10 Insider Tips for Visiting Universal Studios Hollywood

Planning a visit to Universal Studios Hollywood? 

Prepare yourself for an unforgettable experience filled with movie magic, thrilling rides, and iconic characters! 

It is better to have some handy trips and tickets to make your visit to Universal Studios Hollywood an easy and memorable one.

Here are the top 10 tips for visiting Universal Studios Hollywood:

#1 Buy Tickets Online in Advance

You can save time and money and avoid long lines by buying tickets online before going to Universal Studios Hollywood. 

Universal Studios Hollywood offers several ticket options, including single-day admission, express tickets, and VIP experiences

Buying online also allows you to check for any discounts or promotions, helping you make the most of your budget.

#2 Arrive Early

Arriving early is the best way to beat the crowds. 

This gives you a head start on popular attractions and allows you to enjoy some of the most popular rides with shorter wait times. 

Plus, you’ll have the chance to experience the park’s magic in the morning light.

Arriving early also gives you enough time to enjoy all the rides, attractions, shows and catch a break in between. 

#3 Check the Show Schedule

Universal Studios Hollywood is not just about rides – it’s also home to incredible shows and performances. 

Before you arrive, check the daily show schedule to plan your day accordingly. 

Don’t miss out on spectacular shows like the WaterWorld stunt show.

#4 Try the Child Switch

Child Switch is a program that allows parents to take turns riding thrilling attractions that may not be suitable for younger children. 

One adult can wait with the child in a designated Child Switch area while the rest of the party rides the attraction. 

This is an excellent idea if you are traveling with children. You get to enjoy all the rides they want and the ones they are too young to try as well.

#5 Download the Universal Studios App

Make your visit even smoother by downloading the Universal Studios Hollywood app. 

This handy tool provides real-time information on ride wait times, show schedules, and interactive park maps. 

The app also offers helpful features like mobile food ordering, so you can spend more time enjoying the attractions and less time waiting in line for food.

#6 Pack Snacks and Hydrate

While plenty of delicious dining options are in the park, packing a few snacks can help energize you between meals. 

Bring a refillable water bottle to stay hydrated throughout the day, especially since California can get quite warm. 

Staying fueled and hydrated ensures you have the stamina to explore all the park has to offer.

#7 Don’t Miss The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

One of the highlights of Universal Studios Hollywood is The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™. 

Immerse yourself in the magic of Hogwarts, enjoy a Butterbeer, and explore the shops of Hogsmeade™. 

You need to ride Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey™ and try the Flight of the Hippogriff™ for a complete Harry Potter experience.

#8 Take Advantage of Photo Opportunities

Capture the memories of your trip by posing for photos with beloved characters and iconic landmarks throughout the park. 

Universal Studios Hollywood is filled with fantastic photo spots, from the famous Universal Studios globe to character meet-and-greets. 

You can even purchase a Photo Connect Pass for professional photos taken by park photographers.

#9 Plan for Rest Breaks

With so much to see and do, you need to plan for rest breaks too. 

You can take advantage of the shaded areas, relax on a bench, or enjoy a leisurely meal to recharge. 

Don’t forget to pace yourself throughout the day to ensure you have enough energy to fully enjoy the evening festivities, including the dazzling nighttime show!

#10 Be Flexible and Have Fun

Lastly, be flexible with your plans and go with the flow. 

Sometimes unexpected things happen, and rides may temporarily close or schedules may change. 

Embrace the spontaneity of the experience and focus on having fun with your friends and family. 

After all, Universal Studios Hollywood is all about creating lasting memories and enjoying the magic of the movies.

Guide to Universal Studios Hollywood: How to Avoid the Queues

Universal Studios Hollywood is a magical place where movie dreams come to life, but long lines can sometimes damper the fun. 

Fear not! Here are a few bonus tips to help you skip the queues and have a blast at Universal Studios Hollywood:

Arrive Early or Late

The early bird catches the magic! Arriving right when the park opens gives you a head start on popular rides with shorter wait times. 

In fact, you can also get there about 20 minutes before. This way, you will be the first one in the park!

You can also consider visiting later in the afternoon or evening when the crowds start to thin out. 

This way, you can enjoy the attractions without the hassle of long lines.

Use Single Rider Lines

If you’re okay riding solo or don’t mind a brief separation from your group, take advantage of the single-rider lines. 

These lines move quickly, often cutting down your wait time significantly. 

Popular rides like Jurassic World—The Ride and Transformers™: The Ride-3D usually offer single-rider options. 

Read more about Universal Studios Hollywood rides to find out which rides have this option!

Opt for Midweek Visits

Weekends are busier at Universal Studios Hollywood, with larger crowds and longer wait times. 

If possible, plan your visit for a weekday when school is out and not many families make the trip. Hence, the park is generally less crowded. 

This simple change can make a big difference in your overall experience, allowing you to enjoy more attractions without the stress of lengthy queues.

Try Universal Express Passes

Invest in Universal Express Passes to enjoy priority access to many rides and attractions.

While these passes are a little expensive, if you purchase them, you will feel like a celebrity!

They can be a game-changer, especially during peak times.

Skip the regular lines and make the most of your day by spending more time on the rides and less time waiting in queues.

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  1. How long do you need at Universal Studios Hollywood?

    Plan for a full day at Universal Studios Hollywood to experience the magic of movie-themed attractions, shows, and rides.

    A day allows you to enjoy the park’s diverse offerings without feeling rushed.

  2. How do you avoid long lines at Universal Studios Hollywood?

    To dodge long lines at Universal Studios Hollywood, arrive early or later in the day when crowds are lighter.

    Utilize single rider lines for faster access, consider midweek visits for fewer crowds, and invest in Universal Express Passes for priority access to popular attractions.

    Download the app for real-time updates and strategic planning.

  3. How early should I get to Universal Studios?

    Aim to arrive at Universal Studios Hollywood right when the park opens to make the most of your visit.

    Getting there early allows you to enjoy popular rides with shorter wait times!

  4. What month is the least crowded at Universal Studios Hollywood?

    For fewer crowds at Universal Studios Hollywood, consider visiting in mid to late January or February or on weekdays in September through November.

  5. Can I bring a backpack to Universal?

    Yes, you can bring a backpack to Universal Studios Hollywood. However, note that all bags are subject to security checks upon entry.

  6. Can I wear slippers on rides at Universal?

    Wearing slippers on rides at Universal Studios Hollywood may not be the best idea, as some attractions involve secure foot restraints or water elements.

  7. What do you wear to Universal Studios Hollywood?

    Wear comfortable clothing and sturdy, closed-toe shoes for walking and standing throughout the day.

    Don’t forget to wear a face mask, and check the park’s guidelines for any specific dress code requirements.

  8. Does Universal take cash?

    Universal Studios Hollywood accepts cash and card payments at various locations within the park, including while renting lockers. 

  9. What is the best day to do Universal Studios?

    The best days to visit Universal Studios Hollywood are Tuesdays through Thursdays for lower crowds.

    You can consider visiting during off-peak seasons like mid-January to February or weekdays in September to November.

    Avoid holidays and school vacation periods for a more relaxed experience with shorter wait times.

  10. What day is Universal Studios most crowded?

    Universal Studios Hollywood tends to be most crowded on weekends, especially on Saturdays.

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