Met Costume Institute

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The Costume Institute showcases seven centuries of fashion attires and accessories. In 1946, it was brought under the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Beginning in the fifteenth century, you can see the changes through different concepts curated for display.

The Costume Institute can be accessed with the entry ticket to the Met, as it is a part of the permanent collection.

Many visitors come to the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute. It is one of its most popular features.

Twice a year, visitors can go to the thematic exhibits that showcase the history of clothing for men, women, and children.

Established in 1937, the Museum of Costume Art is a growing collection.

The Met Gala

The role that the curator of the Costume Institute plays is invaluable. They host the Benefit, the Met Gala, on the first Monday of May every year.

The Met Gala tickets sold for over $30,000 and is an exclusive invite-only event. Notable figures from fashion, entertainment, and politics walk the red carpet. 

Further, these costumes from the Met Gala are added to the display to revisit these looks in the following months at the Costume Institute Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Their extravagant outfits designed by top designers celebrate a theme in fashion, an influential factor for the remaining year.

With the entry ticket to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, you can view the different displays at the Costume Institute. 

The Met Gala started in 1948 and gained popularity in the 1970s when Diana Vreeland, the curator at the time, rebranded it as the “Party of the Year.”

Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of Vogue, began the current format in 1995. She began presiding over it and made the Met Gala one of the most anticipated annual events worldwide.

After its restoration in 2014, the Institute was rebranded as Anna Wintour Costume Center.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art added a dynamic display for video and sound displays and added wireless technology.

Role of the Costume Institute

You can also understand the conservation process at the state-of-the-art laboratory that keeps the items on display in prime condition.

The Costume Institute also takes care of other collections and galleries that give more variety to its visitors.

The Brooklyn Museum Costume Collection and Irene Lewisohn Costume Reference Library are available in their storage area.

You can also enjoy the Lizzie and Jonathan Tisch Gallery and the Carl and Iris Barrel Apfel Gallery.

There are no separate tickets required for visiting the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Buy the Met entry ticket to see all the collections.

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