Is It Safe to Visit Blue Lagoon in 2024?

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Being the most popular tourist destination in Iceland, with 7,00,000 people visiting every year, Blue Lagoon never fails to meet its safety standards.

The volcanic waters of the lagoon are always warm, even in the middle of Iceland’s winters, ensuring great comfort.

Plus, the water and silica mud are helpful for your health and appearance, making the spa treatments popular. 

Read this article to learn more about Iceland’s Blue Lagoon safety norms:

Rules and Safety Standards for Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon ensures that its staff regularly attends first aid courses and emergency response training.

All the rules are set by Svartsengi 240, Grindavik, Iceland, the Icelandic company that runs the Silica Hotel and the Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland.

So, to ensure your safety and make your visit to the lagoon stress-free and enjoyable, pay special attention to the points below:

1. Minimum Age

The minimum age for using the lagoon is 2 years, and a guardian must accompany all children between 2 and 13 years old.

One adult can supervise a maximum of two children.

Remember, the lagoon is 90 to 145 cm (2.9 to 5.3 ft) deep, so children (2 to 8 years old) must wear inflatable armbands.

And those unable to swim must wear the armbands, regardless of age. However, remember to inform the staff.

Also, the water is cloudy and not transparent because of its high mineral content, so guardians must pay special attention to their children.

Don’t worry! Lifeguards are also on duty at all times to ensure guest safety.

Take note! Inflatable armbands are readily available at the lagoon, free of charge. 

2. No Excessive Intoxication

No Excessive Intoxication

For safety reasons, adults are advised to buy only three alcoholic beverages while in the lagoon.

The lagoon reserves the right to refuse or withdraw access to anyone who arrives intoxicated or wants to remain intoxicated in the water.

The authorities will determine if a person is fit to enter or remain in the water.

Thus, exercise caution for a relaxing and enjoyable visit.  

Three restaurants in Blue Lagoon are available to enjoy drinks and traditional Icelandic foods.

3. Take a Naked Shower Before Entering the Lagoon

Basic hygiene is necessary to maintain the cleanliness of the lagoon.

Hence, taking a shower without a swimsuit before entering the water is advised. 

The shower gel and hair conditioner are complimentary and designed by their skincare department to prepare your skin for the lagoon.

4. General Safety Precautions

General Safety Precautions
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in and around the lagoon. This also includes e-cigarettes.

    If you want to smoke, there is a smoking area by the parking lot.
  • No diving is allowed as the lagoon water is too shallow.
  • Additionally, pay attention to the staff’s instructions, as disrespectful behavior may result in your immediate departure from Blue Lagoon. 
  • Ensure you inform the staff about any medical conditions, like heart conditions, seizures, etc., that might affect your safety in the lagoon.

    This way, the staff will provide you with a special wristband and inform lifeguards.
  • Water fountains are located in locker rooms and around the lagoon, so drink more water to stay hydrated.

    We advise you to take regular breaks to avoid feeling dizzy and faint.
  • Visitors are also advised to remove any jewelry before entering the lagoon to prevent loss or tarnishing.

    Try not to make it known that you are leaving valuables in the locker. 

    You can talk to the spa staff if you have items that are too large to put in your locker.
  • Also, sort your waste and make sure you place it in proper recycling bins.

5. Mind Your Step and Keep Areas Dry

You should be aware of wet floors and walkways to avoid slipping. Stay cautious and hold on to handrails where available.

Also, we recommend taking your towel with you when going to the shower room.

Dry yourself before re-entering the changing room to prevent slippery surfaces.

6. Keep Noise to a Minimum

The lagoon is a peaceful place to relax or pamper your skin in silence after a long flight.

Hence, guests should respect the rights of others and enjoy a calm atmosphere.

7. Use Safety Lockers

Safety lockers

Since Blue Lagoon cannot be held accountable for misplaced or stolen goods, we encourage you to store your possessions in the safety lockers.

In case of theft or emergencies, you can contact the spa manager. 

They can help you file a complaint with the police or find your items if something goes missing.

8. Always Walk in the Walking Areas

Walking Area

There are no particularly unsafe sections of the Blue Lagoon. This spa has been meticulously developed with visitor safety in mind. 

Furthermore, employees and lifeguards are always on patrol.

However, we still need you to always walk in the walking areas for your safety and avoid stepping into black lava fields and gray moss.

Additional Safety Measures

In groups of youth aged 14-17 years, at least one adult guardian must accompany every 10 youths.

The guardian will be responsible for the group during their visit to Blue Lagoon and is not allowed to drink while supervising. 

He/she must ensure that kids follow general spa etiquette, like reasonable noise levels and respecting other guests’ privacy. 

They also ensure that additional charges are paid at the reception desk before the group’s departure.

Specific Rules for Nighttime Visits to Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon in Iceland has specific rules for nighttime visits to ensure the safety and enjoyment of visitors. Here are some of the guidelines:

1. Weather Conditions:

It’s crucial to check the weather forecast before your nighttime visit, as extreme conditions like heavy snow or storms can affect both accessibility and safety.

Dress appropriately for the season, and be prepared for changing weather conditions

2. Safety Precautions:

Visitors must follow all safety guidelines for the Blue Lagoon.

Including showering before entering the lagoon, refraining from diving or running, and following any specific rules for nighttime visits.

  1. Photography and filming:

Professional photography and filming require prior approval from Blue Lagoon management.

By adhering to these guidelines, visitors can enjoy a safe and enjoyable experience at the Blue Lagoon.

Frequently Asked Questions about Blue Lagoon Safety

Here are a few questions you might want answered before booking your trip to the Blue Lagoon:

Is it safe to go to the Blue Lagoon?

Yes, visiting the Blue Lagoon is completely safe. 

If you are traveling with children or have any underlying medical conditions, you must take some additional precautions, but assistance is available for all matters.

Are there bacteria in the Blue Lagoon?

To ensure that there are no bacteria in the Blue Lagoon, staff members replace the water in the lagoon every two days. 

Still, if you have an open wound, it is probably best to stay out.

Why can’t you put your hair in the Blue Lagoon?

The high silica content of the water in the Blue Lagoon damages hair, so it’s best to avoid putting your hair in the water. 

Hair gets tangled and stiff from silica, which is very hard to remove.

Is the Blue Lagoon in Iceland clean?

The Blue Lagoon is clean despite being groundwater from a geothermal plant. 
Staff members not only replace the water regularly but the water is tested bi-weekly to ensure cleanliness. 

What are the precautions for the Blue Lagoon?

No swimming, no diving; the minimum age is 2 years; wear inflatable armbands; shower without swimsuits; and more.

Is the Blue Lagoon safe to swim in?

Yes, the lagoon is designed to provide a relaxing experience. Its warm, milky water helps your skin nourish and even treat psoriasis.

So, if you plan to swim in the lagoon’s waters, go ahead.

Is Blue Lagoon safe for kids?

Blue Lagoon is open to children over the age of two, but they need a guardian to accompany them. 

Also, they should wear floaties all the time. The staff is available onsite for help.

Is Blue Lagoon pregnancy safe?

Yes, there are no proven side effects for pregnant women. However, women must evaluate their physical health before entering the water. 

It is also advisable to stay hydrated and nourished during your experience in the lagoon to avoid dizziness.

Does Blue Lagoon smell?

Luckily, unlike other geothermal areas in Iceland, the Blue Lagoon water has minimal or no smell of sulfur.

However, some do smell it faintly upon entering, but they get used to it as they relax.

Is the Blue Lagoon water healthy?

The Blue Lagoon water is a mix of fresh and seawater with unique algae plants and a high concentration of silica, which directly benefits the skin. 

The anti-bacterial effect improves psoriasis and eczema and prevents premature aging.

Is Blue Lagoon hygienic?

Yes, the water in Blue Lagoon is completely clear and contains no harmful chemicals. How?

The water continuously streams into the lagoon and is renewed every 48 hours, ensuring it is always clean.

Also, its water contains some natural minerals that are proven to be good for the skin.

Is it safe to visit the Blue Lagoon?

Yes. Like the rest of Iceland, the Blue Lagoon is completely safe to visit. Even though the area is popular with tourists, crime is extremely rare.

The lagoon is well-kept, and swimming there is safe.

However, you should be cautious because some aspects of the experience differ significantly from swimming at your neighborhood pool.

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