Blue Lagoon Accommodation

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During your visit, you can enjoy two Blue Lagoon hotels: the Silica and Retreat hotels.

The Silica Hotel is known for offering comfort and is the cheaper choice.

The Retreat Hotel is a luxurious space known for its spa treatments.

Blue Lagoon accommodation is a convenient option for all visitors.

This article will help you decide on the best hotel for visiting the famous lagoon.

Silica Hotel Blue Lagoon

Silica Hotel Blue Lagoon

The Silica Hotel is just a 10-minute walk away from Blue Lagoon.

It has a private lagoon that is open to its guests every day.

All the rooms at this hotel are decorated to highlight the views Blue Lagoon offers.

At the Silica Hotel, you can take advantage of the in-water massages, skin care products and the famous lagoon.

Blue Lagoon Rooms

You can select from its three deluxe rooms: Lava, Mountain and Silica.

Lava Deluxe rooms come for ISK 89,000 ($674), offering basic amenities like WIFI service and access to Blue Lagoon skin care products.

The Mountain Deluxe rooms cost ISK 96,000 ($728) and have amenities such as a complimentary drink, a minibar and more.

The Silica Deluxe King is priced at ISK 96,000 ($728) and has the same amenities and inclusions as the Lava and Mountain rooms.

All the rooms grant you access to the exclusive Silica Lagoon, which is open daily from 9 am to 10 pm.

The price ranges of different Blue Lagoon Silica Hotel rooms are:

Lava Deluxe KingISK 89,000 ($674)
Lava Deluxe twinISK 89,000 ($674)
Mountain Deluxe KingISK 96000 ($728)
Mountain Deluxe twinISK 96000 ($728)
Silica Deluxe kingISK 96000 ($728)

Note: All rooms come with their own communal area.

Retreat Hotel & Spa

Retreat Hotel

The Retreat Hotel is the luxury experience every visitor would love to have.

It is an award-winning 60-suite hotel with a spa, Michelin-star dining and a private lagoon.

Your Blue Lagoon hotel stay includes the Retreat Lagoon and Retreat spa facilities.

Guests can enjoy in-water massages, spa treatments and the famous float therapy.

You can relax by taking advantage of the Retreat Hotel’s private wellness experiences.

Some additional inclusions to start your day are a gourmet breakfast, Icelandic coffee time, morning yoga and Blue Lagoon skin care.

Note: The minimum age for the retreat spa and the lagoon is 12 years.

Blue Lagoon Rooms

You can choose from three primary rooms and their variations in this Blue Lagoon hotel.

Lava, Moss and Lagoon rooms offer similar facilities but come with different experiences.

The Lava rooms on the lower level offer views of historic frozen lava and have a private terrace that costs ISK 218,000 ($1645)

The Moss suite at ISK 310,000 ($2339) offers a mountain view from the upper level and a private terrace.

The lagoon suite gives access to a lagoon view from the lower level and a private balcony for ISK 390,000 ($2942).

Prices for different rooms in the Retreat Hotel:

Lava View Junior KingISK 218,000 ($1645)
Lava View Junior TwinISK 218,000 ($1645)
Moss SuiteISK 310,000 ($2339)
Moss Junior Suite KingISK 218,000 ($1645)
Moss Junior Suite TwinISK 218,000 ($1645)
Lagoon SuiteISK 390,000 ($2942)
Lagoon View Jr Suite KingISK 240,000 ($1812)

You can also choose the Blue Lagoon view suite with a private lagoon, a private spa and a private butler service.

FAQs about Blue Lagoon Accommodation

Is there a limit to how long you can stay in the Blue Lagoon?

Likewise, you can purchase a swimsuit in the shop at Blue Lagoon.

No maximum time is allowed in that water; you may spend as much time as you wish enjoying the water. 

Your entry ticket is valid for the entire day.

Can I nap at the Blue Lagoon?

Yes, there is an indoor relaxation area where guests can lounge in comfortable chairs, enjoy a view of the lagoon, and nourish themselves with snacks and beverages.

Are treatments offered at Silica Hotels?

Unfortunately, treatments are not offered at the Silica Hotel.

However, we recommend guests visit the Blue Lagoon for in-water massages and float therapy

The Blue Lagoon is located nearby and offers a range of in-water treatments to help you relax and unwind.

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