Universal Studios Hollywood Dining

With thrilling theme park rides and shows that bring popular movies and TV shows to life, it’s easy to work up an appetite during a busy day at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Luckily, the park provides an extensive array of dining options, from fast-service on the go to sit-down restaurants and themed cafes.

With choices to satisfy every palate and budget, eating at Universal Studios keeps guests fueled up for more fun.

This article highlights the best restaurants for enjoying everything from burgers and tacos to BBQ, Italian food, and even butterbeer.

Casual Dining in Universal Studios Hollywood Dining

Universal Studios Hollywood dining includes several establishments offering Casual Dining.

Unwind after walking for a long duration and savor a delicious meal in a laid-back, relaxed atmosphere at one of these options.

Casual dining options are great options, considering there are no dress codes.

Some of the best casual dining options include Mel’s Dinner, Hollywood & Dine, and Jurrasic Cafe. 

Quick Service in Universal Studios Hollywood

Explore these Universal Studios Hollywood dining options if you are in a hurry to explore the park.

Grab-and-go options are available, or you can dine at the food establishments, depending on your wish.

The grab-and-go options are available in most Universal Studios Hollywood restaurants. 

Some of the best quick-service restaurants are Krusty Burgers, Cinnabon, Panda Express, KFC and Pink’s Famous Hot Dogs. 

Snacks and Refreshments

Exploring the massive theme park is bound to leave you hungrier than usual.

You can grab snacks and refreshments from the several Universal Studios Dining options across the park.

You can find everything from ice creams and milkshakes to donuts and burgers for snacks. 

5 Best Restaurants in Universal Studios Hollywood

A day of fun-filled laughter, adventure, and thrill is incomplete without delicious food.

Here are five of the best restaurants in Universal Studios Hollywood for you to try.

Antojitos Cocina Mexicana

Antojitos Cocina Mexicana is the perfect place to find Mexican food.

It is a great place for lunch and dinner and also serves alcoholic beverages to guests over 21 years of age with a valid photo ID.

  • Timings- 11 am to 9 pm
  • Location- Universal CityWalk
  • Must-try items- Enchiladas and Fajitas

Krusty Burger

Go one step ahead with the Simpsons Experience at this Burger Joint.

Enjoy delicious sandwiches and burgers with tasty beverages at this Simpsons-inspired restaurant.

  • Timings- not mentioned 
  • Location- Upper Lot
  • Must-try items- Krusty Burger, Clogger Burger, The Ribwich

Hog’s Head

Your trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is null and void without visiting Hog’s Head.

Enjoy the popular Butterbeer and much more here at Hog’s Head.

  • Timings- not mentioned. Download the App for accurate details.
  • Location- Upper Lot
  • Must-try items- Butterbeer

Toadstool Cafe

Grab the cutest looking, delicious-tasting Mario-inspired food here at Toadstool Cafe.

This cafe is the most popular restaurant in the Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood.

  • Timings- not mentioned
  • Location- Super Nintendo World
  • Must-try items- Mario Burger, Chef Toad’s Short Rib Special, Bowser’s Fireball Challenge

Bumblebee Man’s Taco Truck

Find the tastiest taco Springfield offers at Bumblebee Man’s Taco Truck.

Enjoy delicious Mexican Street Food here with alcoholic beverages, served only to visitors over 21 with a valid photo ID.

  • Timings- not mentioned
  • Location- Springfield
  • Must-try items- Carne Asada tacos, Chicken tacos

How do you make Universal Studios Hollywood Dining Reservations?

Universal Studios Hollywood Dining options inside the theme park do not accept reservations.

But the Toadstool Cafe at Super Nintendo World is an exception. When the land is crowded or busy, it uses a waitlist by arrival system.

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FAQs about Universal Studios Hollywood Dining

What dining options are available at Universal Studios Hollywood?

Universal Studios Hollywood offers diverse dining options, from sit-down restaurants and themed eateries to quick-service spots and snack stands.

You can enjoy a variety of cuisines, including American, Italian, and Asian, ensuring there’s something to satisfy every palate.

Are there vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free options available?

The park caters to various dietary needs, offering vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free dishes across many dining locations.

Menus are clearly labeled, and staff are usually knowledgeable and can assist with selecting suitable options.

Can I make restaurant reservations in advance?

While most quick-service restaurants don’t require reservations, booking in advance for sit-down restaurants is advisable, especially during peak times.

Reservations can typically be made online or over the phone before your visit.

 Do any of the restaurants offer character dining experiences?

Universal Studios Hollywood offers character dining experiences where guests can enjoy their meals alongside their favorite characters.

These are popular with families and can be found at select restaurants, with details and reservation options available on the park’s official website.

Are there any dining packages or meal deals available?

The park offers various dining packages and meal deals, providing convenience and potential savings.

Options range from all-day dining passes to character dining experiences.  

What are the price ranges for meals at the park?

Meal prices vary depending on the dining option.

Quick-service restaurants are generally more budget-friendly, offering meals in the $10 to $20 range.

Sit-down restaurants and themed dining experiences can be higher-priced, with meals typically ranging from $15 to $40.

Can I bring my own food and drinks into the park?

 Guests are allowed to bring small snacks and bottled water into the park.

However, large food items, coolers, or alcoholic beverages are generally prohibited. 

Are there any themed restaurants or special dining experiences unique to Universal Studios Hollywood?

Universal Studios Hollywood features several themed restaurants that immerse guests in the worlds of their favorite films and franchises.

These unique dining experiences, offering meals and an atmosphere that’s true to the themes, are a hit among fans.

What are the operating hours for restaurants and food stands in the park?

Most restaurants at Universal Studios Hollywood are open from 9 am to 11 pm. 

How do I handle food allergies or special dietary needs at the park’s restaurants?

The park can accommodate guests with food allergies or special dietary requirements.

Speaking directly with the restaurant staff or a chef upon arrival is advisable to discuss your needs.

Many restaurants can modify dishes to suit various dietary restrictions.

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