Blue Lagoon Amenities No One Knows About

By Aashima

The Blue Lagoon Iceland has many amenities for its guests.

These facilities ensure visitors have the best and most unforgettable experience during their trip.

You will encounter a mask bar, a sauna and steam room, a hot waterfall, a relaxation cave, and an in-water bar during your visit.

You can also opt for in-water massages and float therapy for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Read this article to learn about all Blue Lagoon Iceland amenities and prepare for your visit.

Mask bar

Mud Mask

Visiting Blue Lagoon is incomplete without trying out its natural mud masks.

Enhanced with unique natural minerals like silica, algae, and lava, enjoy cleansing, revitalizing, and healing properties for your skin.

You can experience Blue Lagoon’s primary elements by applying them to your face while floating in the lagoon’s warm waters.

These mud masks are included in your ticket packages.

You can purchase the mud masks with your electronic bracelets at the mask bar.

But if you want to know more about them before trying the masks, here’s a little detail about each.

1. Silica Mud mask

Benefit: Cleansing

Enriched with silica, this mud mask purifies, cleanses, and strengthens your skin barriers.

It removes all the dirt and pollutants from your skin while shrinking your pores.

As you wipe off the silica mask, your skin feels more luminous, clean, and fresh.

2. Algae Mud Mask

Benefit: Boosts Collagen

Made with Blue Lagoon’s patented microalgae, this mud mask offers intense nourishment for your skin.

It stimulates collagen production and helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Leaving a beautiful radiance on your skin.

3. Mineral mud mask

Benefit: Moisturizing

It includes mineral- and electrolyte-rich blue lagoon seawater, which boosts your skin’s moisture level.

The mineral mud mask provides hydration and glow while improving your complexion.

4. Lava Scrub Mask

Benefit: Exfoliation

The lava scrub has fine-grain lava particles that help exfoliate your skin.

Harvested in Iceland, the lava particles are a potent natural exfoliator that leaves your skin renewed, rejuvenated, and clean.

Blue Lagoon Sauna and Steam Room

Sauna and Steam Room

Entering the sauna and steam room can take your relaxation to the next level.

The rooms are free and are included in the admission fee.

Remember, the rooms are small and can only hold eight people at a time.

So you may have to wait outside the rooms for a while. But first, let’s talk about the rooms in detail:

Steam Room

You can experience the moist heat and cleanse yourself in the steam room.

Open your pores and let your skin soak up the natural minerals of Blue Lagoon.

The wooden interiors of the room give it an earthy look that brings the essence of Blue Lagoon together.

Please remember that the steam room may have a strong sulfur smell.

Sauna Room

The sauna room is small and cozy. The traditional Finnish wooden sauna bath has a window overlooking the lagoon.

Hot Waterfall

Right next to the sauna and steam room is a hot waterfall.

There, you can let the vital force of hot water crash on your shoulders to help you relieve any muscle tension.

Note: There can be a long time outside the hot waterfall as many people look to try out this exciting activity.

Relaxation Cave

Relaxation Cave

You can enter the relaxation cave after going through the hot waterfall, which acts as a muscle relaxant.

You will hear an audio guide about Blue Lagoon in several languages there.

Moreover, the cave has beautiful interiors, making it a perfect spot for pictures.

In-Water Bar

In-Water Bar

If the hot lagoon water is not enough for you, the site has an in-water bar for visitors.

You can find alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks like red, white, sparkling wine, beer, cider, and sodas inside.

Moreover, you can change your taste buds with some delicious smoothies and slushies.

You can purchase the drinks using your electronic bracelets and pay the entire bill on your way out.

Note: There’s a limit of three (alcohol) beverages per person.

Visit Blue Lagoon’s famous LAVA restaurant to try delicious food with your wine or smoothie.

However, there are many restaurants you can try at the lagoon. Read our detailed article to learn about them.

In-Water Massage

In-Water Massage

Another one of Blue Lagoon’s amenities is the in-water massages, where you can enjoy 30-minute to two-hour water massages.

This is suitable for anyone above the age of seven.

It is a great way to reach the epitome of relaxation by taking advantage of the healing waters of the lagoon and its rich mineral content.

Enjoy this while draped in a blanket on a floating mat with a professional massage, relieving it of any stress!

How is it conducted?

You will meet your appointed therapist in the exclusive lagoon massage zone, where the therapist will explain the process of your massage and its elements.

After this, they will tell you to lie down on a floatation mat with your face and body facing up and a blanket for warmth.

The mat is favorable for guests of all sizes.

Now that we know how massage works, let’s shed some light on the types of massages you can enjoy.

Relaxing Massage

Your massage will be conducted with a rich mineral oil to help you relieve all the body stress.

You will then float in soothing, warm waters in a secluded part of the lagoon.

30 minutesISK 19,900 ($146)
One hourISK 26,900 ($198)

Relaxing Massage with Full Body Silica Salt Scrub

In this massage, your session will start with a silica salt scrub.

This scrub will help you exfoliate, cleanse, and improve blood circulation.

Furthermore, it strengthens your skin barrier and adds a luminous glow to your entire body.

After scrubbing, a therapist will massage you with a mineral-rich oil to take you further into the relaxing oasis.

End the session by floating on the warm and healing lagoon water.

30 minutesISK 31,900 ($235)
One hourISK 40,900 ($301)

Signature Massage

This signature massage is the best experience one can have at Blue Lagoon.

After scrubbing your body with natural silica salt, it will be polished with the mineral-rich massage oil.

But it does not stop there, as there is more relaxation and rejuvenation to come.

Your body will then be wrapped in silica or algae wrap (depending on your choice) as you lie on the floating mat.

The masseur will massage your face and scalp during this time to help you reach new bliss.

Lastly, the third and final step is a full 60-minute body massage!

Two hoursISK 49,900 ($367)

Tip: You must book the in-water massage in advance, as they are often sold out.

Instructions to Follow

  • If you wear a swimsuit, bring it down to your hips for a back massage.
    Worry not, as you will be covered in a blanket for comfort.
  • The treatment takes place in a private location at the lagoon. Only people with reservations can access it.
  • Admission is not included in the price of in-water massages. You will need to buy the entry ticket separately.
  • If you are uncomfortable or are prone to sunburn, you can wear entire body-covering clothing during the massage.

    However, remember that the blanket will cover you to protect you from UV rays.
  • Children between 8 and 13 years old should have a guardian with them at all times and cannot have a session lasting more than 30 minutes.

Blue Lagoon Float Therapy

Blue Lagoon Float Therapy

This unique therapy is a great way to enjoy the healing powers of Blue Lagoon.

In this, you will float on the lagoon’s water while a floating therapist gently massages you into a meditative state.

It targets your bone structure and joints and releases the tension in your spinal system.

Your therapists would lightly pull, stretch, and do light massages to help your body release all the stress.

Types of Therapy

There are two types of float therapy available at Blue Lagoon.

Solo Therapy

In this, you will have a one-to-one session with your therapist.

This way, you can get maximum attention and a therapeutic experience of gentle massage in the healing waters of the lagoon.

Couple Therapy

This experience is an excellent way for partners to have a romantic couple massage, but this time in warm waters.

Have a float therapist give you a shared and intimate gentle massage session for your profound well-being.

What to Wear?

You will be provided flotation gear for your therapy.

You will receive a head cap and leg supporter to help you float above the waters.

These gears are inspired by the colors of Blue Lagoon’s elements, like silica, algae, and minerals.

This does not end here. Blue Lagoon also includes exclusive spa treatments.

These spa treatments are another step towards your journey to rejuvenation. Read our article to learn more.


What is the difference between water massages and float therapy?

The in-water massages focus on your muscles, trigger points, and stiffness, while float therapy focuses on bone structure, joints, and the release of tension from the spine.

In essence, the therapy and massage in float therapy are lighter, but the connection with the therapist is stronger.

What do you get at the Blue Lagoon?

Apart from swimming in the warm waters at Blue Lagoon, you can also try out the mask bar, water massages, relaxation cave, and float therapy.

You can relax in the steam and sauna rooms overlooking the Blue Lagoon.

Can I bring a mask home from Blue Lagoon?

Yes, you can bring the mud masks available at the lagoon home.

It is included in the Blue Lagoon skin care line and is available online and in various stores in Iceland.

Is float therapy safe during pregnancy?

Yes, but ensure the sessions last up to 30 minutes.

To learn more, you can consult the float therapist about it.

What Blue Lagoon amenities are included in the admission ticket?

The admission ticket includes mud masks, entry to the steam and sauna rooms, and a relaxation cave.

You must book the session separately, with extra charges for in-water massages and float therapy.

Moreover, you can access the in-water bar and pay for your food and drinks on your way out.

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