A Complete Guide to Blue Lagoon Iceland History

By Aashima

Someone has rightly said, “You must know the past to understand the present.”

The same goes for the Blue Lagoon in Iceland.

This lagoon has a fascinating history because it is a manufactured lagoon rather than a natural one.

While people are dying to visit the place for its incomparable beauty and therapeutic properties, only a few know Blue Lagoon Iceland history.

How it is formed

Did you know that the Blue Lagoon in Iceland wasn’t intentionally created? 

It all started when the water from the Svartsengi geothermal power plant was supposed to flow into the porous lava field. 

However, something unexpected happened: the lagoon began to form and kept growing. 

The lava field turned out to be less porous over time, making the water stay and creating this fantastic natural wonder.

Another fact is that, due to its intense volcanic activity, Iceland is a magnificent country that battles between ice and fire.

Blue Lagoon Island is a popular destination for tourists in the winter because of its mild temperatures and warm waters.

When we think about the history of Blue Lagoon Iceland, we immediately picture a lovely and tranquil outdoor hot springs spa with various modern facilities.

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Why the Blue Lagoon is Blue

Why the Blue Lagoon is Blue
Image: Aesu.com

The Blue Lagoon’s beautiful blue color comes from the surrounding lava and how light works. 

The water rubs against the lava and picks up tiny particles called silica. Silica is a unique mineral made of silicon and oxygen.

Here’s a quick science lesson: Everything can reflect light, and the colors we see depend on which light rays bounce back to our eyes. 

Each color has its wavelength. When light hits something, it reflects some wavelengths and absorbs others. 

White light is when all the colors reflect, and darkness is when they all get absorbed.

In the Blue Lagoon, the silica in the water reflects blue light and absorbs other colors. 

So, when sunlight hits the silica, only the blue light returns to us, making the lagoon magically blue.

It’s amazing how science explains nature’s wonders! The Blue Lagoon’s color happens because of this science stuff, and it’s truly a mesmerizing sight.

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History of the Blue Lagoon “Name”

It is well known that Valur Margeirsson, the first person to enter the Blue Lagoon, did so to discover a psoriasis treatment.

He succeeded in his mission and gave the lagoon the Icelandic name “Bláa Lóni,” which translates to “Blue Lagoon.”

This occurred in 1981, and six years later, a public bath for those with skin conditions like psoriasis and related disorders opened its doors.

Some people sought healing from the water, others for fun, but everyone who came left feeling awestruck.

The Blue Lagoon has evolved from a simple curiosity into a source of awe since the first curious souls ventured into the water.

It is a place where rigorous research, never-ending innovation, boundless curiosity, and a relentless pursuit of the future have revealed the mysteries of geothermal seawater.

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At its most basic level, Blue Lagoon’s architecture and design strive to foster harmony and balance between man and environment. 

The Blue Lagoon has transformed into a hub of dazzling renewal from its former status as little more than an enticing curiosity and a byproduct of geothermal energy.

Geothermal saltwater will always be the center and soul of the location.

Serving as its history, present, and future while providing unending relaxation, revitalization, and transformation.

So what are you waiting for?

Book your tickets today for Iceland and let the wonder of this earth awe you.

Featured Image: Bluelagoon.com

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