Everything About Hollywood Sign

Situated atop Mount Lee in the Hollywood Hills, the Hollywood Sign is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the world.

It is the perfect example of the glamorous lifestyle associated with Hollywood and is a must-see for any visitor to the City of Angels. 

This article will provide an overview of the Hollywood Sign and offer some tips on how to get the most out of your visit.

What to Expect

The Hollywood Sign Trust offers guided tours that take visitors to the top of the mountain to get an even better view of the sign.

If you’d like to get a closer view of the sign, several vantage points offer excellent views. 

Griffith Observatory is a popular spot for tourists and locals alike. It offers a stunning view of the Hollywood Sign. 

Other great spots to take photos include Mulholland Drive, the Hollywood Bowl and the Griffith Park Observatory.

When you visit the Hollywood Sign, take time to explore the surrounding area. 

Hollywood Boulevard is full of interesting attractions, including the iconic Chinese Theatre and the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 

You can also explore the nearby Universal Studios, where you can take a tour of the studio backlot and experience the thrills of a real movie set.

Tickets for Hollywood sign

Hollywood Sign Los Angeles offers tickets for a variety of exciting experiences, from guided tours of the iconic sign to open-air bus tours of the city and beyond. 

Enjoy a unique view of the city skyline, take a stroll through celebrity homes or visit iconic movie locations.

The Official Hollywood Sign Walking Tour in Los Angeles Ticket

Accompany your guide on a 2.5 entertaining hike over the hills of Los Angeles, Griffith Park, the Hollywood Hills community and the Hollywood sign. 

Take amazing pictures with your guide’s help and hear interesting facts about the city. 

This is one of the top attractions in Southern California, and you may choose to take either the morning or sunset tour.

Ticket Price:

AgeTicket Price
General Ticket (up to 99 years)$25

Los Angeles: Hollywood & Celebrity Homes Open-Air Bus Tour Ticket

Experience the glamor of Hollywood up close by taking a guided tour on an open-top bus. 

Capture a memorable photo of the Hollywood Sign and Downtown LA and view the iconic Hollywood Walk of Fame, Chinese Theatre and Capitol Records Building. 

Stop at Hollywood and Vine to admire the sights before you cruise down Sunset Boulevard, taking in famous bars, nightclubs and the Chateau Marmont Hotel. 

Then, see the upscale stores and famous homes in Beverly Hills, including the Beverly Hills Sign and the Beverly Hills Hotel. 

Ticket Price:

AgeTicket Price
Adult ticket (0 to 99 years)$37
Child ticket (0 to 9 years)$29

Best Time To Visit the Hollywood Sign 

best time to visit hollywood sign
Image: David Tran

Visiting the iconic Hollywood Sign in Los Angeles is a must-do for any traveler. 

The best time to visit the Hollywood Sign is between March and May. 

The weather during this time is usually pleasant and mild, making it perfect for sightseeing. 

Plus, the days are long, so you can have plenty of time to explore the area and take fantastic photos. 

March and May are also great times to visit other attractions in Los Angeles, such as Universal Studios and the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The Hollywood Sign is a popular destination, so planning is essential. 

It’s best to avoid visiting on weekends and holidays, as these are the busiest days, and you may not get the best view. 

How to Reach the Hollywood Sign 

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the entertainment industry or just looking for a great view, the Hollywood Sign is a must-see attraction.

Before visiting Hollywood Sign, determine the best way to get there and the best time to go.

There are several ways to get there. 

The most popular way is to drive up Beachwood Canyon to the Observatory and get the best view. 

However, remember that the road is narrow and winding, and parking can be difficult to find. 

If you don’t have a car, several tour buses will take you to the sign from various points around the city.

Another great way to get to the Hollywood Sign is by hiking. 

There are several trails that lead to the sign, all of which offer stunning views of Los Angeles. 

Griffith Park is the most popular starting point for hikers, as it offers easy trail access. 

From the park, follow the Hollyridge Trail up to the sign, which is roughly a 45-minute hike.

Once you reach the sign, you’ll be able to get up close and personal with one of the most famous landmarks in the world. 

Whether you decide to drive, take a bus, or hike up to the sign, you’re sure to have a great time.

Hiking To The Hollywood Sign

Hiking to the Hollywood Sign in Los Angeles offers an unforgettable experience with trails for hikers of all levels.

Some of the best hiking trails to Hollywood Sign are listed below. 

Mt. Hollywood Trail

Mount Hollywood Trail is one of the most popular and beautiful trails in Hollywood, Los Angeles. 

It is a 5.3-mile loop that offers spectacular views of the Hollywood Sign, the Griffith Observatory and downtown Los Angeles. 

The trail is easy and suitable for all skill levels and ages. 

The Brush Canyon Trail 

The trail starts at Canyon Drive Park and is a well-maintained path with gradual inclines and declines. 

The entire trail takes about 2 hours and 45 minutes to complete and is 6 miles long.

The trail is an out-and-back route, so you will take the same route for the return journey back to Canyon Drive Park. 

The Cahuenga Peak Trail 

The trail is a 3-mile-long hike to the Hollywood Sign, Los Angeles, California. 

The hike is considered to be difficult, with an elevation gain of 875 meters, and takes an average of 1 hour and 45 minutes to complete. 

The trail begins at the Burbank Peak Trailhead, where hikers can enjoy stunning views of Los Angeles, Burbank and the iconic Hollywood sign. 

Best Viewpoints of Hollywood Sign

The best views of the Hollywood Sign can be found at Griffith Observatory and the Hollywood & Highland. 

These spots offer the best vantage points to take in the beauty of the sign and the city skyline.

The Hollywood & Highland

At Hollywood and Highland, tourists can see the Hollywood Sign and indulge in the extravagance and joy of Hollywood. 

You can explore the Walk of Fame to try and spot your favorite celebrity or compare your handprints to the ones at the TCL Grauman’s Chinese Theater.

Griffith Observatory

griffith observatory
Image: GriffithObservatory.org

From the Griffith Observatory, take in a breathtaking view of the Hollywood Sign and the cityscape below. 

Furthermore, the Observatory provides a unique opportunity to experience Hollywood history with iconic scenes from movies like ‘Rebel Without a Cause.’ 

In addition, the planetarium shows and public telescope hours offer a chance to observe the stars from the comfort of the Observatory.


The DASH Observatory bus service, operated by LADOT Transit, is a great way to visit the Hollywood Sign without the hassle of traffic and parking. 

The bus runs every 20 minutes, seven days a week. 

From Monday to Friday, it runs between the Vermont/Sunset Red Line Station and Los Feliz/Hillhurst every 20 minutes from 6 am until 10 am. 

After 10 am, the bus runs every 15 minutes until 10 am, covering the entire route including the Greek Theatre and Griffith Observatory. 

On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, the service begins at 10 am and runs every 15 minutes until 10 am. 

The last bus from the Vermont/Sunset station leaves at 9.45 pm. 

The fare is only 50 cents per ride, 25 cents for seniors and the disabled and free for access cardholders. 

With the DASH bus, you can access hiking trails in Griffith Park, visit the world-famous Griffith Observatory and even stay for a concert at the historic Greek Theatre. 

So, if you’re looking for an easy and affordable way to visit the Hollywood Sign, look no further than the DASH Observatory bus service.

Explore the Area

The Hollywood Sign is one of Los Angeles’s most iconic landmarks, and the area surrounding it is home to several other iconic attractions. 

Among these are 

  • The Griffith Observatory 
  • The LA Zoo
  • The Greek Theatre
  • The Merry-Go-Round and 
  • Travel Town

Visitors can explore the area to find a variety of activities, from stargazing to getting up close and personal with the animals at the zoo. 

There is something for everyone in the area of the Hollywood Sign.

Featured Image: Chonesstock