Sky Lagoon vs Blue Lagoon

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It has now become a thing that if you travel to Iceland, you have to visit one of the lagoons.

Whether it is Blue Lagoon or Sky Lagoon in Iceland, soaking yourself in warm water while enjoying the oceanic views is a must.

But visitors often get confused about which is better, Blue Lagoon or Sky Lagoon.

While one is famous, the other is new and offers incredible views.

We are not keeping you in suspense; you will know which one is better and which lagoon you should opt for by reading this article.

Quick Comparison

Quick Comparison
Blue LagoonSky Lagoon
It is near the Keflavik AirportCloser to Reykjavik City
The Lagoon is three decades olderSky Lagoon is a relatively new
Blue Lagoon offers AccommodationIt does not offer accommodations
It offers Comfort, Premium, and Luxury PackagesOffers Purelite, Pure, and Sky passes
Includes a three-step skincare ritualSky offers 7 step skincare ritual
LAVA Restaurant, Moss Restaurant, Spa RestaurantSky Cafe
Admission TicketAdmission Ticket

Blue Lagoon vs Sky Lagoon

After the quick comparison, let’s get into more details to have a thorough knowledge of which one is better between Blue Lagoon and Sky Lagoon.


Blue Lagoon is located right beside the Keflavik airport and is just 45 minutes away from Revjkavik’s city center.

So if you are planning on staying in the country for a few days or longer, you can easily find time to fit it into your itinerary.

On the other hand, Sky Lagoon is even closer to Revjkavik. It is located on the Karsnes Harbor peninsula of the city.

This helps visitors get the most amazing views of the North Atlantic Ocean from Sky Lagoon.

So, depending on where you are, you can choose between visiting Blue Lagoon and Sky Lagoon.

To get the most out of your visit, rent a car and drive through both lagoons.
Follow this link to learn more about how to reach Blue Lagoon.

Rituals of Sky Lagoon vs Blue Lagoon

Rituals of Sky Lagoon vs Blue Lagoon

Both Blue Lagoon and Sky Lagoon have incredible skincare rituals, as they both contain naturally occurring minerals that can be beneficial to your skin.

However, the lagoons, while serving the same purpose, take different steps to help you achieve the glowing skin you desire. 

Let’s break it down one by one:

Blue Lagoon

It follows a three-step ritual with Blue Lagoon’s three gems silica, algae, and minerals.

The steps are:

  • Silica to cleanse and strengthen your skin tissues.
  • Algae for skin renewal and nourishment.
  • Minerals for exfoliating and stimulating your circulation.

Sky Lagoon

This lagoon is more traditional in its skincare approach.

It uses natural elements to promote your mental well-being as well as your physical one.

The steps are: 

  • A relaxing lagoon bath with extraordinary views
  • Have cold therapy in the glacier pool.
  • A Sauna to open pores, remove toxins and cleanse your skin.
  • Have a walk through the cold fog mist
  • Exfoliate your skin with a cleansing scrub
  • Warming up in a blanket of steam
  • Cleaning yourself in a gentle shower.

Remember that both lagoons will provide healing and a magical glow on your skin in the end.

So whether you choose a lengthy or quick ritual depends entirely on what you want.



Blue Lagoon attracts more visitors than Sky Lagoon.

But don’t worry, because the former is more spacious, no overcrowding danger. 

So, even if you encounter a crowd during your visit, don’t worry; because of the larger space, you won’t collide.

However, because the Sky Lagoon is a relatively small space, you might encounter some space problems if it were crowded with people.

To sum up, if you need help deciding whether to visit Iceland’s Blue Lagoon or Sky Lagoon, we advise choosing the former for a less crowded experience.

Medical Benefits

Medical Benefits

Sky Lagoon defeats Blue Lagoon in terms of medical benefits because it provides a haven for people with psoriasis.

The water from the Blue Lagoon is a mixture of fresh and saltwater, and the silica and algae that are present in it nourish your skin.

It is also said that the lagoon’s water helps with anti-aging.

Also, silica has anti-bacterial effects that help improve your skin after experiencing diseases like psoriasis and eczema.

You can see how it helps and nourishes your skin by reading our article on Blue Lagoon Skin Care.

While Sky Lagoon focuses more on detoxifying your body.

The warm water is a relaxing agent, benefiting the mind, body, and soul.

Soaking yourself in these waters can help relieve pain and stress while blocking pain receptors in your bones and muscles.

Plus, the combination of minerals also helps with nasal and lung congestion.



Both Blue Lagoon and Sky Lagoon offer a variety of dining options.

The LAVA restaurant in the former offers both lunch and dinner for visitors.

It offers three options for you, an Icelandic menu, a seafood menu, and a vegetarian menu.

The best part is that you enjoy your meal with a magnificent view of Blue Lagoon’s Lava Cliff.

You can even get a free dinner reservation at LAVA with the Premium or Retreat Spa packages.

You will also find Moss Restaurant and Spa Restaurant at the attraction, with more exciting food options.

While dining options at Sky Lagoon are more inclusive, you will only find the cozy Sky Cafe.

It offers soups, salads, and sandwiches in a small, rustic cafe that probably feels more like a bar with snacks.

But the meals are prepared with heart and served in a traditional Icelandic style.

So, the former wins when it comes to dining and restaurants between Blue Lagoon and Sky Lagoon.

Ticket Pricing

Blue Lagoon

  • Comfort Package: This is the most popular package. It includes access to the Blue Lagoon, a silica mud mask, a towel, and one free drink.
  • Premium Package: This includes everything in the Comfort Package, plus a robe, slippers, a second mask, and a reservation at the Lava Restaurant.
  • Retreat Spa Package: This package includes everything in the Premium Package, plus the three-step ritual, which incorporates additional natural elements of the lagoon.

Sky Lagoon

  • Purelite Pass: This is the cheapest option. It includes admission to the lagoon, towels, and a changing public area.
  • Pure Pass: This is the most popular option. It includes everything in the Purelite Pass and The Ritual, a seven-step bathing ritual.
  • Sky Pass: This is the most expensive option. It includes everything in the Pure Pass, signature skin care products, and a private changing room.

Which is Better, Sky Lagoon vs Blue Lagoon

Which is Better, Sky Lagoon vs Blue Lagoon

The question isn’t easy to answer, but one thing is for sure whatever lagoon you visit, it will be the highlight of your Icelandic experience.

So choose wisely; although they share the same concept, the Blue Lagoon and Sky Lagoon offer different experiences.

If you want to go home and brag about your experience with your friends, visit Blue Lagoon, as it is the more famous one.

On the other hand, Sky Lagoon is new, with modern themes and beautiful oceanic views.

Both attractions benefit from the location, as they are closer to Reykjavik.

Although Sky Lagoon is the more new and exciting option, Blue Lagoon opened in 1987 and is significantly larger than Sky Lagoon.

We are not going to confuse you anymore. If it were up to us, we would suggest visiting Blue Lagoon.

It offers a much larger space, more facilities, and more benefits.

Or you can do both, as Blue Lagoon and Sky Lagoon are unique and offer incredible experiences.

The best part is that both sites are mutually beneficial as they split the crowds in half, helping the visitors get more space.

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