Borghese Gallery Tickets 

By Aashima

The Borghese Gallery, also known as the Galleria Borghese in Italy, is a state museum in Rome known for its collection of Italian Baroque paintings and ancient sculptures. 

The Galleria houses one of the world’s most important private art collections – drawing over half a million visitors annually. 

It is housed in the Villa Borghese, designed by the Dutch architect Jan van Santen and built between 1613 and 1616 in the Borghese Gardens on Pincian Hill.

Find out everything you must know before buying Borghese Gallery tickets.

Where to Buy Borghese Gallery Tickets?

You can buy tickets to the Borghese Gallery online or at the ticket counter.

However, we suggest visitors buy the tickets online because there are many benefits. 

Online tickets tend to be cheaper than offline tickets. 

If you purchase your Borghese Gallery tickets online, you can avoid the long queues and get priority access. 

During peak hours, online tickets save up to 30 to 35 minutes of waiting time.

Borghese Gallery sells a limited number of tickets and only 360 people are allowed at a time. 

Thus, we recommend visitors buy tickets online in advance to ensure they get their preferred time slot and avoid last-minute disappointments. 

How do Borghese Gallery Online Tickets Work?

Types of Borghese Gallery Tickets
Image: alicegabriela / pixabay

To buy your tickets to Borghese Gallery, head to the booking page and choose your desired date, time slot and the number of tickets.

Your tickets will be emailed to you after the purchase. There is no need to take printouts. 

Ensure you arrive at the attraction 15 minutes before the time indicated on your ticket.

You can enter on the day of your visit by displaying the tickets on your smartphone.

Types of Borghese Gallery Tickets

The following kinds of tickets are available for the Borghese Gallery-

Borghese Gallery Skip the Line Ticket

Borghese Gallery skip the line entry ticket
Image: Leonid Andronov

This ticket is the cheapest and most famous among tourists to the Borghese Gallery as it provides skip-the-line access, saving them time and the hassle of long queues.

With the Borghese Gallery skip the line ticket, you can skip the long waiting lines at the ticket counter and delve into the extensive art collections at your leisure.

A maximum of 360 people are permitted for two-hour visits inside Rome’s busiest and most well-known Borghese Gallery.

If you book this entry ticket in advance, you can choose your preferred time slot and enter the Gallery. 

You will witness famous works like Raphael’s Deposition, Caravaggio’s Saint Jerome Writing, and Titian’s Sacred and Profane Love. 

The cheapest tickets for Borghese Gallery are for the 5.45 pm slot. Also, prices vary depending on the time slot and dates chosen. 

This Ticket Includes

  • Entry to the Borghese Gallery
  • Access to temporary exhibitions (if they are available)

Ticket Price:

Adult ticket (18+ years): €23

Borghese Gallery and Gardens Small Group Guided Tour 

Borghese Gallery and Gardens Small Group Guided Tour
Image: Gagliardi Photography

If you want to learn the tales and stories behind the masterpieces of the Borghese Gallery, we recommend a guided tour of the Borghese Gallery and Gardens.

Guided tours ensure you cover all the highlights and navigate the gallery efficiently. You can also ask as many questions as possible and make your tour engaging.

The guide’s narrative during the tour will add context and background to your visit. Most visitors interested in art book a guided tour of the Borghese Gallery.

As this is a small group tour, it has a limited number of participants, creating a more personalized experience. 

This allows for better interaction with the guide, who can tailor the tour to the group’s interests.

Ensure a comprehensive experience with a knowledgeable guide using audio headsets to guarantee you catch every detail from your guide.

The ticket also includes visiting the beautiful Borghese Gardens, where visitors can unwind amidst plants, fountains and sculptures.

This Ticket Includes:

  • Skip-the-line entrance to the Borghese Gallery
  • Borghese Gallery entrance ticket
  • An expert guide
  • Borghese Garden walking tour

Ticket Price:

Adult ticket (15+ years): €74
Child ticket (4 to 14 years): € 69
Infant ticket (upto 3 years): Free entry

Borghese Gallery and Golf Cart Ride Ticket

Borghese Gallery and Golf Cart Ride Ticket

Tour the Borghese Gallery and then enjoy the gardens in the comfort of a Golf Cart Ride with the Borghese Gallery and Golf Cart Ride combination ticket

The golf cart ride offers a convenient and hassle-free visit to the famous Borghese Gardens—a definite choice if you are traveling with seniors or children. 

In the Borghese Gallery, you can admire the sculptures and paintings created by renowned artists such as Bernini, Caravaggio, and Canova. 

After visiting the gallery, your tour will continue outdoors, where you can take a golf cart ride around Villa Borghese. 

You will enjoy various attractions on the beautiful villa grounds, such as Piazza di Siena, the Temple of Diana, the Water Clock, and the Fountain of the Sea Horses.

This Ticket Includes: 

  • Borghese Gallery entry ticket
  • Reserved time to enter the gallery
  • Garden golf cart ride of Borghese Gardens 

Ticket Price:

Participants (upto 99 years): €51

Roma Pass: 48 or 72-Hour City Card with Transport

Roma Pass City Card

Welcome to touring Rome in comfort with the Roma Pass. Most tourists prefer to buy the Pass for the ease and comfort it provides when visiting attractions across Rome!

The Roma Pass is a must-have item on your trip to Rome to avail of free public transportation for 48 or 72 hours, depending on your choice.

It also offers skip-the-line access to any one attraction and significant discounts on tickets for 45+ attractions in Rome, including the Colosseum, Vatican Museums, Borghese Gallery, Castel Sant’Angelo and many more.

The pass also provides a map of Rome so you can plan your route conveniently.

This Ticket Includes: 

  • Entry without having to wait in a queue to one museum or archaeological site of your choice
  • Exhibitions in the museum(s) selected for free entry
  • Discounted admission prices for all other museums and/or archaeological sites afterward. 
  • Map of Rome
  • Free use of Rome’s public transport network within the territory of the Municipality of Rome

Ticket Price: 

  • 48 Hour City Card

Adult ticket (18 to 99 years): € 33

  • 72 Hour City Card

Adult ticket (18 to 99 years): € 53

What to Expect at Borghese Gallery? 

Visiting the Borghese Gallery promises a journey into the world of art and history. 

As you enter the villa, be prepared to encounter a collection of masterpieces by renowned artists such as Bernini, Caravaggio, and Raphael. 

Located in the Villa Borghese Gardens, it is ideal for art lovers who want to admire art in a beautiful setting away from the crowds in Rome.

The gallery’s intimate setting allows for an up-close and personal experience with each work of art, revealing intricate details and the passion behind the brushstrokes. 

You can marvel at the renowned sculptures, including Bernini’s mesmerizing “Apollo and Daphne.” 

The curated selection of paintings and sculptures transports you through various periods of art, providing a rich tapestry of aesthetic evolution. 

With its beautiful gardens and surroundings, the Borghese Gallery offers a serene escape into the beauty of the Borghese Gardens

A trip to Borghese Gallery is filled with art, history, and the beauty of nature!


How much are tickets to Borghese Gallery?

Borghese Gallery tickets for visitors above 18 years cost around €23. 

How far in advance should I book Borghese Gallery?

The Borghese Gallery is one of Rome’s most famous art galleries, and tickets sell out quickly because of the limited time slots. 

Therefore, you should buy your Borghese Gallery tickets online in advance to avoid disappointment if the tickets sell out.

Are the Borghese Gardens free?

You can enjoy Villa Borghese’s gardens, lakes, and outdoor activities if you don’t want to visit the Gallery. The Borghese Park is free to the general public.

Do you need to pre-book tickets for Borghese Gallery?

Yes, it is highly recommended that you pre-book tickets for the Borghese Gallery

Reserving in advance ensures a smooth entry, and you can enjoy the remarkable collection of masterpieces without the uncertainty of availability on the day of your visit.

Is a visit to the Borghese Gallery worthwhile?

Yes, it is worth it.

The Borghese Gallery is one of the world’s greatest museums. It’s a small museum, but it’s packed with some of the greatest artwork ever created.