Best Ways to Enjoy the Midnight Sun at Sky Lagoon

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When visiting Iceland during the summer months, visitors get the golden opportunity to see the Midnight Sun.

In May, June, and July, when the sun barely dips below the horizon, you can enjoy 24 hours of light at this time of the year.

One of the best places to see the Midnight Sun is Sky Lagoon, which overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. 

Here is a detailed article on when, where, and how to glimpse the Midnight Sun in Iceland.

What is Midnight Sun?

As the name suggests, the Midnight Sun only sets after midnight.

Even as night sets in, you can still see the sun lighting Iceland.

As the sun barely dips below the horizon, the night hours turn into bright evening dusk.

The Midnight Sun is quite a blessing after the winter solstice, when the country sees only four hours of daylight.

What causes Iceland’s Midnight Sun?

The Midnight Sun is truly a unique experience to see during your visit to Iceland.

But there’s perfectly logical reasoning as to why it happens.

The earth rotates on its tilted axis with the North Pole facing the sun, so the sun never sets in the Arctic Circle for several weeks.

Even though Iceland is outside the circle, you can still experience the Midnight Sun from there, as it is close enough.

When does the Midnight Sun occur?

You can see the Midnight Sun between 15 June and 30 June, while the longest day in Iceland occurs on the 21 June.

If you visit Sky Lagoon between May and July, it is possible to see some light at midnight, even after sunset.

Folklore of the Midnight Sun and Iceland

The longest day of the year, also known as the Summer Solstice, is when Icelanders celebrate Jónsmessa.

It is the most famous festival, similar to Midsommar, a tradition held in Scandinavian countries.

Jónsmessa is one of the most magical nights in Iceland, the land of the Midnight Sun, with meaningful folklore backing it.

According to folklore, herbs and stones gain magical powers, cows can talk, and seals turn into humans.

It is also said that if you are at a crossroads and all roads lead to different churches, elves will tempt you with gifts and food.

These days, modern solstice festivals take place alongside the old traditions.

You can attend the four-day family-friendly music festival on the outskirts of Reykjavik under the Midnight Sun.

How to Experience the Midnight Sun in Sky Lagoon, Iceland

The best way to experience the Midnight Sun in Iceland is by visiting the Sky Lagoon.

Enjoy this beautiful phenomenon from the infinity edge while sipping a cool drink from the lagoon bar.

Another way to celebrate the summer solstice is via the seven-step ritual—where you cleanse, detox, scrub and shower under the beautiful and scenic Sky Lagoon Midnight Sun.

Also, as the Midnight Sun is a part of Icelandic heritage, so is the geothermal Sky Lagoon bath in its culture.

So combining the two will give you a taste of Icelandic heritage.

We have put together some cool things you can do to make the most of these bright nights at Sky Lagoon.

Take a Walk by the Sea 

After having a good dinner at Sky Cafe, you can walk along the coast. The path by the sea in Reykjavik is a great place to go. 

You’ll see a Sun Voyager sculpture, which looks even more impressive under the Midnight Sun. 

While looking out at the water, you’ll also spot the rugged mountains of Iceland in the distance.

Treat Yourself to Ice Cream 

Iceland is known for having tasty dairy products, including ice cream. 

During the summer, ice cream shops stay open until around 11 p.m. 

You can try fun flavors like Turkish pepper or stick to mint and chocolate chip classics. 

There’s also a local favorite ice cream called bragðarefur. It’s the perfect snack that you must try.

Relax in the Midnight Sun at Sky Lagoon 

Imagine soaking in warm water while the Midnight Sun is still up. At Sky Lagoon, you can do just that. 

Natural hot springs warm this relaxing spot overlooking the wild North Atlantic.

In June, at midnight, the lagoon’s natural caves and volcanic rocks light up with golden light. 

Enjoy this view from the lagoon’s edge or a comfortable seat in the warm water. 

They also have a bar where you can get a cold drink to enjoy the moment even more.

Experience the Solstice Ritual 

You can participate in the Solstice Ritual (7-step Ritual) during June’s solstice at Sky Lagoon.

Icelandic traditions have inspired this seven-step process. 

It involves relaxing in the warm water, spending time in a sauna, and even dipping in a cold pool. It’s a way to refresh your body and mind.

Go on a Nighttime Boat Adventure 

Down at the harbor, you can go on a boat ride in the Atlantic Ocean, even late at night near Sky Lagoon. 

You can join this boat tour to see whales jumping out of the water and greeting the sun past midnight. If you’re up for it, you can also try kayaking in the ocean.

Visiting Iceland during the Midnight Sun and Summer Solstice is like stepping into a magical world. 

Excited to see both treasures together? Get your Sky Lagoon tickets to experience this Midnight Sun.


Does Iceland have a Midnight Sun?

Yes, you can see the Midnight Sun from Iceland.

As it is close to the Arctic Circle, you can experience the phenomenal Midnight Sun in Iceland.

You can experience it between 15 June and 30 June, when the sun never sets, and the twilight comes after midnight.

How long does the Midnight Sun last?

You can experience the Midnight Sun in Iceland for a couple of weeks.

However, between May and July, it never really gets dark, so you can see the sunlight even after late hours.

The sun does set, but as it is close to the horizon, there are few twilight hours every night.

During this time, it is said that Iceland has 24 hours of daylight.

Why is there a Midnight Sun?

As the earth tilts on its axis, with the north pole facing the sun, it never sets in the Arctic circle.

It is a natural phenomenon that occurs during the summer in the south of the Antarctic Circle and the north of the Arctic Circle.

This also includes Iceland and Northern Norway. 

Where is the Midnight Sun located?

Countries like Russia, Canada, Iceland and Norway get to experience the Midnight Sun.

Also, other Northern countries like Sweden, Greenland, and Finland come under the list of countries facing the magical phenomenon.

Although not a country, Alaska experiences the midnight sun as it is the northernmost part of America.

Is Iceland dark for six months?

Iceland does not suffer from 24 hours of darkness, even on the shortest winter day.
But there is a significant difference between the hours of sunlight in winter and summer.
You still get four hours of sunlight during the shortest winter day (the winter solstice).

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