Sky Lagoon Spa Experience

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Sky Lagoon is a breathtaking geothermal spa where the ocean meets the sky.

You can experience Iceland’s best—nature, landscapes, and warmth—at this famous lagoon.

This article lists everything that makes this famous lagoon exceptional—from its interiors and views to its overall atmosphere. 

Sky Lagoon is a one-of-a-kind attraction that should be on every traveller’s list.

Read this article to see what the rejuvenating Sky Lagoon Spa experience will be like.

Close to the Capital

Sky Lagoon is a geothermal spa in the southwest of Iceland.

It is situated at the Kársnes Harbour in Kópavogur.

Unlike other lagoons, the best advantage of Sky Lagoon is that it is close to Reykjavik, the country’s capital city.

Just 4 miles (6.4 km) away from Reykjavik, the lagoon is an 18-minute drive from the city centre.

This is an integral part of the experience, as travel to the attraction becomes more convenient for visitors.

Learn other ways to reach Sky Lagoon here.

Prep for Sky Lagoon

After you reach Sky Lagoon, you must verify your tickets and check in to get inside the lagoon.

After you have checked in, you will receive your electronic wristband and proceed to the changing room.

Note: The changing rooms depend on the pass you have purchased. Sky Pass is for private changing rooms, and Pure Pass/Pure Lite Pass is for shared rooms.

In the room, you will also spot your lockers. Make sure to look for the ones with green lights indicating empty lockers.

Then, use your wristband to open and close the locker door.

After storing your belongings, you can change into bathing suits and head for the shower cubicles.

Remember, in the cubicles, you must shower naked to rinse off all the outdoor bacteria and prepare for the lagoon.

You will also find body washes, shampoos, and conditioners in the cubicles to help you thoroughly cleanse.

After showering and getting back into your bathing suit, it is essential to hydrate yourself.

You will find drinking water in the changing rooms and the lagoon area.

The Sky Lagoon Experience

After the prep, the real reason people go there begins: to soak in Sky Lagoon’s warm geothermal waters.

The minerally rich waters are therapeutic journeys for your mind, body and soul.

You will be greeted by the vastness of the North Atlantic Ocean as you soak and float in the lagoon water, with mountains surrounding you.

Every angle offers a different perspective, and the best part is that the temperature of the water is just right—warm enough to relax.

But what sets Sky Lagoon apart from other attractions is the warm, cozy, crisp freshness of Icelandic air, making it a surreal experience.

The Seven-Step Ritual

When discussing the Sky Lagoon spa experience, learning about its exclusive seven-step ritual is essential.

One of the lagoon’s primary highlights, the ritual, is undoubtedly one of the reasons why people visit this site.

It is nothing complicated but a thorough process of taking you through the world of relaxation and rejuvenation.

The seven-step ritual includes the following:

  1. The first step is entering the lagoon and experiencing the warmth of geothermal water while inhaling the fresh ocean air.
  2. After the heated waters, take a cold plunge to awaken your senses.
  3. Next, enter the turf house and let the sauna cleanse your body.
  4. After the hot sauna, the cold mist balances your body temperature.
  5. You will then receive a bowl of Sky Body Scrub to exfoliate dead skin cells and dirt from your pores.
  6. With the scrub still on your skin, enter the steam room.
  7. Shower with hot water to end the ritual.

Read our article to learn the benefits of the seven-step ritual and how it is performed.

The Atmosphere of Sky Lagoon

Sky Lagoon’s atmosphere is one of the impressive elements.

As soon as you enter, you feel like you have entered a heavenly paradise.

The atmosphere of the lagoon is what sets it apart from other lagoons in the country.

Its architecture is a testimony to its love for Nordic tradition, which helps set a captivating atmosphere for visitors.

Intricately designed, Sky Lagoon accurately captures Iceland’s spirit, a beautiful blend of nature, luxury, and tradition.

It perfectly mirrors the country’s landscapes by surrounding itself with basalt cliffs, grassy slopes and enormous moss-covered lava rocks.

Moreover, a handmade waterfall and an infinity pool overlooking the North Atlantic Ocean give beautiful panoramic views that look entirely out of the ordinary.

Sky Lagoon Views

A bonus to the overall Sky Lagoon spa experience is its views.

Some of the highlights seen from the lagoon are Kársnes Harbour and Bessastaðir, the official residence of the president’s house.

A little further, you will catch an impressive view of Mount Keilir.

You can see all this and more while soaking in warm geothermal water, hearing the distant sounds of wildlife, and inhaling the fresh ocean air.

Here are some more views you can see beyond the shoreline of Sky Lagoon’s infinity pool:



You can easily spot the 7000-year-old glacier from the lagoon anytime on a clear day.

Sitting right next to the peninsula, nothing is more serene than seeing the sun setting behind Snæfellsjökull.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights

You can spot the northern light from the Sky Lagoon if you are lucky enough.

A miracle of nature, nothing will be more relaxing than watching the magic of the Northern Lights while soaking in the geothermal water of Sky Lagoon.

Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun

If you visit in the summer season, you will see the orange sky extending until midnight.

You read it right; it is called the Midnight Sun, during which you can enjoy the sunlight even at night.

Read more about the views from Sky Lagoon here.

A Speciality: Turf Houses

Turf houses have a close connection to Icelandic bathing traditions.

For centuries, turf houses were a way to shelter people on the island from extreme temperatures.

To indulge this small historical element, Sky Lagoon has used building techniques to create an authentic experience for its visitors.

With the seven-step ritual, you get to experience the inside of the turf house in the final five steps of the ritual.

The Dining Experience

Some say that the Sky Lagoon is a culinary destination. We say it is all part of its rejuvenating experience.

For instance, the floating bar is just brilliant! You don’t have to leave the sanctity of warm water. You can enjoy a drink while swimming.

Just tap on your wristband to pay; voila, you can have a round of cocktails or smoothies without any hassle.

Just imagine yourself holding a glass of champagne while staring at Mount Keilir, which is in the distance from the infinity pool.

And when you get hungry, choose from several dining options.

You can taste authentic Icelandic cuisine with distinctive flavors and unique platters at the Sky Cafe.

Read more about Sky Lagoon restaurants here.

Choose your Experience

You get to decide which Sky Lagoon spa experience you want.

This is an excellent option, as you can plan your trip according to your budget, the type of visit you want, and the facilities you want to experience.

Note: If you want immense relaxation, the Sky Pass and Pure Pass include the seven-step ritual.

Here’s a brief overview of every ticket package to help you choose the most suitable one:

Pure Lite Pass

This ticket is best when you have a time constraint.

It is the most basic Sky Lagoon ticket that comes with skip-the-line access, helping you save time at the entrance.

Moreover, it includes access to the lagoon’s public changing facilities and locker rooms.

The only con is that this ticket option does not include the seven-step ritual.

This makes the Pure Lite Pass the cheapest option in Sky Lagoon packages, priced at ISK 8633 ($63).

Pure Pass

This is the classic and famous Sky Lagoon package.

With a pure pass, you will enjoy shared changing and showering facilities and the exclusive seven-step ritual.

This pass is popular among visitors as it includes basic amenities and the seven-step ritual and is affordable.

The Pure Pass comes at ISK12,627 ($91) for adults. Kids under 12 are not permitted inside.

Sky Pass

This is the most luxurious and premium package for Sky Lagoon.

It has private changing and showering facilities and gives access to the lagoon’s exclusive botanical products.

It also features the exclusive seven-step ritual.

The Sky Pass comes for ISK 15661 ($114) for adults and ISK 6313 ($46) for children under the age of 14 years.


How long is the Sky Lagoon experience?

The Sky Lagoon spa experience can take about 1.5 to three hours.
It depends on how much time you want to spend here, as your ticket has no time limit.

Which one is better: Blue Lagoon or Sky Lagoon?

The lagoons have pros and cons: Blue Lagoon is busy with crowds, and Sky Lagoon has a seven-step ritual.

Now it depends on you and which experience you would like from your visit.

But if it is up to us, we suggest visiting both lagoons to get the best out of Iceland’s hot spring culture.

What is the 7-Step Spa Ritual Sky Lagoon?

An exclusive Sky Lagoon feature, the seven-step ritual is where the past meets the present.

It is an excellent blend of ancient Icelandic rituals with modern elements to derive the perfect tool for relaxation.

The steps include:
Relax in the lagoon
Cool down with a cold plunge
Relax in the sauna
Refresh yourself in the fog and mist
Use the sky body scrub
Enjoy the steam room
Shower and end your trip at Sky Lagoon

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