The Best Places to See Fall Foliage.

Top Destinations to Experience the Breathtaking Beauty of Fall Foliage

Nothing compares to admiring a view during the best part of fall foliage season. There is something inherently inspiring about all that vibrant variety and change. 

While it undoubtedly has some of the most beautiful fall foliage in the country, several other places in the world also have awesome travel adventures, cultural outings, and culinary experiences. Thus, if you believe that summertime marks the end of your travels, think again! 

Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia 

Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia

Nothing compares to a charming mountain city on a cool fall day. Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia, will satisfy your needs if you’re looking for a short trip from Washington, D.C., or want to stay a while. Try to fit in a hike for the best foliage views while you’re there. 

Edinburgh, Scotland 

Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh rivals New England in fall foliage, with its leaves changing to vivid crimson, gold, and bronze hues in the evergreen Scots pine forest. Warm up with a stroll up to Arthur’s Seat and take in the magnificent city below after squeezing through the city’s numerous dining options and downing a shot (or three) of whisky. 

The Green Mountains, Vermont 

The Green Mountains, Vermont
Image: Ron and Patty Thomas from Getty images Signature (Canva)

In some locations, such as Vermont, the reds are deeper, the golds are more vivid, and the oranges are more vibrant. A prolonged stretch of sunny, warm days followed by chilly overnight temperatures is ideal for the state’s seasonal colour display, but the Green Mountains are near to a guarantee, as you’ll find in New England. The region’s plenty of maple trees, renowned for producing some of the most vibrant autumnal shades in the plant kingdom, are to thank for this. You can travel between Stowe and Waterbury on the Green Mountain Byway, which passes through farms, quaint towns, and picturesque landscapes. 

Koishikawa Korakuen Gardens, Tokyo 

One of Tokyo’s most stunning parks, the 17th-century Koishikawa Korakuen, is in the Koishikawa neighbourhood. Although it has beautiful cherry blossom displays in the early spring, the garden is most well-known in the fall when the hundreds of maple trees surrounding its three ponds turn a vibrant orange and red. Try to get the Engetsu-kyo (“Full Moon Bridge”) in the photo; the arched bridge’s image on the water beneath forms a complete circle. 

Hraunfossar Waterfalls, Iceland 

Iceland is most famous for its lava fields, hot springs, and stunning lunar landscapes, but in the fall, it’s also a wonderful place to see the changing of the leaves. For some of the most stunning foliage in the country, go to Hraunfossar, a collection of waterfalls spanning nearly a kilometre, and pour over the enormous steps of a historic lava area into a blue glacial river. You must set up the camera (with a long exposure, if feasible) at one of the paved outlooks near the promenade near the trail’s beginning, advises Iceland Photo Tours.

Kyoto, Japan 

Cherry blossoms must make way for a new seasonal favourite. While there are many places in Japan to view the fall foliage, Kyoto’s is unmatched, with its green leaves turning red and golden from October through the beginning of December. You can easily travel to the nearby mountains to see some colours throughout the year, even if you skip peak foliage in one of the city’s famous temples or gardens. When the nearby Arashiyama mountain bursts with colour in the fall, the Togetsu-ky Bridge, which spans the Katsura River for 509 feet, ranks among the most picturesque places in Japan. 

The Bavarian Alps, Germany 

Southern Germany in the fall is much more than just Oktoberfest. The Bavarian Alps are perhaps best experienced in the fall when the temperature is just right for hiking and the mountains turn into a vibrant colour dreamscape. Seasonal hiking opportunities abound in places like Berchtesgaden and Lake Tegernsee, which are ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. The Disney-like Neuschwanstein Castle never disappoints photographers, and it’s white turrets look their best against a background of rich reds and oranges. 

Seoul, South Korea 

The best time of year to visit Seoul is undoubtedly during the fall when the leaves change colour, and the weather is mostly pleasant and cool. In addition to the city’s numerous parks, Buddhist temples, and neighbouring mountains, the capital city of South Korea provides enough opportunities to view the foliage to last an entire vacation. 

Petersburg, Russia 

Petersburg Russia
Image: Vladislav Zolotov from Getty Images (Canva)

Famous for its magnificent palaces and large, venerable parks, St. Petersburg is even more beautiful as summer days give way to fresh air and shifting hues. The landscaped Summer Palace, despite its name, is at its most stunning this time of year, when the bright white sculptures stand out against the oxidised-coloured trees. 

Lapland, Finland 

Lapland, Finland

Finnish Lapland is well-known for its winter attractions, such as its snowy vistas and the Northern Lights, but the autumnal months may be the place’s best-kept secret. Lapland gets even more peaceful and quiet as most Finns end their summer vacations and return to work, allowing the fortunate stragglers to take advantage of the empty hiking trails and breathtaking scenery. Ruska, a word invented by the Finns, is used to describe the autumnal hues that cover the wilderness at this time of year. Walk through the 985-square-mile Urho Kekkonen National Park, offering a variety of landscapes for a day (or more). 

Paris, France 

Paris, France
Image: Sborisov from Getty Images Pro (Canva)

Paris is on the list because there isn’t a bad time to go, but there is something special in September when residents head out to parks and spots to take in the foliage after their vacations. It’s also possible to indulge in the metropolis’ favourite pastime of people-watching from sidewalk cafes. The changing seasons are the ideal justification to stop by Angelina for a cup of their renowned hot chocolate. Legendary parks, like the Jardin du Luxembourg, are made more beautiful by the lush vegetation and brisk air. 

Piedmont, Italy 

Piedmont, Italy

Fall brings a second life to Tuscany’s rolling hills and vineyards as the region’s flora changes from green to various shades of ochre, all against the stunning Alps as a backdrop. The fall season coincidentally ushers in several harvest festivals worth visiting, such as Alba’s celebrated white truffle festival. The opulent LaVilla Hotel, built in the 17th century and surrounded by the gently rolling Monferrato wineries, is ideally situated for touring (and photographing) Piedmont’s wine regions. 

Lake Louise, Canada 

In Banff National Park, Lake Louise is encircled by the Canadian Rockies, and in September and October, there are many beautiful drives and trails to take advantage of. 

Also, remember to bring your swimsuit because while you’re there, you’ll want to stop at Upper Banff Hot Springs for a soak. Make a beeline for the 14-mile Banff Legacy Trail, a paved pathway with many picnic areas and breathtaking vistas. 

Lake Tahoe, California 

Lake Tahoe, California
Image: Backyard Productions (Canva)

Lake Tahoe is one of the best places on the West Coast to see the leaves change colour because the vermilion, amber and orange leaves stand out dramatically against the calm blue water. Along the shore of Lake Tahoe, there are fantastic locations to visit, such as Apple Hill for, you guessed it, apple gathering, Taylor Creek for trekking, and Ebbetts Pass and Hope Valley for the best leaf-peeping. 


These are some of the wonderful places in the world to experience fall foliage the most. Our mother nature brings the best version of colours like gold, orange, yellow, and crimson this season. Enjoy these spots with your friends and family with the autumn colours in the environment. 

Questions Tourist Mighty Asks

When does the fall foliage look its best? 

The foliage looks the best in October. 

Where is the fall foliage most resilient? 

The longest fall foliage season in the country is in Vermont, which runs from early September until late October. 

When is the best time to see the fall foliage? 

As the foliage looks best in October, the suitable time to visit should be October. 

What conditions are ideal for fall foliage? 

The most incredible colour displays appear to be triggered by a series of sunny, warm days and cool, fresh, but not freezing nights. 

What nation has the most beautiful fall foliage?

Best Fall Color Locations Worldwide include New England on the East Coast of the United States, Kyoto in Japan, East Coast Canada, and Bavaria in Germany. 

What effect will the weather have on the fall foliage this year? 

The weather significantly impacts how the leaves change every year because the weather constantly shifts, as does the time of year when the leaves change.

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