A Visitor’s Guide To Making Your Sky Lagoon Visit A Memorable One

By Aashima

Sky Lagoon is a bustling tourist spot known for its peaceful ocean views and relaxing spa facilities.

Since its opening in April 2021, it has become a favorite among travelers and travel bloggers.

You’re in the right place if you prefer a more peaceful experience without crowds.

This article will serve as your comprehensive guide for exploring Sky Lagoon, offering valuable tips and insights for your trip.

1. Book your Passes in Advance

Book your Passes in Advance
Image: Getyourguide.com

Sky Lagoon is a place many tourists want to visit, and sometimes the tickets tend to sell out quickly. 

Hence, planning to purchase your tickets onsite may not be a good idea.

We recommend you buy your passes online. This way, you can choose your preferred date and time for your visit without disappointment.

You also learn about the ticket’s features and what to bring with you in advance.

2. Tips for Choosing the Right Sky Lagoon Pass

Tips for Choosing the Right Sky Lagoon Pass
Image: Viator.com

Before you plan your visit to Sky Lagoon, you’ll need to pick the right pass. 

There are three options: Pure Lite, Pure, and Sky Pass. 

There are also passes for two people, which offer better value and include food and drinks.

  • Pure Lite Package:

   – Includes: Sky Lagoon admission, public changing facilities, and a towel.

   – Starting at 6,990 ISK ($54).   – Ideal for those who want to enjoy the warm waters and views without extra amenities like drinks or the 7-step ritual.

  • Pure Package:

   – Includes: Everything in Pure Lite plus the 7-Step Ritual.

   – Starting at 9,990 ISK ($76).

   – Ideal for those who want to experience the Sky Lagoon’s signature 7-step ritual, including access to the steam room, masks, cold showers, and more.

  • Sky Package:

Includes: Everything in the Pure Pass, a private changing room with shower facilities, and access to signature Sky Lagoon amenities.

Starting at 1,39,000 ISK ($107),

Ideal for those who prefer privacy while changing or showering. This package includes the 7-step ritual and provides premium body wash, conditioner, lotion, and extra amenities in a private space.

Remember, all visitors must shower before entering the pool, and the Sky Package provides a private space for this. 

3. Choose the Best Time

The Sky Lagoon is all the rage nowadays. So, if you plan to visit there, be ready for long waiting lines.

To avoid crowds, you should avoid weekends and holidays and choose weekdays to enjoy the warm water peacefully.

Also, try to arrive early or visit during sunset, adding an extra layer of magic to your Sky Lagoon experience. 

We recommend visiting Sky Lagoon on one of your days in Reykjavik. 

However, if you are skipping Reykjavik, you can add it to your list either at the beginning or end of your trip.

4. Travel in a Small Group

sky lagoon Small Group
Image: Facebook.com/SkyLagoonIceland

We suggest you opt for small group or private tours instead of large bus tours. 

Small groups of less than 12 people provide a more personalized experience and a better connection with nature. 

If you’re willing to spend a bit more, private tours to Sky Lagoon can take you to the best spots in Iceland without the crowds.

5. Begin Early

We recommend starting your trip early in the morning to get the most out of your trip to Iceland.

Especially during the summer months, rise early and hit the road.

The extended daylight hours mean you’ll have ample sunshine even at night.

Beat the morning traffic by leaving early and getting a head start before others are awake.

Also, researching your route, including gas stations and restrooms, will ensure a smooth journey.

6.  Consider Midnight Adventures

Midnight Adventures
Image: Adventures.com

Take advantage of the long summer days in Iceland, where daylight lasts 24 hours.

While most tourist spots are crowded from 10 am to 6 pm, the time before and after is more peaceful and convenient.

During the Midnight Sun period, Sky Lagoon offers a unique atmosphere you won’t experience during regular hours.

For instance, the 60-meter Seljalandsfoss Waterfall becomes even more stunning under the Midnight Sun.

It’s just a short drive from Reykjavik, so it’s feasible for a self-drive adventure. (See how to reach Sky Lagoon.)

Another option is the Glymur waterfall, near the capital, which is perfect for a midnight excursion.

Located in the scenic landscapes of Hvalfjörur, this waterfall descends 198 meters from a mountain’s peak.

You can appreciate many other Icelandic gems during the Midnight Sun phenomenon.

7. Be Photo Ready

Be Photo Ready
Image: Wellspa360.com

Visitors are permitted to bring their phones into the lagoon area for photography. 

However, there are certain considerations to keep in mind. 

The warmth of the water can lead to camera lens fogging, potentially affecting photo quality, and the same can happen to phone cases.

Furthermore, managing a phone or dealing with a pouch attached to your neck may distract from the relaxing experience.

It’s advisable to first capture some wonderful moments and then securely store your phone in your locker. 

Doing so lets you fully immerse yourself in the lagoon’s atmosphere and the ritual experience without distractions.

8. Be Sun-Ready

Be Sun-Ready
Image: Cosmopolitan.com

Remember your sunscreen! Protecting your skin from the sun’s rays is crucial, even in the most magical settings like the Sky Lagoon. 

Sunburns are no joke. You don’t want to ruin your lagoon experience by being red and tanned.

Remember, while the Sky Lagoon may be otherworldly, the sun protection rules still apply.

So pack that sunscreen, lather it on generously, and enjoy your time in the lagoon without any worries.

9. Have Snacks and Drinks Ready

Snacks and Drinks
Image: Skylagoon.com

We recommend having a light meal before beginning the 7-step ritual. Being in the beautiful lagoon with a hungry stomach and a dry throat is not ideal.

Bring easy-to-carry snacks like sandwiches, fruits, or granola bars to ensure you’re prepared. 

Also, carry waterproof bags to dry your snacks and prevent accidental splashes.

You could also enjoy a meal at Smakk Bar to satisfy your hunger.

Also, if you plan to spend a long time in the lagoon, take breaks and drink water regularly.

Dehydration can occur even in cold air if you spend hours in hot water.

10. What to Wear to Sky Lagoon

Before entering the lagoon, all visitors must shower without clothing.

This step ensures hygiene before donning bathing suits and immersing in the lagoon’s waters.

Practical amenities such as hair dryers and bags for wet swimsuits are readily available.

Also, wearing a bathing suit is mandatory in Sky Lagoon. In case you forget yours, there’s no need to worry.

Onsite, you can purchase 66°North swimsuits or trunks or even rent a swimsuit for your convenience.

During the changing process, it’s suitable to wear sandals or flip-flops. There is a shoe cubby at the pool’s entrance.

It’s worth noting that the spa experience is best when you are barefoot.

11. Don’t Forget the Aftercare

Replenish those energy levels and reminisce about your magical experience with a good meal.

You should be aware of the power of fluids, especially after a day of sun and water.

Lastly, if you’re feeling a little exhausted, take a moment to unwind.

Sink into a cozy bed, curl up with a book, or indulge in a warm drink before bed.

It’s all part of the experience, ensuring you stay refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready for your next adventure.

12. Tips to Explore Sky Lagoon’s Nearby Attractions

Planning your itinerary before visiting Iceland helps you prepare for the best experience.

Setting clear expectations is key, whether you want to save money and soak in natural hot springs or indulge in the Sky Lagoon.

Winter is the best time to see the Northern Lights, especially in October and November.

It’s also the least crowded time to visit, allowing you to enjoy the enchanting Aurora Borealis.

Iceland’s diverse landscape, including fjords, geysers, volcanoes, and waterfalls, makes it perfect for sightseeing year-round.

Summer is best, with open roads, warmer days, and extended daylight.

So, you can expect more tourists during this time, but autumn is an excellent option to avoid peak crowds.

If you are interested in Whale Watching, you can spot whales throughout the year, but orca whales are most visible in June, July, and August.

Winter is also great for avoiding crowds. Tours are available from the southern coast and Reykjavik.

13. Spa Etiquettes One Must Follow

It is great to experience the geothermal waters of the Icelandic lagoons. 

However, one should respect the authentic Icelandic wonder, as the locals take their hot spring culture seriously.

Here’s a list of spa etiquette one must follow during their trip to Sky Lagoon.

You Can’t Wear Footwear Inside the Lagoon

The first and foremost spa etiquette for the lagoon will be to go barefoot.

Icelandic people enjoy their geothermal baths without their footwear.

There is also a hygiene and sanitation concern, as bringing outdoor shoes into the shower or changing area can carry bacteria and dirt inside.

So you must remove your sandals or shoes before entering the changing facilities to avoid dirtying the floors.

Shower Thoroughly

This is an essential step before your journey towards the lagoon.

You must cleanse yourself thoroughly in the changing rooms, meaning you must shower naked.

Showering naked will help you clean your body from top to bottom, preventing you from bringing germs into the lagoon.

There will be warm water and soap available in the cubicles.

Carry a Swimsuit

Even though you shower naked before entering the lagoon, wearing a bathing suit for the geothermal spa is necessary.

You can also rent a swimsuit at the Sky Lagoon if you don’t carry one.

Keep your Voice Low and Relaxed

The Icelandic bathing culture is all about relaxation.

At Sky Lagoon, your primary focus is healing, relaxing, and rejuvenating in a peaceful environment.

As the lagoon is a public space, bumping into a stranger and conversing with them is normal.

However, Icelandic spa etiquette encourages you to keep your voice relaxed and as low as possible to maintain the peace of the hot spring.

Stay Hydrated

You must hydrate during your visit to the geothermal Sky Lagoon.

An extended stay in hot waters can make you sweaty and dehydrated.

There are water fountains for visitors in the changing rooms and near the main pool.

Moreover, you can purchase your favorite beverages (non-alcoholic or alcoholic) from the swim-up bar.

Don’t Skip the Seven-Step Ritual

This step is optional for spa etiquette but is very important to enjoy your Sky Lagoon visit in the best way possible.

The ritual consists of steps that cleanse, scrub, steam and rejuvenate your body most refreshingly.

Learn more about the seven-step ritual here.

Dry Off Your Body in Intervals

Ensure you dry off your body before re-entering the changing rooms or toilets.

Spilling water on the floors and seating areas can cause difficulty for other visitors.

Look for linen baskets to dispose of your towels at the end of your trip.

Lock Your Things

After checking in, you will receive an electronic wristband linked to your credit card.

The wristband is also the key to your locker, where you will store all your belongings.

Store all your items there, and carry the wristband carefully throughout the visit.

Try Icelandic Cuisine

Enjoy the lagoon’s delicious dining options after soaking in the warm geothermal waters.

Try the Sky Cafe or the Smakk Bar to feast on savory Icelandic cuisine.

Visitors usually get hungry after their spa experience, so having a lovely authentic meal can freshen you up.

Engage with Some Locals

If you find yourself getting bored, worry not, as Icelanders will love to talk to you about the current events during your trip to the lagoon.

Moreover, listening and participating is an ideal way to get the best experience of the country’s culture.

But if you prefer not to engage in conversation, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the warm waters.


How much time do you need at Sky Lagoon?

You can spend around 1.5 to 3 hours at Sky Lagoon.

You can also stay up to 5 hours to savor a leisurely meal.

It’s the perfect way to end a day of sightseeing, as the warm soak often leads to a restful night’s sleep.

What are the seven steps at Sky Lagoon?

The seven celestial steps at Sky Lagoon are as follows:

– Embrace tranquility in the lagoon.
– Rejuvenate with a cold plunge.
– Enjoy the sauna’s scenic serenity.
– Revitalize with a refreshing fog mist.
– Experience the celestial Sky Body Scrub.
– Indulge in the steam room’s bliss.
– Soothe your senses in the lagoon’s soothing embrace.

What is the best time of day to go to the Sky Lagoon?

For a serene experience, visit Sky Lagoon in the morning or evening to avoid crowds.

Evenings offer chances to see Northern Lights, summer sunsets, or the Midnight Sun.

Do I need flip-flops for Sky Lagoon?

For a local experience, go barefoot at Sky Lagoon.

Outdoor shoes are not allowed to maintain hygiene.

Flip-flops are an option, especially in winter when the ground may be cold.

Do you need shoes at Sky Lagoon?

No, shoes are generally not worn inside Sky Lagoon.

Icelanders prefer to go barefoot to avoid tracking sand and dirt.

So, leave your shoes aside and get ready to embrace the relaxing experience at the lagoon.

Do you have to shower before Sky Lagoon?

It’s mandatory to shower naked under Icelandic bathing culture before entering Sky Lagoon.

Showering in a bathing suit is not sufficient and is considered impolite.

Featured Image: Skylagoon.com

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