Discovery Cube – Ticket, Prices, What to See, Visitor’s Info

Discovery Cube Los Angeles is an interactive science and technology museum located in the Sylmar neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. 

The museum offers engaging, educational and hands-on activities for children of all ages. 

From interactive exhibits and educational programs to live shows and special events, Discovery Cube Los Angeles provides a unique and exciting environment for learning. 

With its mission to inspire and educate children and families about science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) through interactive exhibits and activities.

Discovery Cube Los Angeles is a must-visit for any family looking for a fun and educational experience.

What to expect in Discovery Cube Los Angeles

The Discovery Cube Los Angeles is a hands-on, interactive science and technology center designed to spark curiosity and inspire the next generation of innovators. 

The Cube features more than 100 hands-on activities that explore the many facets of science, technology, engineering, art and math. 

Kids can explore the museum’s exhibits, take part in live science demonstrations and take part in educational activities.

The Cube also has a 3D theater, which showcases educational films that explore the science behind various topics. 

Kids can also take part in special events such as Noon Year’s Eve, Thomas & Friends and Science of Gingerbread.

The Cube offers educational programs for both children and adults, as well as classes and workshops that explore topics in science and technology.

Discovery Cube Los Angeles Tickets 

Purchase tickets to Discovery Cube Los Angeles to have a hands-on experience with more than 50 interactive displays and activities. 

This family-friendly science center is a great activity for a rainy day and includes fun and educational exhibits. 

You can virtually pilot a helicopter, ascend the rock wall, discover the science behind hockey and explore the Santa Ana Winds. 

Ticket prices:

Visitors’ AgeTicket Price ($)
Adult ticket (4+ years)$13

Note: Kids under 3 years enjoy free admission. 

Discovery Cube Los Angeles Opening Time

The Discovery Cube Los Angeles is open Monday through Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm, with Sunday closed. 

On select days, the Cube offers special event timings with extended hours. 

Depending on the event, these can range from Science of Dance (2 pm to 3.30 pm) to Science of Gingerbread (10 am to 5 pm) and Summer Camp Discovery (9 am to 4 pm).

Best Time to visit Discovery Cube Los Angeles

The Discovery Cube Los Angeles is a great place to visit all year round, with a variety of interactive exhibits and educational programs. 

The Cube offers a variety of educational and entertaining activities, from science and space exploration to technology and engineering. 

With over 100 interactive exhibits, the Cube is a great place to explore and discover.

The best time to visit the Discovery Cube is during the summer months, from July and August. 

During these months, the Cube is open seven days a week, allowing visitors to get the full experience of the Cube. 

During the summer months, the Cube offers special summer events, such as camps, workshops and field trips. 

The Cube also hosts a variety of exhibits and programs throughout the summer, such as the 

  • Space Shuttle Endeavor Exhibit and 
  • The California Science Center Adventure

The fall months, from October to November, are also a great time to visit the Discovery Cube. 

The Cube offers a variety of programs and events, such as 

  • Boo-Tacular Bots Class
  • STEAM Career Day
  • Cookie-Cutter-Coding Class and 
  • Science of Dance

The winter months, from December to February, are also a great time to visit the Discovery Cube. 

During this time, it offers a variety of programs and events, such as 

  • The Winter Science Spectacular
  • Science of Gingerbread
  • Noon Year’s Eve and 
  • Teachers Night Out

The Cube also offers a variety of interactive exhibits and activities, from engineering to space exploration.

No matter what time of year you visit the Discovery Cube Los Angeles, you’ll be sure to have a great time. 

With a variety of interactive exhibits, educational programs and special events, the Cube is a great place to explore and discover. 

Visit the Discovery Cube today and discover something new!

How to Reach Discovery Cube Los Angeles 

The Discovery Cube Los Angeles, located in the Hansen Dam Recreation Area of the San Fernando Valley, can be easily reached by the following modes of transport.

By Bus

By Bus

Discovery Cube Los Angeles is easily accessible by Bus. 

Bus Stations closest to Discovery Cube Los Angeles are as follows: 

DirectionBus Stations
SunlandFoothill / Osborne
Sepulveda E – Line (Expo) StationFoothill / Terra Bella
SouthboundFoothill Blvd & Terra Bella St

By Car

Discovery Cube Los Angeles is easily accessible by car, as it is located off the 210 Freeway. 

From the 210 Freeway, take the Foothill Boulevard exit and follow signs to the museum. 

There is plenty of parking available in the lot next to the museum.

By Bike

The Discovery Cube Los Angeles is located along the San Fernando Valley Bike Trail. 

Visitors can ride their bikes to the museum and take advantage of the bike racks located at the entrance.

Things to do in Discovery Cube Los Angeles

Discovery Cube Los Angeles is an exciting place to explore science and technology in a fun and interactive way.

Here is the list of things to do at the Discover Cube Museum. 

Thomas and Friends

This exhibit offers interesting and educational activities in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) for young children. 

They get to join Thomas and his friends in completing tasks ranging from basic sorting and shape recognition to more advanced engineering problems. 

Throughout the process, Thomas and the others are there to cheer on the kids and show them how truly valuable they are.

Science of Hockey

At the Science of Hockey, kids can immerse themselves in an interactive exploration of the science behind the game. 

There are demonstrations and activities like shooting pucks into a goal, skating and testing the physics of a hockey stick. 

Kids can also delve into the technology and physics that make hockey possible.

Helicopter Tours

At Discovery Cube, kids have the chance to take a flight for an educational tour of the city. 

See the sights from above as kids soar through the air and take in stunning views of the city, mountains and ocean. 

Learn about the geography and landmarks of the city from professionals in a safe and exciting way.

Physics Lab

The Physics Lab at Discovery Cube Los Angeles is an interactive area where kids can test out the ideas of motion and energy. 

There are various activities kids can do, like sending off a rocket, making a rollercoaster and even competing in a car race.

Discovery Market

At the Discovery Market, kids can find out how economics affects the marketplace through an interactive display. 

Kids can get information on supply and demand, the prices of products and the necessity of budgeting.

Bed of Nails

At the Discovery Cube, the popular Bed of Nails Exhibit is an interactive experience based on scientific principles of pressure and force. 

This Exhibit has almost 5,000 nails that are evenly spaced out on a solid base that can support a person’s weight. 

The nails range in size and length and can be adjusted according to a preferred height. 

When you lift yourself off the bed of nails, you will experience a gravity-defying moment.

Early Learning Area

The Early Learning Area is designed to help young children explore the world around them through interactive exhibits and activities. 

One of the highlights of the Early Learning Area is the Rainforest Tree House Adventure. 

In this immersive experience, kids can explore the rainforest as they make their way up a treehouse, encountering a variety of wildlife along the way. 

At the top of the treehouse, kids can use a hot-air balloon simulator to fly over the rainforest and observe the animals in their natural habitats. 

Race to Zero Waste

It is a fun and interactive environmental-themed game that teaches kids to sort, recycle and divert waste. 

Players take on the role of eco-friendly heroes, racing against the clock to sort, recycle and divert waste before it reaches the landfill. 

As they work through the game, kids will learn about the importance of waste management and how to reduce their environmental impact.

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