Beverly Hills Celebrity Homes Tour – Tickets, Prices, What To Expect

Beverly Hills invites you to explore its iconic neighborhoods, where Hollywood’s elite reside.

From legendary stars to modern icons, taking a Beverly Hills Celebrity homes tour offers an exclusive peek into the lives of the rich and famous. 

On these tours, you can marvel at the architectural wonders and lush landscapes surrounding these lavish homes. 

Whether you’re a devoted fan or simply curious about the world of celebrities, the Beverly Hills Celebrity Homes tour guarantees you an unforgettable experience. 

Best Beverly Hills Celebrity Homes Tour

There are a number of tour options you can choose from. There are self-guided tours, open-air bus tours, bike tours, etc., that you can consider on your trip.

We have found you the best Beverly Hills celebrity home tours! 

  1. Beverly Hills Celebrity Homes Bus Tour

Get on this Hollywood-guided open-air bus tour in Los Angeles. 

This bus tour offers a sightseeing experience around Hollywood’s iconic landmarks and attractions. 

There is an active commentary about the history and significance of the locations you’ll visit on the bus tour. 

This tour could be a great option if you want to explore Hollywood and learn more about its history.

This tour starts from $45 per person.

  1. Beverly Hills Helicopter Tour

Feeling adventurous? Then, this Beverly Hills and Hollywood helicopter tour in Los Angeles is for you. 

This experience involves a helicopter ride over famous landmarks and celebrity homes, offering panoramic views of Beverly Hills and Hollywood attractions!

On this helicopter tour, you will see celebrity homes and iconic sights like the Hollywood Sign and explore this area. 

This helicopter celebrity homes tour is a steal at $174 per person!

  1. Beverly Hills on an eBike

Check this Beverly Hills and Bel Air Celebrity Homes Bike Tour in Los Angeles. 

You will be taken on a guided bike tour through these upscale neighborhoods, allowing participants to see the homes of celebrities and enjoy the scenic surroundings. 

It’s a unique way to explore the area, combining sightseeing with a bit of physical activity. 

For $99 per person, this bike tour offers an enjoyable and memorable experience.

What does the Beverly Hills Celebrity homes tour include?

The Beverly Hills Celebrity Homes Tour offers an enthralling adventure into the glamorous world of Hollywood’s elite. 

Beverly Hills celebrity homes tour takes you through the renowned neighborhoods known for their lavish residences and A-list residents.

You can get up close to the homes of your favorite stars. 

The tour is curated very carefully, choosing only selective popular addresses, providing an exclusive peek into the lives of famous personalities.

With guided tours, you will discover fascinating stories and tidbits about the celebrities who have lived in these homes. 

Take this opportunity to learn about their achievements, milestones, and the mark they have left on the entertainment industry.

The tour also educates you about Beverly Hills’ cultural significance and the entertainment industry’s influence on its development.

And dont forget to capture the essence of Hollywood luxury with suggested photo spots. 

These viewpoints allow you to snap pictures while respecting the celebrities’ privacy. 

Taking a Beverly Hills celebrity homes tour offers a mix of star-studded allure, architectural wonders, and historical context. 

Planning a Beverly Hills Celebrity Homes tour

A Beverly Hills celebrity homes tour lasts between 2 to 2.5 hours. You will surely enjoy yourself thoroughly, watching celebrity houses go by with beautiful scenery!

And, to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience, careful planning is essential. 


When planning your tour, decide whether you want a guided experience with a fee or a self-guided adventure. 

If you opt for a guided tour, research the ticket price inclusions (such as transportation or tour materials)! 

This is the best Beverly Hills celebrity homes guided tour


If you choose a self-guided tour, a map is the most essential object in your backpack. We cannot have you going astray, now can we?

A map is an essential object you must carry when getting on a Beverly Hills celebrity home tour! 

You can choose from various modes like- a physical map, a digital or an interactive map!

Time Management 

Efficient time management is crucial to prevent rushing through the tour or spending too much time at one location. 

Plan a reasonable timeframe for the entire tour, factoring in travel time between each stop. 

A typical celebrity home tour takes anywhere between 2 to 2.5 hours. 

If you have further commitments in the day, you need to give enough buffer time between two activities.


Where to see celebrity houses in LA?

Popular areas to spot celebrity houses in LA include Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Hollywood Hills, and Malibu.

Keep in mind that you must respect privacy and local regulations.

Can you drive past celebrity homes in Beverly Hills?

Yes, you can drive past celebrity homes in Beverly Hills.

With this Beverly Hills celebrity homes tour, you can choose your route and drive past celebrity homes in Beverly Hills. 

What street do most celebrities live on?

Many celebrities in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles live on various streets, and there isn’t one street where most celebrities reside.

However, some well-known streets with celebrity homes include:

Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills
Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills
Sunset Boulevard, Beverly Hills and Hollywood
Mulholland Drive, Hollywood Hills
Olympic Boulevard, Beverly Hills
Benedict Canyon Drive, Beverly Hills
Coldwater Canyon Drive, Beverly Hills

Where is the most common place to see celebrities?

Restaurants, upscale shopping districts like Rodeo Drive, entertainment industry events, and popular entertainment venues in Los Angeles often attract celebrity sightings.

Why do celebrities live in Beverly Hills?

Celebrities often choose Beverly Hills for its privacy, luxurious homes, proximity to the entertainment industry, upscale amenities, etc.

But it is the allure of being part of Hollywood’s history and culture that makes most celebrities buy homes in Beverly Hills.

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