Experience The Blue Lagoon Spa Iceland Like No Other

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Imagine a place unlike any other retreat spa you’ve ever seen. It’s called the Blue Lagoon, and it’s in Iceland. 

The Blue Lagoon Spa Iceland is well-known for its milky blue water, rocky outcroppings, and skin-enhancing mud that tourists use as face masks.

With approximately 1.2 million tourists in 2017, it is one of Iceland’s most popular destinations.

The essence of the Blue Lagoon geothermal spa in Iceland is based on the bathing traditions fundamental to the Icelandic way of life. 

Who doesn’t like a spa that enriches their skin and has therapeutic advantages?

Blue Lagoon Iceland spa products and mineral-rich water are reputed to have medicinal properties.

Sulfur and silica are the two primary minerals present in the Blue Lagoon.

This natural hot spring’s ethereal blue hue results from the presence of these two minerals.

One of the few at-home natural treatments for psoriasis that is accessible is the Blue Lagoon Skin Treatment.

Blue Lagoon Spa Iceland Address

Blue Lagoon Spa Iceland hours

The Blue Lagoon Spa Resort Iceland Experience is open Monday through Sunday between 8 am and 9 pm.

You can learn more when this lagoon opens its door to visitors by reading Blue Lagoon opening hours.

Blue Lagoon Spa Reykjavik, Iceland, with multiple access options

Blue Lagoon Spa Reykjavik, Iceland, with multiple access options
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This magical place is famous for its stunning pastel blue water and the belief that it has unique minerals that can make your skin feel amazing. 

People from all over the world come to Iceland to visit this incredible spot.

The Blue Lagoon Clinic opened its doors 2005 and provided in-house treatments in a private lagoon with UV light therapy and particular skincare products.

It’s not just a bath in the lagoon, but exclusive access to the Blue Lagoon Iceland Retreat Spa for five hours:

  • Spa Retreat
  • The Lagoon, Blue
  • Escape Lagoon
  • A private dressing area
  • Ritual of the Blue Lagoon
  • Skincare products
  • A beverage of your choosing
  • To enter the Spa Restaurant
  • Access to eight underground chambers

You can bask in the warmth of the oceanfront geothermal lagoon while admiring the stunning North Atlantic Ocean.

Enjoy the gorgeous sunsets, gloomy sky, and, if you’re lucky, a display of the Northern Dancing Lights while you unwind and rest.

The Ritual, an exceptional seven-step experience, will help you relax even more afterward. You don’t have to wait anymore. Add Iceland to your checklist and book your tickets to the Blue Lagoon.

Blue Lagoon Iceland Spa Treatments: The Experience Begins…

Driving towards the Blue Lagoon, you’ll feel like entering another world.

The surroundings are stark and dark, creating a dramatic atmosphere. 

However, as soon as you catch sight of the brilliant blue water of the lagoon, you’ll be captivated.

The Retreat Spa is a separate area, away from the regular parking and entrance. 

This exclusivity makes you feel like you’re proceeding toward a private mansion. 

The building has a unique Nordic industrial design with touches of brass and color. 

It’s like a luxurious retreat or even a secret hideout for a Bond villain.

Checking in at the Retreat Spa is effortless

Checking in at the Retreat Spa is effortless
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You’ll receive a pale blue wristband, which serves as identification and allows you to charge additional items during your visit. 

This thoughtful detail means you won’t have to carry a bulky wallet while enjoying the spa in your cozy bathrobe.

You’ll find a spacious en suite shower room inside the private changing room. 

The sleek slate gray aesthetics continue here, along with rain showers, hairdryers, and hair straighteners. 

We suggest you learn the best ways to reach the Blue Lagoon to ensure you reach the spa at the right time. Knowing this in advance will help save you time and avoid any inconvenience.

Taking a shower before entering the Blue Lagoon is mandatory. You’ll find a selection of high-quality Blue Lagoon toiletries for a refreshing experience.

Featured  Image: Bluelagoon.com

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