Knott’s Berry Farm Map

Knott’s Berry Farm spans 57 acres (2,500,000 sq ft) and boasts 40 rides, 35 restaurants, stores, and other attractions. 

The park is divided into four distinct themed areas, each offering its unique atmosphere and attractions. 

Its claim to fame rests in its exhilarating roller coasters, found within every section of the park:

The first area encountered upon entering the park is Camp Snoopy, situated to the right of the main entrance. 

This section caters to younger children with enjoyable rides and attractions.

Further into the park lies Fiesta Village, inspired by the culture and traditions of Mexico. 

It features a variety of rides, restaurants, and shops, reflecting this theme. 

The village is known for its live shows and performances showcasing Mexican music and dance.

Ghost Town, located at the park’s center, stands out as one of Knott’s Berry Farm’s most beloved areas. 

Designed to transport visitors to the Wild West era, it offers themed attractions like the Calico Mine Ride and the GhostRider wooden roller coaster. 

Numerous shops and restaurants in Ghost Town also embrace the Western theme.

Towards the northwest end of the park, The Boardwalk awaits. 

This section recreates the ambiance of a classic seaside boardwalk, complete with a range of rides and attractions such as the HangTime roller coaster and the Pacific Scrambler. 

The Boardwalk also features food vendors and eateries serving quintessential boardwalk fare like funnel cakes and corn dogs.

Visitors can download Knott’s Berry Farm park map to better understand the different areas and their distinct attractions. 

The Knott’s Berry Farm parking map can also be downloaded to facilitate planning for a visit.

Let’s know Knott’s Berry Farm areas and the various attractions. 

Ghost Town

Knott’s Berry Farm’s initial attraction, Ghost Town, showcases 19th-century structures from abandoned towns in Arizona and California. 

Visitors can immerse themselves in the Wild West era through gold panning, stagecoach rides, and the Calico Mine train ride. 

Thrill-seekers can enjoy the adrenaline-pumping GhostRider wooden roller coaster. 

The Indian Trails area offers cultural experiences, including Native American and Aztec performances and traditional crafts and structures. 

Authentic Native American foods like Navajo tacos and Indian fry bread are available for tasting.

Fiesta Village

Built to honor California’s Spanish and Mexican heritage, Fiesta Village features rides like La Revolución, Jaguar!, and Montezooma: The Forbidden Fortress. 

This area captures the essence of old Spanish California and includes:

  • Festive markets.
  • Carnival-style rides.
  • A century-old merry-go-round.
  • Restaurants like Pancho’s Tacos and La Victoria Cantina.

Classic games and modern electronic arcades provide entertainment. 

Whether seeking thrills or a relaxed atmosphere, Fiesta Village accommodates everyone.

The Boardwalk

Celebrating Southern California’s beach culture, The Boardwalk boasts vibrant architecture and iconic palm trees. 

Three thrilling rides highlight this area: HangTime, Supreme Scream, and Xcelerator. 

Physical challenges like a rock wall and sports activities complement arcades and boardwalk games. 

Families can enjoy the interactive dark ride, Knott’s Bear-y Tales: Return to the Fair, and the Charles M. Schulz Theatre hosts seasonal shows.

Camp Snoopy

Camp Snoopy, a six-acre area dedicated to kids, features over a dozen rides and attractions. 

Modeled after a High Sierras wilderness camp, it welcomes young visitors to meet the Peanuts gang and enjoy kid-size rides like Huff, Puff, and Flying Ace. 

The entire family can enjoy the fun with attractions such as Camp Bus and Rapid River Run. 

Sierra Sidewinder, the area’s biggest thrill ride, spins cars while coasting.

California Marketplace

Adjacent to the park’s entrance, California Marketplace extends Knott’s Berry Farm. 

It offers 14 unique stores and eateries, including Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant, T.G.I. Friday’s, Starbucks, and Farm Bakery. 

The Knott’s Hotel is located near the park’s east end.

Knott’s Berry Farm Map – FAQs

Are There Other Knott’s Berry Farm Maps?

In addition to the current maps for Knott’s Soak City waterpark and Knott’s Berry Farm rides, you can discover various historical Knott’s Berry Farm maps available online.

How Many Areas Are in Knott’s Berry Farm?

The Knott’s Berry Farm theme park comprises four main areas: Ghost Town, Fiesta Village, The Boardwalk, and Camp Snoopy. 

Moreover, outside the theme park is a dining and shopping space known as California Marketplace.