Knott’s Berry Farm Shows

Knott’s Berry Farm is not just about thrilling rides and delicious food.

It also offers various live entertainment options to keep visitors of all ages engaged and entertained. 

From comedy shows to musical performances and various other shows, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

With a wide selection of over a hundred shows, Knott’s Berry Farm ensures that it caters to visitors of all age groups. 

You can conveniently find Knott’s Berry Farm show times on the park’s official website or mobile app to plan your day and make the most of the entertainment offerings.

Here are some of the standout shows at Knott’s Berry Farm and where you can find them within the park:

Knott’s Preserved: A Musical Celebration

Knott’s Berry Farm celebrates its rich history during the annual Boysenberry Festival with the new live show, Knott’s Preserved: A Musical Celebration. 

This half-hour live music stage show features a rousing soundtrack, thrilling dance and stunt routines, and dazzling costuming. 

The performance is a celebration of the theme park’s real and storyline history and a tribute to the pioneering spirit of the Knott family. 

It’s a must-see for anyone looking for an immersive experience and a glimpse into the past of one of America’s most iconic amusement parks.

  • Duration: 25 minutes
  • Location: Calico Mine Stage

Native American Dancer

The Native American Dancer performance at Knott’s Berry Farm is a unique experience and the only Indian show offered at the park. 

The show features fantastic movements, mesmerizing stories, and a fascinating exploration of the culture and history of Native American tribes. 

This live show will fully immerse you in the traditions and customs of Native American tribes, making it a highlight of any visit to the park. 

You can celebrate these indigenous people’s lore, legends, songs, and dance, gaining a deeper understanding and appreciation for their rich heritage.

  • Duration: 10 minutes
  • Location: Indian Trails Stage

Krazy Kirk and the Hillbillies

Krazy Kirk and the Hillbillies is a popular show at Knott’s Berry Farm that offers a unique blend of high-energy music, comedy, and country-centered entertainment. 

The show features a range of music genres, including classic rock and rap, all performed in a country and bluegrass style. 

It promises a good time with humor, fun, and upbeat music. 

The audience is encouraged to settle in for a country concert experience, with the show being big on laughs and fun.

  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Location: Wagon Camp

Home for the Holidays

Home for the Holidays is a 25-minute show during the Christmas celebrations at Knott’s Merry Farm. 

The show plays beloved Christmas songs and includes audience participation with dancing toys.

It’s a fun and festive way to get into the holiday spirit and enjoy the season’s magic.

  • Duration: 25 minutes
  • Location: Calico Mine Stage

Calico Saloon Show

The Calico Saloon Show is a must-see Knott’s Berry Farm show for those seeking a taste of the Old West. 

This musical revue offers an array of songs, comedy, and a fun-filled show for visitors to enjoy. 

With an old-time Western theme and a toe-tapping musical extravaganza, the Calico Saloon Show will surely entertain guests of all ages.

  • Duration: 18 minutes
  • Location: Calico Saloon

Snoopy’s Night Before Christmas: Ice Show

This beloved tradition at Knott’s Merry Farm promises a positive and entertaining experience for the whole family. Check out the show at Walter Knott Theater.

Christmas Tree Lighting Show

Immerse yourself in the holiday spirit with dazzling lights and decorations at Camp Snoopy. Remember to visit Santa’s Christmas Cabin for an extra special treat.

Firework Shows

Knott’s Berry Farm hosts spectacular fireworks throughout the year, including Memorial Day Sunday, Labor Day, Fourth of July weekend, and New Year’s Eve.