Tips for visiting Pompeii

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Visit the captivating ancient city of Pompeii, a remarkable archaeological site frozen in time.

As you wander through its well-preserved streets, explore its intricately designed villas, and witness the remnants of daily life, you will immerse yourself in a world of history and wonder.

Before planning your trip, you must equip yourself with essential travel tips for visiting Pompeii to ensure a fulfilling visit.

Let’s explore the world of Pompeii and learn about the tips that will help you on your path of discovery.

1. Plan ahead of time.

Plan ahead of time your visit to Pompeii. Familiarize yourself with the site’s layout, the main attractions, and any special events or exhibits that may be happening during your visit. 

This will assist you in making the most of your time there. We also suggest you buy online tickets for Pompeii in advance to ensure a smooth visit. 

2. Wear comfortable footwear.

Comfortable footwear is recommended because Pompeii is a large ancient site with uneven terrain and cobblestone streets. 

Wear comfortable and sturdy shoes to navigate the site comfortably and avoid foot strain.

3. Sun Protection.

The sun primarily exposes Pompeii, with little shelter. Wear a hat, apply sunscreen, and bring a refillable water bottle to keep yourself hydrated in the heat. 

To escape the peak hours of extreme heat, consider arriving early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

4. Maps and guidebooks.

Make use of the Pompeii Map and guide books available at the entrance. 

These resources will assist you in navigating the ruins, locating significant places, and gaining a better grasp of the city’s history and value.

5. You can opt for Pompeii guided tours.

Take a guided tour led by skilled specialists. Guided tours provide valuable insights into Pompeii’s history, architecture, and daily life. 

They can enrich your trip by giving context for the ruins you encounter.

Choose from the guided tours below and set on an enriching journey that will deepen your understanding and appreciation of the destination.

6. Begin your excursion at the Porta Marina entrance.

There are several entrances to the Archeological site of Pompeii. However, the Porta Marina entry allows convenient access to the center area of Pompeii. 

From there, you can tour the Forum, the old city’s heart. 

7. Photography. 

Pompeii has several photo opportunities, but remember that the ruins are fragile. While capturing your recollections, avoid using tripods or causing any damage. 

Remember that some areas may have photography limits, so always observe the rules.

8. Take Your Time.

Pompeii is a large site with many attractions. Allow plenty of time to explore and soak in the atmosphere. 

Take breaks, sit on the stone benches, and picture the bustling activity that used to fill these streets.

9. Explore beyond the main attractions. 

While the Forum and Amphitheatre are must-sees, don’t limit yourself to the well-known attractions. 

Discover hidden gems and enjoy a more intimate perspective of Pompeii by exploring the less frequented regions.

Choose a day trip to Pompeii, Amalfi Coast and Positano if you want to enhance your trip a little more. 
Travel by air-conditioned bus from Rome to the ancient city of Pompeii and then see the Amalfi Coast resorts of Amalfi and Positano.

10. Be Prepared for Crowds.

Pompeii attracts a considerable number of visitors, particularly during high tourist seasons. 

Consider visiting early in the morning or late in the afternoon to avoid crowds. Exploring Pompeii during off-season hours provides a more tranquil and immersive experience.

Find the details of the best time to visit Pompeii, explore the ancient ruins comfortably and avoid massive crowds. 

11. Take your time in exploring the ruins. 

Pompeii is a vast site with numerous points of interest. Allow yourself ample time to explore and soak in the atmosphere. 

You can take breaks, sit on the stone benches, and imagine the vibrant life that once filled these streets.

12. Bring your Snacks and drinks.

While many cafés and restaurants are near the Pompeii ruins, you should also bring snacks and drinks if you feel hungry during the tour.

The enormity of Pompeii may require several hours to explore thoroughly, and having refreshments on hand will keep you energized throughout your visit. 

13. Don’t bring a large bag inside the ruins.

The strictness varies greatly in Pompeii, but it’s prudent to assume that you won’t be able to bring heavy bags or luggage into the ruins. 

It’s for security and to protect the ruins from damage caused by tourists rubbing their bags against the walls. 

14. Wear Comfortable Clothes. 

Choose lightweight, breathable clothes that allow you to move freely. Comfortable gear will allow you to tour Pompeii freely and adjust to changing weather conditions.

15. Consider Audio Guides or Apps. 

If you prefer a self-guided tour, download an audio guide or use a mobile app made exclusively for Pompeii. 

Additionally, here are some Pompeii tickets with an audio guide included, ensuring an immersive and informative experience as you explore the ancient ruins. 

16. Visit the Antiquarium. 

Before departing Pompeii, visit the Antiquarium close to the entrances. 

It houses a collection of artifacts, plaster casts, and realistic models that provide further insight into the city’s daily life and terrible end.

17. Plan your visit to Pompeii during the off-season. 

Plan your visit to Pompeii during the off-season or on weekdays when the site is less busy. 

This provides a more leisurely and engaging experience without the crowd.

18. Consider purchasing a combination ticket 

If you intend to visit nearby destinations such as Herculaneum or Mount Vesuvius, consider purchasing a combination ticket. 

These tickets provide easier access to several venues. You can choose from the types of combination tickets below. 

Types of tickets Tickets 
Pompeii & Herculaneum Full-Day Sightseeing TourBuy This Ticket 
Pompeii & Herculaneum Tour with Skip-the-LineBuy This Ticket 
Small-Group Pompeii and Herculaneum TourBuy This Ticket 
Pompeii, Herculaneum, and Vesuvius Tour by MinivanBuy This Ticket 
All-Inclusive Mount Vesuvius Half-Day TourBuy This Ticket
Pompeii Ruins & Mount Vesuvius Day TourBuy This Ticket 

19. Prepare for Weather Changes.

The weather in Pompeii can be unpredictably erratic, especially during the shoulder seasons. 

Bring a light rain jacket or umbrella in case of unexpected rainfall, and dress for temperature changes.

20. Allow for Spontaneity. 

While planning is necessary, make time for spontaneity and discovery. Pompeii is full of fascinating details and surprising findings. 

Take detours, follow your curiosity, and allow yourself to be charmed by this old city’s surprising delights.

With these above tips for visiting Pompeii, prepare to take a trip back in time and experience the haunting beauty of this UNESCO World Heritage site. 

You will be armed with the knowledge to make your visit unforgettable. 

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