Universal Studios Hollywood Shows

There used to be three main shows at Universal Studios Hollywood- the Universal’s Animal Actors, the Special Effects Show, and the Waterworld. 

Universal’s Animal Actors and the Special Effects Show were closed in January 2023 to make space for the new roller coaster based on the Fast and Furious franchise!

Currently, Waterworld is the only ongoing show at Universal Studios Hollywood. 


Show TypeLive Action Show
Run Time20 Minutes
Opening Time9 am to 9 pm
Show LocationWaterworld

Waterworld is an action-packed live show based on the 1995 post-apocalyptic film of the same name. 

Even though the movie wasn’t a huge hit, the show has been a long-running success at the theme park.

The show won a Thea Award in 1996 and has consistently received positive reviews from guests.

The show picks up after the movie’s events, with Helen returning to the Atoll to find her friends. 

It features high-octane stunts on water, land, and even in the air, along with pyrotechnics, explosions, and plenty of humor. 

There are also some areas where the audience is involved, so be prepared to get soaked if you sit in the splash zone.

What to Expect During the Show

Daring stunts

The show’s stunt performers are incredibly skilled, and they pull off some truly impressive feats. 

They’ll jump from great heights, swing on ropes, and even ride motorcycles across the water.

Explosive special effects:

The show has plenty of explosions, fire, and water effects, which really add to the excitement. 

You might even get a little wet if you’re sitting in the front row.

Humorous moments:

Despite being an action show, Waterworld also has some funny moments. 

The characters are all pretty quirky, and some lighthearted jokes are thrown in here and there. 

You will find yourself laughing and marveling at the characters!

Audience participation: 

If you’re sitting in the splash zone, be prepared to get wet! 

The performers will often spray the audience with water cannons, and there are even a few times when they’ll throw things into the crowd.

The actors make sure that the audience is constantly involved in the show- be it jokes, stunts, or spraying them with water!!

Overall, Waterworld is a great show for anyone who loves action, adventure, and getting a little wet. 

It’s sure to be a highlight of your trip to Universal Studios Hollywood.

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  1. Does Universal Hollywood have shows?

    Yes, Universal Studios Hollywood does have shows. At the moment, it only has one active show- Waterworld. 

  2. Does Universal still have a Waterworld show?

    Yes! Universal Studios Hollywood still has the Waterworld show! Sadly, the beloved Universal’s Animal Actors and the Special Effects show closed in January 2023. 

  3. Is Universal Hollywood worth it?

    Yes, absolutely! Universal Studios Hollywood is a must-visit. 
    It is one of the best Universal outings in the state. 

  4. Does Universal have light shows?

    Universal Studios Hollywood used to have a Special Effects Light show, but sadly, it closed last year in January! 

  5. What is Universal Studios Hollywood best known for?

    Besides the thrilling rides, Universal Studios is known for its Live Action Shows. 

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