Inside Neuschwanstein Castle

Without any doubt, Neuschwanstein Castle’s interior illustrates the ideals and longings of Ludwig II more vividly than any other building.

This castle was not for royal representation but to find peace away from the public eye.

Despite Ludwig’s grand plans, out of 200, only 15 rooms were finished and open to the public.

However, roaming inside Neuschwanstein Castle is definitely overwhelming. 

After you reach the top, you will immediately be in awe of the castle’s size, approximately 65,000 square feet.

The entire tour will take 35 minutes, during which you will stroll through halls and climb several towers that will leave you speechless.

Neuschwanstein Castle Interior and automation

Interior and automation

Above all, the modern technology inside Neuschwanstein Castle will definitely come as a big surprise to you. 

Behind the old appearance of the castle, the latest technology was in operation while keeping the comfort of the king.

The palace rooms have a hot air central heating system with running water on every floor and kitchen. Even the washrooms have an automatic flushing system.

Another fantastic feature inside Neuschwanstein Castle is the king’s bell system to summon his servants, and there was a lift to carry the meals.

The large window panes inside Neuschwanstein Castle were also unusual, even in Ludwig II’s days. 

Neuschwanstein Castle interior tour begins with these rooms-

It’s worth noting that Neuschwanstein Castle’s exterior and many interiors were completed during King Ludwig II’s lifetime.

Some parts of the Neuschwanstein Castle’s interior remain unfinished due to the king’s untimely death in 1886.

Nonetheless, the completed areas glimpse the castle’s grandeur and the king’s extravagant tastes.

1. Lower Hall-

Lower Hall

This room will take you to the Throne Room. 

2. Throne Room inside Neuschwanstein Castle-

Throne room

It is a 4-meter-high chandelier cross between a church and a throne room.

It takes up the third and fourth floors and the entire west section of the Palace. 

Undoubtedly, the Throne Room is one of the most impressive spaces in the castle.

It is designed in a Byzantine style with a grand golden chandelier, vibrant murals depicting various scenes, and a large ornate throne made of gilded wood.

Inside Neuschwanstein Castle, the walls are adorned with beautiful frescoes illustrating legends and myths.

Fun fact

Surprisingly, this room never had a throne. Don’t you believe us? Why not see this yourself?

Book your tickets to Neuschwanstein Castle and have a whole day exploring the castle that even Walt Disney admires for its architecture.

3. Dining Room inside Neuschwanstein Castle-

Dining Room

The Dining Room in Neuschwanstein is a grand space with a long dining table surrounded by intricately carved chairs.

Its walls are adorned with colorful murals depicting medieval scenes and hunting motifs.

The room also features an ornate tiled stove, adding charm and elegance.

It is an oak-paneled anteroom that leads to the King’s apartment. There is a bell system to call servants from other rooms. 

4. Interiors of Neuschwanstein Castle Bedroom-


The King’s Bedroom is a lavish and opulent space.

It is furnished with a large canopy carved wood bed, richly adorned with intricate designs and red velvet draperies.

The walls inside Neuschwanstein Castle are covered in beautiful tapestries and the ceiling is decorated with delicate paintings and gold leaf accents.

This lavish apartment features a state bed colored in blue silk and decorated with the Bavarian coat of arms, lions, swans, crowns, and flowers.

Plan your visit to this castle and see the intricate details and lavish rooms by booking your Neuschwanstein Castle tickets now!

5. Dressing Room-

Dressing Room

The Dining Room is a grand space with a long dining table surrounded by intricately carved chairs.

Its walls are adorned with colorful murals depicting medieval scenes and hunting motifs.

The room also features an ornate tiled stove, adding charm and elegance.

Highlights of the room inside Neuschwanstein Castle include the ceiling paintings illustrating the work of famous poets like Walther von der Vogelweide and Hans Sachs. 

6. Byzantine-Themed Room-

This room inside Neuschwanstein Castle showcases a unique blend of styles, combining elements from the Byzantine and Romanesque periods.

The walls are decorated with mosaic-like frescoes featuring intricate patterns and vibrant colors.

It also contains a marble fountain and an impressive golden chandelier.

7. Singers’ Hall-

Medieval knights’ halls inspired this hall and served as a space for entertainment and gatherings.

It features high ceilings with exposed wooden beams, colorful murals depicting scenes from Wagner’s operas, and intricate wood carvings.

The hall provides a magnificent view of the surrounding countryside through its large windows.

8. Other rooms inside Neuschwanstein Castle to visit- 

  • Salon
  • Oratory
  • Study 
  • Passage 
  • Anteroom
  • Upper Hall

Travelers who want to explore each side of the castle can book a guided Neuschwanstein Castle tour, including an admission ticket. 


What is inside Neuschwanstein Castle?

Despite King Ludwig’s grand plans for the building, Neuschwanstein Castle has only 14 rooms visitors can access.

Also, on a guided tour inside the Castle, you will have access to the cave-like grotto, the King’s bedroom, the singer’s hall, and many more exciting interiors.

Can you take pictures inside Neuschwanstein Castle?

Clicking pictures inside Neuschwanstein Castle is only permitted outside the castle’s opening hours.

This rule applies to all royal palaces like Neuschwanstein, Linderhof, and Herrenchiemsee.

But due to the ongoing construction work, taking pictures outside the opening hours is not allowed in the Neuschwanstein castle until further notice.

What modern technology was used inside the castle?

The royal residence had a central heating system for its rooms.

Also, the toilets inside the castle had a functioning flushing system in all the rooms.

The King used an electric bell system to summon his servants, and the castle also had a lift so that the meals remained warm when bought up for the King.

It also had telephones on the third and fourth floors.

Is Neuschwanstein Castle heated?

The inside of Neuschwanstein Castle has a heating system.

Unlike any other medieval castle in its era, the Neuschwanstein had a forced air central heating system installed.

Although built in the medieval Romanesque style of the 13th century, the Castle featured the best modern technology in the late 1860s.

Can I get married inside Neuschwanstein Castle?

Unfortunately, you cannot get married inside the stunning Neuschwanstein Castle.

Even if most people dream of getting married in the fairytale Castle, it is still impossible to get married inside Neuschwanstein Castle.

However, you can have wedding ceremonies with the beautiful castle in the background and form a bond for a lifetime.

Is it worth going inside Neuschwanstein Castle?

The world-famous, beautiful, Disney-inspiring castle is worth visiting if you plan a trip to Germany.

Many visitors flock to the castle to glimpse Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Located in the heart of the Bavarian Alps, the castle, with its breathtaking architecture, interiors, and history, is definitely worth visiting.

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