Sky Lagoon Facilities

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The Sky Lagoon facilities are one thing that makes it more accessible to visitors.

A wheelchair is available onsite so you can experience the 7-step ritual comfortably.

It has a private changing room called the accessibility room, with equipment that makes your visit even more comfortable.

Also, a lift takes you to the cold plunge, turf houses, and lagoon.

Some other Sky Lagoon facilities are:

1. Gender-Neutral Changing Rooms

Sky Lagoon has two types of changing rooms: Public and Private.

The Pure Pass offers shared changing facilities.

However, if you want a more personalized and comfortable experience, Sky Pass has private changing facilities.

All the changing rooms are gender-neutral.

Towels and Hairdryers come with both packages.

2. Luggage Rooms

If you are traveling with heavy bags, don’t worry. You will get a locker room during your visit to Sky Lagoon.

Another benefit of these facilities is the extra storage option.

If your baggage does not fit in your locker, you can pay a small fee to use the storage room.

Hair dryers are also available in the locker room for your convenience.

3. Swimsuits and Towels on Rent

Bathing suits are mandatory in the lagoon area and during the Seven Step Ritual. 

Therefore, it is essential to bring your swimwear. However, you can conveniently rent or buy one on-site if you forget.

Additionally, towel and dressing gown rentals are available for added comfort. 

We recommend bringing a cozy hat on colder days to stay warm and enjoy your time at the lagoon.

Before entering the lagoon, it is mandatory to take a shower to maintain cleanliness and hygiene standards.

4. High-visibility Wristbands

If you have underlying health conditions like cardiovascular disease, high or low blood pressure, etc., consult your doctor before visiting the lagoon.

Also, if you require extra care or help during your visit, one of the Sky Lagoon facilities includes high-visibility wristbands.

You can collect them at the reception. You can use the band to help notify the guards if required.

Now that you know about all its facilities, buy the Sky Lagoon entry ticket before it is sold out.

5. Dining and Entertainment

At the Sky Lagoon, you have two dining options to enhance your experience.

Sky Cafe and Smakk Bar offer simple food choices to replenish your energy after a blissful soak. 

The menu includes sandwiches, comforting soups, and delectable dill-infused smoked salmon, perfect for a quick and satisfying bite.

Also, there is an array of local cheeses, cured meats, and fresh bread options.

Both dining options cater to different preferences, ensuring you can savor delicious meals that complement your Sky Lagoon experience.

Everything is taken care of, from swimwear and dining to lockers and entertainment, so you can fully immerse yourself in the soothing waters and stunning surroundings.

Don’t wait. Buy your tickets to Sky Lagoon now!


What are the Sky Lagoon amenities?

Sky Lagoon facilities have private changing rooms and locker space for your valuables.

You can also use the shower rooms before and after your lagoon visit.

Upgrading to the private changing facilities with the Sky Pass is also an option.

Sky Lagoon has a hot pool, sauna, and excellent glacial pool.

Can I take my phone to Sky Lagoon?

You can take your phone to Sky Lagoon but put it in a waterproof cover.

It is hot and quite stuffy there, so even if it doesn’t get wet, the moisture may cause damage.

Carrying a cover will enable you to take beautiful pictures without any worries.

Does Sky Lagoon have hair dryers?

Yes, Sky Lagoon facilitates changing rooms, including free hair dryers.

Private and shared changing rooms offer a dryer and towel amenities.

The private rooms also have shower gel, lotion, and a private shower.

Is there Shampoo at Sky Lagoon?

Each shower room has shampoo, shower gel, and conditioner inside it.

The rooms have lockable doors and hooks to hang your swimsuits.

Also, it is mandatory in Iceland to shower naked before entering any public pool, nature bath, or hydrotherapy spa.

Do I need flip flops at Sky Lagoon?

You can wear flip-flops, which most visitors prefer, especially in winter when the floor is cold.

Going around Sky Lagoon barefoot is the best option to fit in with the locals.

Also, outdoor shoes are not allowed near the lagoon to protect it from bacteria and dirt.

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