Food & Drinks at Sky Lagoon

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A visit to Sky Lagoon is incomplete without a dip into Icelandic food, cuisine, and drinks.

Sipping a cold cocktail while soaking in the warm, healing geothermal water adds to the entire experience.

You will need the Sky Lagoon entry tickets to enjoy the exclusive drinks and snacks there.

You can enjoy eateries from three different sections of the popular: Smakk Bar, Sky Cafe, and Sky Lagoon Bar.

This article will tell you about Sky Lagoon’s food options and menus to help you get the most out of your trip.

Sky Lagoon Bar

A small section of the lagoon houses the swim-up Smakk Bar near the sauna entrance.

The bar is located in a rock cave, and there is some seating available, but it is often crowded during the day.

To purchase drinks, guests can use their wristbands with their credit card information saved on them.

The Sky Lagoon bar offers a variety of drinks, including draft beer, cider, juice, wine, and cocktails. 

Guests are limited to three drinks per visit, so it is recommended to save one for sunset, as the swim-up bar is a great place to enjoy a drink at sunset.

The views of the lagoon and the surrounding mountains are simply stunning.

A cocktail or glass of wine paired with the sunset and Sky Lagoon food is the perfect way to end your day.

Opening hours

The Sky Lagoon bar opens from 9 am to 11 pm, the same time as the lagoon. (Learn more about Sky Lagoon’s opening hours.)

However, it is important to note that the bar closes an hour before the closing time of the lagoon, along with the seven-step ritual.

You can check out the Sky Lagoon food menu at the bar.

Smakk Bar

After enjoying the lagoon and showering off, guests may proceed to the Smakk Bar, which features a beautiful fireplace and a sleek cocktail bar.

Guests can relax by the fire with a drink and unwind after a fantastic day.

If they are hungry, small bites are available to sample some outstanding Icelandic foods.

Charcuterie board lovers will enjoy this Smakk Bar next to the Sky Café.

The Smakk Bar offers a variety of great-tasting platters, many of which feature unique Icelandic specialties.

Try out their tasting platters to enjoy some unique food combinations.

The platters include portions of different food combinations, making them ideal for sharing and sampling.

The food at Sky Lagoon offers various vegan and gluten-free options.

Smakk Bar uses authentic flavors inspired by Iceland’s heritage, giving a great insight into the country’s food culture.

Opening hours

SeasonsMonthsOpening Hours
Winter1 October to 17 May 12 pm to 9.30 pm
Summer18 May to 14 August 12 pm to 10.30 pm
Fall15 August to 30 SeptemberSun to Fri – 11 pm to 10.30 pm
Sat – 10 am to 10.30 pm

Smakk Bar is the only Sky Lagoon restaurant for visitors.

Smakk bar menu

Drinks menu

Restaurant Menu

Dining at Sky Cafe

At Sky Lagoon Cafe, you’ll find comforting food like sandwiches, soups, and smoked salmon, perfect for re-energizing after enjoying the pools. 

The cozy and visually appealing ambiance provides an excellent opportunity to enjoy a coffee or lunch before or after your spa time.

Look at the food menu if you’re looking for budget-friendly restaurants and cafes. 

The prices here are reasonable and compare well with similar places in Reykjavik. 

You can enjoy sandwiches, soups, and fresh baked goods from Iceland’s oldest bakery, Sandholt.

The Sky Lagoon cafe menu includes hot beverages like coffee lattes and tea for refreshments.

Opening hours

SeasonsMonthsOpening Hours
Winter1 October to 17 May12 pm to 9.30 pm
Summer18 May to 14 August 12 pm to 10.30 pm
Fall15 August to 30 SeptemberSun to Fri – 11 pm to 10.30 pm
Sat – 10 am to 10.30 pm

The wristbands used for charging all your food purchases are associated with your credit card and are used to open your locker.


Should I eat before I visit Sky Lagoon?

Eating something light and nutritious before you visit the lagoon is a great idea, as recommended before any spa visit.

Also, if you still get hungry during your visit, you can take advantage of the Sky Lagoon restaurants.

How can I stay hydrated at Sky Lagoon?

You will find drinking fountains in the changing rooms and at the lagoon.

Water bottles are available at the Lagoon Bar for purchase.

It is essential to stay hydrated to get the most out of your experience.

Also, alcohol consumption is restricted to three drinks per adult.

How do I make purchases while I’m in the lagoon?

You will make all your purchases at the Lagoon Experience via wristbands.

The bands are associated with your credit cards at admission.

Wristbands will be provided to you at the reception during your admission, which act as the key for your locker and as your credit card for making any purchases at the lagoon.

It will allow you to exit at the end of your experience.

What is the rate for Sky Lagoon?

Visiting Sky Lagoon costs around 6,990 ISK ($55) and 13,900 ISK ($109) per person.

The rate also depends on the type of package you select from Pure Lite Pass, Pure Pass, or Sky Pass.

These passes allow you to experience Sky Lagoon as per your budget.

Are there vegan options available?

Yes, there are vegan options at Sky Lagoon Smakk Bar.

You can choose vegan and gluten-free options from various large and small platters.

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