How to get to Borghese Gallery

By Aniket

Borghese Gallery is located in the Villa Borghese Gardens in Rome. 

Address: Piazzale Scipione Borghese, 5, 00197 Roma RM, Italy

Borghese Gallery is accessible by public transportation. Read on to learn how to get to Borghese Gallery easily.

By Metro

Travel time from Termini Railroad Station is approximately 10 to 15 minutes.

Spagna Metro Station or Barberini Metro Station are the nearest stops/stations.

The metro operates from early morning until late at night.

Line A will take you to Spagna station, the closest metro station to the Borghese Gallery. 

Alternatively, you can take Line A to Barberini station, take a bus, or walk to the Pinciana/Museo Borghese.

By Bus

Borghese Gallery by bus

Taking the bus is ideal for low-budget travelers, and traveling time from Termini Railroad Station is approximately 20 minutes.

Pinciana/Museo Borghese or S.Paolo Del Brasile are the closest stops/stations.

Buses run from early in the morning until late at night.

From Termini Railway Station, bus lines 910 and 92 service Pinciana/Museo Borghese station

S.Paolo del Brasile station is served by buses 89, 490, 495, 61, and 160 from Flaminio Metro Station

The Pinciana/Museo Borghese is served by buses 63, 83, 52, and 53 from Barberini Metro Station and the A-line Metro from Spagna Metro Station.

By Taxi

If you need to start using your service abroad, look for the museum when connected to Wi-Fi. 

If you hit go before leaving Wi-Fi, your GPS will continue to work.

Tell the taxi driver “Galleria Borghese” or hand them a piece of paper with “Piazzale Scipione Borghese, 5 (Galleria Borghese)” written on it. 

They will drop you off in a small car park off Via Pinciana and you will notice signs for the Borghese Gallery that say “Galleria Borghese” or “Museo.”

Now, you should see a large black gate for the gallery and the museum’s all-white facade.

Maximize your visit without wasting time waiting in lines by booking the Borghese Gallery tickets in advance. 

By Car

Borghese Musuem by car

Travel time from Roma Termini is approximately 15 to 20 minutes.

The Corso d’Italia is the quickest route to the attraction. You need to follow the signs to Villa Borghese/Pincio.

Then, continue for 250 meters on Via Pinciana on the left, and the Borghese Gallery and Museum will be on your left.

Parking Services near the Borghese Gallery

There are several paid parking lots nearby.

Here is a list of the parking facilities 

  • Parcheggio Saba Villa Borghese (3 minutes)
  • Pinciano Parking (5 minutes)
  • Via Sardegna
  • 38 B Parcheggio (9 minutes) 
  • Parcheggio Ludovisi (10 minutes) 

The parking charges vary according to the length of the visit and the parking facility.

By Walk

The time to travel is 20 to 25 minutes, and this method is perfect if you want to go sightseeing. 

Stroll through Rome’s heart and take in the sights of some of the city’s most iconic landmarks. 

Begin at the Spanish Steps, proceed to the Piazza del Popolo and walk along the Via del Corso, one of Rome’s most famous shopping streets.

Continue on the Via del Corso until you reach the Piazza di San Lorenzo in Lucina, then turn left onto the Via del Babuino

Turn left at the end of the street onto the Via del Vantaggio, which will take you to the Pincio Terrace, which has one of the best views of Rome. 

Continue through the Villa Borghese Gardens until you reach the Borghese Gallery.