It includes transportation and an entry ticket to Sky Lagoon, allowing you to sit back and relax in an air-conditioned coach.

The meeting point for this ticket is the BSI Bus Terminal. You need to arrive there at least 15 minutes before departure.

So, if you want to save time and want to travel conveniently, buy your transfer tickets now.

Which transportation method is best for you?

Sky Lagoon advises visitors to select eco-friendly travel options like carpooling or public transportation to protect Iceland’s natural beauty.

Taking the bus or bike would be a good choice if you have little to carry and want to reach the lagoon quickly.

If you have a lot of bags or kids with you, you can visit the Sky Lagoon by car.

And if you want to save money, walking or taking the bus could be your best option.


Where is Sky Lagoon located?

Sky Lagoon is located at the far end of Kársnes in Kópavogur, just south of Reykjavík city center in Iceland.

Can I reach Sky Lagoon by public transportation?

Yes, you can reach Sky Lagoon by public transportation from Hlemmur Square.

Can you get a bus to Sky Lagoon?

Yes, you can get a bus to Sky Lagoon from Hlemmur Square.

Take bus no. 4 for a 15-minute ride to Hamraborg, then switch to bus no. 35 for a quick 4-minute journey to Hafnarbraut.

What is the closest airport to Sky Lagoon Iceland?

Reykjavik is the closest airport to Sky Lagoon, Iceland.

Is there parking available at Sky Lagoon?

Yes, parking is available at Sky Lagoon for free with no time limit.

Which bus lines stop near Sky Lagoon?

Sky Lagoon is accessible by bus lines 35 and 36.

The nearest bus stop to Sky Lagoon is Kársnesbraut / Vesturvör. It’s a 10 min walk away.

You will need to walk a little along the ocean to reach the lagoon.

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