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The historically significant St Paul’s Cathedral is more than just a church. 

St Paul’s Cathedral hosts a variety of exhibitions to honor the religion, artists, and more. 

Here is a list of St Paul’s Cathedral art exhibitions you should use while visiting.

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Why Attend an Exhibition at St. Paul’s Cathedral?

St. Paul’s Cathedral is an architectural masterpiece and holds immense historical significance. 

By attending an exhibition at the cathedral, you can connect with this rich historical heritage and gain a deeper understanding of the events.

Exhibitions held at St. Paul’s Cathedral often showcase art, artifacts, and historical objects personally connected to the cathedral or prominent figures in its history. 

Exhibitions at St. Paul’s Cathedral often focus on specific themes or individuals, offering a chance to delve into specialized areas of knowledge.

They provide educational opportunities to learn about the life and achievements of notable figures, historical events, architectural techniques, and more. 

Through interactive displays, informative panels, and expert guidance, visitors can expand their knowledge and engage with the subject matter meaningfully.

St. Paul’s Cathedral’s setting adds to the appeal of attending an exhibition. 

St. Paul’s Cathedral exhibitions often coincide with significant anniversaries, milestones, or commemorative events. 

These occasions allow the public to come together, reflect, and pay tribute to important historical figures, events, or causes. 

Current Exhibitions at St. Paul’s Cathedral

Here is a list of all the current exhibitions at St Paul’s Cathedral. 

Christopher Wren: The Quest for Knowledge

Opens: 27th April 2023 

Location: Crypt

In honor of the 300th anniversary of Sir Christopher Wren’s death, St Pauls is presenting an exhibition called “Sir Christopher Wren: The Quest for Knowledge.” 

This exhibition aims to delve into the early life and career of Wren, an architect, revolutionary scientist, and mathematician. 

While most people are familiar with his iconic creation, St. Paul’s Cathedral, this exhibition will shed light on his lesser-known accomplishments in fields.

Sir Christopher Wren was a genius at multiple things, such as mathematics, astronomy, and physiology.

Through an extensive collection of materials from our archives, visitors can explore and uncover these fascinating stories. 

The exhibition will showcase a range of items, including drawings, photographs, and precious historical artifacts, some of which have a personal connection to Wren himself.

This exhibition promises to provide a comprehensive and captivating look into the life and achievements of this remarkable figure in history.

This exhibition is included with Cathedral admission and can be found in the Crypt’s North aisle. 

Past Exhibitions at St. Paul’s Cathedral

Past Exhibitions at St. Paul’s Cathedral
Image: Stpauls.co.uk

St. Paul’s Cathedral has hosted various diverse and captivating exhibitions. 

Here are a few examples of past exhibitions held at St. Paul’s Cathedral:

The Great Restoration of 1666: Uncovering the Layers

This exhibition focused on restoring St. Paul’s Cathedral after the Great Fire of London in 1666. 

It explored the challenges faced during the restoration process and showcased artifacts and documents related to the rebuilding efforts.

Oculus: An Eye into St. Paul’s

Oculus An Eye into St Paul’s
Image: Raai.com

This exhibition offered visitors a unique opportunity to explore the architectural and engineering marvels of St. Paul’s Cathedral. 

It delved into the design and construction of the cathedral, showcasing plans, models, and interactive displays that highlighted the technical aspects of its creation.

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Galleries

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Galleries
Image: Zmma.com

Opened in 2017, this permanent exhibition space is located on the cathedral’s triforium level. 

It houses a collection of artifacts and artworks related to the cathedral’s history and its role in the nation’s life.

Anatomy of an Exhibition

This exhibition provided insights into the curatorial process and showcased the behind-the-scenes work in organizing exhibitions. 

The Dean’s Staircase Exhibition: Conflict, Conscience, and Remembrance

The Dean’s Staircase Exhibition Conflict Conscience and Remembrance
Image: Londonist.com

This exhibition delved into the cathedral’s response to the First World War and the concept of remembrance. 

It featured personal stories, letters, and artifacts that shed light on the impact of the war on individuals and communities.

How To Book Tickets to the St. Paul’s Cathedral Exhibitions?

Booking tickets to the exhibitions held at St Pauls’s Cathedral depends entirely on the gallery it is being held at. 

The general entry ticket includes access to the Cathedral Floor and Crypt, the Dome Galleries, multimedia guides, and all temporary exhibitions and installations. 

The Whispering Gallery is currently closed to the public.

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1. What exhibitions are currently showing at St Paul’s Cathedral in London?

Currently, only one exhibition is scheduled to open in April 2023. 

The exhibition is called Christopher Wren: The Quest for Knowledge.

2. Do I need to buy separate tickets to view the various St. Paul’s Cathedral exhibitions?

No, generally, admission to the exhibition is covered under your general entry ticket to the St Pauls Cathedral.

3. What are the dates for the ‘Jubilee – St Paul’s, the Monarch and the Changing World’ exhibition at St. Paul’s Cathedral?

The ‘Jubilee – St Paul’s, the Monarch and the Changing World’ started on 25-05-2022 and ended on 07-01-2023.

4. How can I view the exhibitions at St. Paul’s Cathedral?

You must purchase a ticket online or at the counter directly.  

Most of the galleries are accessible with the general entry ticket, but there are a few that might require an additional ticket. 

5. What are some of the prominent exhibitions that have been held at St. Paul’s Cathedral?

St. Paul’s Cathedral has hosted several prominent exhibitions throughout its history. \

Here are a few notable examples:
“Towers of Light”
“Trial by Fire: The Story of London’s Livery Companies”
“Oculus: Seeing the Light”
“The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Galleries”
“Revealing the Tudors: The Life and Times of Elizabeth of York”

6. What is St. Paul’s Cathedral famous for?

St. Paul’s Cathedral is renowned for hosting a notable and iconic exhibition called “The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Galleries.” 

This exhibition is a permanent feature within the cathedral and holds great significance.

7. Do I need to book my tickets in advance to view the St. Paul’s Cathedral exhibitions?

Yes, booking your tickets in advance to view the exhibitions at St. Paul’s Cathedral is recommended. 

While the cathedral is open to the public for regular visits, special exhibitions and access to certain areas may have limited availability or specific time slots.

8. How many exhibitions are held at St. Paul’s Cathedral annually?

The number of exhibitions held at St. Paul’s Cathedral can vary yearly. 

The cathedral typically hosts a few major exhibitions, which may run for an extended period.

The cathedral also includes permanent or semi-permanent displays within the cathedral.

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