Best Neuschwanstein Castle Viewpoints

Neuschwanstein Castle is no doubt a magnificent place to visit, but if you want to explore the attraction from all angles, you have come to the right place!

This castle not only gives you the fairy tale experience but also helps you explore some of the most serene views of nature.

Moreover, with its location and surroundings, there are a lot of undiscovered places from where Germany’s Neuschwanstein Castle looks even more majestic.

We have listed some places offering the Best Neuschwanstein Castle Viewpoints for popular tourist attractions to free you from this mystery. 

Marienbrücke Bridge: 

Marienbrücke Bridge- Neuschwanstein Castle viewpoint

The Marienbrücke Bridge is one of the most famous Neuschwanstein Castle viewpoints.

Since the castle’s location is north of the bridge, you can enjoy the southern parts of the court with a brief view of Schwangau in the background.

Walking up the valley, you can get to Marienbrücke Bridge from the bus stop or parking lot in about 40 minutes.

Follow the signs from the valley, eventually leading you to this famous bridge.

It is also a popular spot to click pictures of the castle as it provides the best viewpoint for Neuschwanstein Castle.

It is an excellent spot for photography, but if you want to be in the picture, it can be difficult owing to the narrow breadth of the bridge.

On the way to Marienbrücke Bridge

If you have decided to walk up to the Marienbrücke Bridge, be ready! As the route offers some of the most phenomenal viewpoints of Neuschwanstein Castle.

While walking up the hike, you can slowly and leisurely take several shots with your camera while moving.

Or even better, you can stop and admire the castle and capture some remarkable details. 

Tegelberg ski slope

Tegelberg ski slope

Another one of the best Neuschwanstein Castle viewpoints, but getting here can be a task as it takes about 3 hours to reach.

The hikers or trekkers could cover the journey by foot, but for others, a cable car can get there quickly, saving you time.

A unique way to view the castle is also through a cable car; you can enjoy an incredible 360° sight of the palace without pushing through the crowds.

If unsatisfied with this 10-minute ride, hike back from the top and get some peekaboo shots of the attraction and the entire region. 

But these roads are often closed depending on the weather conditions.

Reith Alpe

The location at Reith Alpe is similar to the ski slope at Tegelberg; from here, you get a clearer sight of the castle due to its height.

You can get extraordinary images of the castle and the Marienbrücke Bridge from there.

The best way to get there is by car from the castle car park or a bike and reach Reith Alpe in about 20 minutes.

People interested in hiking can stroll toward Tegelbergbahn to reach the location.

Transportation Information

Getting to Neuschwanstein Castle is easiest by car, about a two-hour drive from Munich.

You can take a bus from Munich to Schwangau if you prefer public transportation.

From the parking lot, it’s just a short 10-minute walk to the castle, and there are also shuttle buses available.

Also, you can read our article on How to reach Neuschwanstein Castle.

Schwangau – Landstrasse

Schwangau offers some excellent Neuschwanstein Caslte views, but wandering around Alterschrofen in Schwangau will also do the trick.

The advantage is slowly cruising the roads at your speed to get the shots comfortably.

Schlossbrauhaus Schwangau also has a mini golf cart that offers a partly impressive outlook of the Neuschwanstein Castle

If you are in a hurry but don’t want to miss capturing the moment take a ride from Hohenschwangau and Tegelberg, as parking bays offer some of the best viewpoints. 

Happy Exploring!


How do you get the perfect picture of Neuschwanstein castle?

Just park your car around three o clock at the Hoheschwangau castle, and you get a glimpse of the central tower of Neuschwanstein.

With the sunlight at its best, the more you walk forward, the more you will get a clearer view and the best shot of the Castle.

Please carry a telephoto lens to get a more enhanced photo of Neuschwanstein castle from this area.

What is the best viewpoint of Neuschwanstein Castle?

The Marienbrucke is one of the best Neuschwanstein Castle viewpoints.

Thousands of people climb on the Bridge to take amazing shots of the Castle and selfies or film the Bridge’s beautiful view.

It is also the most famous photo spot for visitors, offering views of the flat hill country behind the castle.

How far is the Telberg Ski Slope?

Tegelberg Ski Slope is about 3 hours away from Neuschwanstein castle.

This is an excellent opportunity for hikers and adventure lovers; you will love to cover the journey, but a cable car is also available for others.

Via these trails to the Ski Slope, you get some of the best Neuschwanstein Castle viewpoints.

What is the best time to photograph Neuschwanstein Castle?

10 am and 3 pm are one of the best times in the day to photograph Neuschwanstein castle.

As the lighting is best in the early mornings, especially when it comes to the winter season.

The morning sunlight is bright and brings the green color of the pine trees behind the Castle.

What are some viewpoints on the Neuschwanstein Castle?

Along with Mary’s Bridge, some other viewpoints for Neuschwanstein castle include Tegelberg cable car, Reith Alpe and Schwangau- Landstrasse.

These viewpoints are also some of the best spots for your pictures, where you can get the Castle in the background surrounded by mountains and forests.

These undiscovered spots are definitely worth visiting to get the whole experience of Neuschwanstein Castle.

Where is Reith Alpe?

Reith Alpe, a best viewpoint for Neuschwanstein Castle, is at Tegelbergstraße in Schwangau, Germany.

It is similar to the Tegelberg cable car, and you can reach it by car from the Castle’s parking lot in about 20 minutes.

You can also take a leisurely stroll from the castle to the Tegelbergbahn to reach Reith Alpe.

Is Tegelberg Ski Slope the best viewpoint for Neuschwanstein Castle?

Yes, Tegelberg Ski Slope is one of the best viewpoints for Neuschwanstein Castle.

From here, you see the Royal Castle surrounded by the Bavarian Alps without any hustle from the crowds.

Also, you can get a unique perspective of the castle from the cable car while viewing it from a 360° view while floating up in the air.

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