SoFi Stadium Tour: Tickets, Prices, Discounts, What to Expect and More

With its sweeping curves and gleaming exterior, Sofi Stadium has become an iconic addition to the Los Angeles skyline since its completion in 2020. 

Home to the Los Angeles Rams and the Los Angeles Chargers, this stadium hosts concerts, sports championships, and major championships.

For fans and visitors looking to get an inside look, Sofi Stadium offers behind-the-scenes guided tours that provide a fascinating glimpse into the stadium.

From treading on the turf grass field to learning about the Oculus video scoreboard, Sofi Stadium tours allow fans to experience the stadium in a whole new way. 

For anyone seeking VIP treatment combined with insider information on this Los Angeles destination, a Sofi Stadium tour delivers a unique look behind the scenes.

Why is SoFi Stadium so Popular?

SoFi Stadium is popular and a top choice for several sports and entertainment events.

The SoFi Stadium ranks highly and has received second place overall in The Athletic’s NFL Stadium rankings.

The stadium has received constant praise and recognition and has also maintained its high rankings on different charts with multiple first-place votes.

SoFi Stadium is known for its exemplary design and features.

These modern and fine designs and features set it apart from its contemporaries.

One of the most outstanding features is the transparent roof that gives visitors an outdoor feel in an indoor stadium.

Another impressive feature is the double-sided video board encircling the entire field.

SoFi stadium is also known for being extremely versatile and hosting various events, from sports to events.

The SoFi stadium is a popular venue for several sporting events, music concerts, etc.

SoFi stadium has impressed its fans and visitors, who constantly leave great reviews about the stadium.

The visitors are particularly impressed by the excellent facilities, grand venue, friendly staff, great food and drinks, and the overall experience at the stadium.

Where to Get SoFi Stadium Tour Tickets?

Visitors can purchase tickets at the stadium or online to save time and effort.

Purchasing tickets online saves you the unnecessary hassle of standing in line and tickets are generally more expensive offline.

When you purchase the Sofi Stadium tour tickets online, you can choose from various tickets and the booking page provides an easy and hassle-free interface. 

Moreover, stadium tour tickets are cheaper online than on-site tickets. 

SoFi Stadium Tour Tickets

SoFi Stadium Tour Tickets

The Sofi Stadium guided tour lasts around 75 minutes and includes the guidance of an experienced and knowledgeable English-speaking tour guide. 

Visitors can explore the stellar stadium’s behind-the-scenes and team locker rooms with the skip-the-line ticket for the Guided Tours of SoF Stadium.

The SoFi Stadium Tour includes:

  • Guided Tour
  • Team locker room access (please note that this is subject to availability)
  • Visit to the Equipment Room or the Team Store
  • Parking
  • Limited Time tour of the Kinsey Collection art exhibit

SoFi Stadium Tour Prices

The tour costs $56 for all visitors. 

TicketTicket Price
Adults (aged 99 and younger)$56

What to expect at SoFi Stadium Tour?

What to expect at SoFi Stadium Tour

SoFi Stadium Tours are a great way to explore the grandeur and magnificence of the stadium.

The SoFi Stadium tours include a guided tour of the magnificent stadium and access to the Team Locker Room (subject to availability).

Visitors also get access to the Team Equipment Room (Team Store) and a limited-time tour of the Kinsey Collection Art Exhibit.

The SoFi stadium tour is perfect for all sports fans who cannot wait to experience the best of the game experience, both on and off the screen.

Apart from the exclusive access to the generally restricted areas, guests can also enjoy exploring the pitch, which is one of the most loved parts of the tour.

Different types of SoFi Stadium tours

Visitors can embark on their preferred type of SoFi stadium tour.

There are three primary types of tours of the SoFi museum and here is more information on each type of tour.

Rally Days

Rally Days are a dream come true for all NFL fans as they get a unique and unforgettable experience of a sneak peek as the stadium gears for the game day.

Rally Days aims to provide a team-focused experience to visitors a day before the Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Chargers home games during the NFL times.

Visitors can expect an almost one-hour-long guided tour with details and a sneak peek into the behind-the-scenes facilities.

Guests may also find themselves photo opportunities where they can take pictures as a memory.

One of the most iconic parts of the Rally Days is the Tunnel Run opportunities, where visitors can run through the tunnels like players do!

The team-focused atmosphere is a must-try for all fans who cannot wait to have the most authentic experience of the stadium ever.

Group Tours

SoFi stadium group tours are an excellent way to explore the stadium and everything it offers in larger groups.

Book a group tour with your friends or family or make a reservation for special events like birthday parties, corporate meetings, and dining events.

The SoFi stadium tours allow wonderful opportunities for making memories together and capturing them on your mobile phones and cameras.

Kinsey Collection

The Kinsey Collection exhibit is an eye-opening experience and is included in all SoFi stadium tours.

The exhibit focuses on the lives of African Americans, right from the years of slavery to the emancipation to the Civil Rights Movement.

SoFi 2024 Schedule

Visitors should remember the 2024 event calendar before planning their SoFi stadium tour.

Here is a list of the SoFi 2024 schedule:

EventEvent Dates
Rolling Cloud California14 March to 17 March
Monster Jam World Finals18 May
Luke CombsGrowin’ Up and Gettin’ Old Tour15 June
CONMEBOL Copa America 2024-Brazil vs. CONCACAF 6 Group Stage24 June
CONMEBOL Copa America 2024-Mexico vs. Venezuela Group Stage26 June
Blink-182-One More Time Tour6 July
Rolling Stones-Hackney Diamonds Tour10 July
Rolling Stones-Hackney Diamonds Tour13 July
Kenny Chesney-Sun Goes Down 2024 Tour 20 July
HARD Summer Music Festival3 August to 4 August
Def Leppard/Journey and Steve Miller Band-The Summer Stadium Tour25 August
Fool in Love Fest31 August
Green DayThe Saviors Tour14 September

Things to Know Before Visiting the SoFi Stadium

Things to Know Before Visiting the SoFi Stadium

Visitors planning to explore the SoFi stadium or embark on a SoFi stadium tour must know this practical information.

  • Opening Hours of Sofi Stadium

One of the most crucial things to know before planning a trip anywhere is the timing of the respective venue.

The opening hours for the SoFi stadium are from 11 am to 5 pm on all days of the week.

  • The Best Time to Visit

Any time of the year is suitable for a SoFi stadium tour!

Visitors reaching the stadium for an event are recommended to reach the venue at least four to five hours before the event begins.

The stadium hosts some of the most popular events in the United States, and the Stadium’s gates open hours before the events start to accommodate the crowds.

It is best to reach early to avoid delays and crowds.

On the other hand, visitors embarking on a SoFi stadium tour can reach at the time specified by their tour organizer.

  • Book Your Sofi Stadium Tour Tickets in Advance

Purchasing the SoFi stadium tour and event tickets online is highly advisable.

The stadium remains jampacked on event days, and even on regular days, it invites crowds in large numbers.

While walk-ins are popular, purchasing online tickets in advance ensures visitors do not feel disappointed on the day of their visit.

  • Bag and luggage policy

Most days, the stadium has a clear bag policy, including iconic concerts like Beyonce’s Renaissance tour at the SoFi Stadium.

Visitors must respect and adhere to the stadium’s bags and luggage policy and avoid bringing large, opaque bags.

Leaving valuables such as expensive jewelry, etc., is also recommended.

  • Parking

Parking can be a nuisance at most places in the US, and the same is true for SoFi stadium tour visitors, too, unless they know the right tricks.

Visitors planning to park at the stadium must be in possession of a parking permit or pass.

Visitors without a parking pass will be turned away to offsite parking positions.

All guests willing to park at the stadium must have a valid parking pass, event ticket, or credentials to park in a designated parking spot.

  • Food and Drinks Policy

Visitors are not allowed to carry outside food in the SoFi stadium except one water bottle, not over 20 ounces.

Several food concessions and restaurants are available inside the stadium for visitors to purchase food and beverages.

  • Air Conditioning

Visitors planning to embark on the tour of SoFi stadium must know that there are no air conditioners inside the stadium.

On a hot day, the interiors begin to feel really warm, so visitors are advised to dress accordingly.

Is a SoFi Stadium Tour worth it?

The stadium is home to Rams and Chargers Football and the huge and magnificent stadium can accommodate over 70,000 fans. 

The SoFi Stadium tour offers a unique opportunity to explore the stadium.

Visitors can access some of the VIP areas and even gain access to the field. 

The informative tour is also a great way to learn about the architecture and other information about the stadium. 

The SoFi stadium tour helps visitors gain a memorable on-field experience. 

Visitors can gain some on-field experience by trying various activities like the 40-yard dash and field goal kicks. 

Visitors can even throw a football at the targets. 

Visitors can also explore the various restaurants and team stores during the tour of SoFi stadium.

The restaurants offer delicious food to improve your experience, while the team store is the perfect place to shop for merchandise.

SoFi stadium’s magnificent venue, the SoFi stadium tour, the on-field experience, its restaurants, the team store, and Rally Days make it worth visiting. 

FAQs About Sofi Stadium Tours

  1. How long is the SoFi Stadium Tour?

    The exact length or duration of the SoFi Stadium tour depends on the tour agency you book through.

    Normally, the tours of SoFi stadium are around 60 to 90 minutes.

    Some tours may also be around 75 minutes.

  2. Can you just walk into the SoFi Stadium?

    SoFi stadium allows visitors to walk in simply but the place is amongst the top popular attractions, making it very crowded.

    Therefore, visitors are recommended to book online tickets to avoid any inconvenience during their visit.

  3. What is so special about the SoFi Stadium?

    The SoFi stadium is one of the most popular sporting and entertainment event venues, as it hosts several important sporting events and music concerts.

    Visitors also remain impressed by the stellar architecture of the stadium and the smooth management by the stadium staff.

     These factors add to a great visitor experience.

  4. Is it hot inside the SoFi stadium?

    Several visitors often complain about feeling terribly hot inside the SoFi stadium.

    Visitors about to embark on a SoFi Stadium tour may not feel the heat due to the absence of the crowd, but on a hot game day, the interiors may feel like an oven.

  5. What is VIP entry to the SoFi stadium?

    VIP entry to the stadium gives you priority access and reduced wait times.
    VIP entry is a great way to explore the stadium and enjoy in the most convenient manner possible.

  6. Is it safe to stay near SoFi stadium?

    Staying near SoFi stadium is considered much safer than staying around other stadiums.

    The areas around the SoFi stadium have fewer crimes than the areas around 21 of the other 29 NFL stadiums.

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