St Paul’s Cathedral London at Night – Your Guide To The Best Nighttime Experience

By Harshitha Jagathiesh

St. Paul’s Cathedral is an iconic attraction in London renowned for its architecture and history. 

Standing high on Ludgate Hill, the magnificent church is a sight to enjoy, whether night or day. 

As daylight fades over London, St Paul’s Cathedral transforms in character.

A night visit to St. Paul’s is a local favorite and offers a unique way to experience its historic beauty and appreciate its baroque architecture from a fresh perspective.

St Paul’s Cathedral

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Why visit the St Paul’s Cathedral London at Night

St Paul’s Cathedral is an unmissable nighttime must-do when visiting London.

Here are a few reasons to visit the St Paul’s Cathedral at night.

Amazing Illumination

The St Paul’s Cathedral in London at night looks beautiful when it is illuminated during the night.

The nighttime illumination highlights the building’s features and accentuates its beauty.

While the cathedral also looks stunning during the day, the soft illumination adds to the nocturnal charm.

Crowd-free Visit

The best time to explore any tourist attraction is when fewer people are around you so you can take in the ambiance’s beauty.

St Paul’s Cathedral remains crowded during the day as it is one of London’s most popular tourist attractions.

Visiting the St Paul’s Cathedral, London, at night allows you to explore the cathedral more freely and soak in the stunning beauty of the architectural marvel.

Pro-photography Opportunities

If you too are a collector of pictures and love capturing memories on your trips through photos, you must visit St Paul’s Cathedral London at night.

With fewer people around you and minimal photobombs, the beautifully illuminated cathedral is a nocturnal beauty waiting to be captured.

Make the best of the lights and space to capture the best pictures for your memory or travel book.

Perfect for a Date Night

The soft illumination makes for a perfect romantic setting, making St Paul’s Cathedral the best place for a date night!

Walk hand in hand with your sweetheart and capture the best of these memories in your camera and your heart!

It is a beautiful place for couples seeking a romantic and serene atmosphere.

Summer Lates

St. Paul’s Cathedral organizes summer Lates during the summer months to provide visitors with a unique and exciting experience through several events.

Events during Summer Lates include orchestral performances, highly thought-provoking panel discussions, and more, with the Cathedral beauty being complimentary.

Things to do at St Paul’s Cathedral During the Night

While visiting the St Paul’s Cathedral at night, make sure you try the following: 

Take a Nighttime Tour

Experience the cathedral’s grandeur on an after-hours tour after the day’s visitors have departed. 

Your guide will spotlight details best seen in the evening light, such as the choir’s detailed wood carvings and the amber light filtering through the Dome’s lantern. 

As you ascend, hear stories about St. Paul’s narrow escape from destruction during the Blitz. 

Reach the gallery perimeter for stunning night views of the city.

Wander the Illuminated Grounds

Stroll through the cathedral’s gardens as they light up at night. 

The crisp air and quiet, granite-paved courtyard create a serene, romantic atmosphere.

 Wander along Churchyard Alley, lined with lamps, and sketch St. Paul’s striking silhouette. 

Listen to Choir Rehearsals

Attend an evening choir rehearsal to hear the cathedral’s choir and organ. 

The harmonious blend of voices and organ music, echoing off the distant walls and high ceilings, creates a mesmerizing auditory experience. 

Be sure to check the rehearsal schedule in advance.

Things to Know Before Visiting the St Paul’s Cathedral London at Night

Here are a few things to remember before visiting the St Paul’s Cathedral London at night.


The usual opening hours of St Paul’s Cathedral are 8.30 am to 4.30 pm, with the last entry at 4 pm. 

While the regular hours of the cathedral end early, it is open from 6.30 pm to 8 pm on select nights from May to August. 

During these summer months, visitors can tour inside the cathedral at night.

However, if you are visiting during the other months, you can always explore the exterior and walk around the cathedral. 

Dress Code:

Be it day or night, visitors must follow the dress code of St Paul’s Cathedral.

As a religious place, the dress code is modest and respectful.

You must cover your shoulder and knees while visiting the cathedral. 

Graphic t-shirts, crop tops, shorts, mini-skirts, bare-backed tops, hats and sunglasses are not permitted inside St Paul’s Cathedral. 

Ensure you read the dress code before you visit. 

Getting to St Paul’s Cathedral

St Paul’s Cathedral is next to the St Paul’s Underground Tube Station and bus stop.

You can also take the metro to Thameslink station, a few minutes walk from the cathedral. 

While main bus lines are available 24 hours daily, metros are open from 5 am to 12.30. 

Otherwise, you can hire a taxi or also drive to St Paul’s Cathedral located at Ludgate Hill.

With convenient public transport and taxi services, you can easily reach St Paul’s Cathedral at night. 

Read more about how to get to St Paul’s Cathedral to plan your visit. 

Things to Bring and Not to Bring: 

Visitors should bring a camera to capture the romantic allure and the nighttime views of the Cathedral. 

Additionally, visitors should bring an ID and any necessary payment methods, such as cash or cards for tickets or souvenirs.

It is important to remember that bags bigger than 45 cm x 30 cm x 25 cm are not allowed inside the Cathedral for security reasons, so avoid bringing these.

Things to do Around St Paul’s Cathedral London at Night 

There are several other exciting things to do around St Paul’s Cathedral London at night.

Explore these nearby attractions and activities near the Cathedral and make the best of your trip.

Admire Neighboring Landmarks

St. Paul’s majestic dome is surrounded by other historic buildings, also stunning at night. 

Visit the Victorian-Gothic Old Bailey courthouse, dramatically lit after dark. 

A block north, marvel at the modern architecture of The Gherkin, illuminated in captivating patterns. 

Visit the London Eye 

One of the most exciting things around the cathedral is the Ferris Wheel or the London Eye.

The London Eye is approximately two miles from the Cathedral and offers breathtaking city views.

It is a must-do on your London trip and a short ride from the Cathedral.

Millenium Bridge at Night

The Millenium Bridge is less than a mile from the Cathedral and is worth exploring at night for its breathtaking views.

You can easily walk to the bridge and witness the beautiful city views on your stroll.

Look at the hustle and bustle of city life under the glimmering night sky of London.

Get Directions

Grab a Late Supper

Conclude your evening at one of the British pubs near St. Paul’s. 

The Old Bank of England, known for its working fireplaces, or the traditional Hoop and Grapes pub are ideal for a relaxing nightcap and meal, wrapping up a memorable visit. 

FAQs About Visiting St Paul’s Cathedral at Night

1. Can I go inside the St Pauls’ Cathedral at night?

Visitors can enter the cathedral on select nights from May to August.
On regular days, you cannot visit the Cathedral from inside at night; however, the exterior is beautifully lit and open at all hours of the day.

2. Are there any night services at St Paul’s Cathedral?

St Paul’s Cathedral, London, occasionally hosts special evening services and events.

Visitors must check the official website for updates and schedules.

3. How late can I visit the Cathedral’s interior and exterior?

Visitors can visit the exterior of St Paul’s Cathedral London at night till any time they want.

Admission to the interior areas is allowed only from 8.30 am to 4 pm.

4. Is St Paul’s Cathedral London at night worth visiting?

St Paul’s Cathedral London at night is a worth-watching spectacle with the soft and beautiful illumination offering breathtaking views and a romantic atmosphere.

5. Should I visit the St Paul’s Cathedral in London at night or during the day?

The best way to explore the Cathedral is to visit it during the day and also during the night.

Explore the interior of the Cathedral and the Dome Galleries during the day and enjoy the stunning views and illumination of the exterior at night.


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